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“Majority of the people mistook his dumbness for humility” ~ Dr.Chol Marial

Oct 13, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — A senior general and academician from Lake State, Dr. Chol Marial Deng, who declared his defection yesterday in the capital Juba and threatens to speak out, did not have it easy on the South Sudanese president who is seen as a guerilla hero by many of his diehard supporters.

Maj. Gen. Dr. Achol Marial Deng declaring his resignation from the SPLM-IG and joining the SPLM-IO in Juba, South Sudan(Photo credit: Courtesy image/Nyamilepedia)
Maj. Gen. Dr. Achol Marial Deng declaring his resignation from the SPLM-IG and joining the SPLM-IO in Juba, South Sudan(Photo credit: Courtesy image/Nyamilepedia)

To many disgruntled SPLM politicians and military generals, especially those who served alongside him in the bush, the South Sudanese president takes many shapes and forms from being a “drunkard”, “dumb” or “stupid” to being a “coward”.

According to the elderly politician, who claims to have been loyal to the SPLM-IO [Dr. Machar] in silence since June 1991, the South Sudanese hero, his Excellency the President, has been living an unconscious and directionless life all along.

“Gen. salva Kiir has led unconscious and directionless life all throughout the course of struggle and even before the SPLA days.” Said Dr. Chol.

“The lead driver [Kiir] total failure to recognise his failing and that of entire board of co-drivers is another shame worthy of a mention.” He added.

Responding to a narrative many politicians have been making of President Kiir as an humble leader, Dr. Chol strongly disagrees.

“Majority of the people mistook his dumbness for humility.” He said.

Dr. Chol finds it hard to believe that Kiir has never taken action against corruption that has crippled the country, adding that Kiir chose to give deaf ears to the cries of his people and the visionary cadres of the SPLM.

“Amidst highest level of corruption in his government, Kiir opted to give deaf ears to the cries of the real and visionary cadres of SPLM and disappointingly stuck to the corrupt and internationally sanctioned and rejected looters. He kept on rotating the same ‘bunch of failures’ at the expense of us who knew exactly why we took up arms against the Arabs-islamized regimes” Dr. Chol said.

He regrets that President Kiir has been employing people who have no vision for the country but themselves and their families.

“Firstly, Salva Kiir opted for opportunists not leaders that would carry forth the SPLM vision. The opportunists were/still is very corrupt-minded and clearly shown it was an opportunity to loot the country’s resources.” Dr. Chol said.

The senior SPLM official regrets that President Kiir invited the NCP politicians who never contributed to the liberation struggles and now Kiir has given them greenlight to harvest what they never sacrificed for.

“Nobody amongst them thought about the future of SPLM and the country at large because they knew not the sacrifices others took to have this hard-won independence but instead were just invited upon to harvest the seeds sown by the dead and wounded.” He said

“In their mind was no other agenda apart from the country liberated, their bank accounts fattened, children sent to lavish life in the diaspora and themselves put in the drive wheels of the country’s face. A major achievement to them and indeed, they did cheaply at the face of blind and unlicensed driver. Great humiliation, right?” Dr. Chol continued.

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