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RESPONSE: Condemnation of the Alleged Claim of the Re-instatement of the Former Jieng Union Chairperson in East Africa, Kuol Gai Thiep

From the Office of the Jieng Union in East Africa Thursday, Moon-land the 10th November, 2016, Kampala (U).

By Daniel Juol

A Dinka elder relaxing with a pipe at Rumbek market, southern Sudan, with a little to worry accross the borders(Photo credits: Michael Freeman)
A Dinka elder relaxing with a pipe at Rumbek market, southern Sudan, with a little to worry accross the borders(Photo credits: Michael Freeman)

Nov 10, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— In response to the recent article, entitled Re-instatement of the Jieng Union Chairman in East Africa, KUOL GAI THIEP or that The Union of Jieng Council of students in East Africa has re-instated former chairperson that was published on Nyamilepedia, on Nov 6, 2016 and on SudanTribune, on November 8, 2016 (KAMPALA) respectively, the office of the Jieng Union in East Africa would like to officially respond to that the article that whatever is contained in it are false allegations.

Therefore, the Jieng Union in East Africa wanted to take this opportunity to condemn in the strongest possible term false claim or fabrication of facts that Kuol Gai Thiep has been re-instated, which is not true.

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With that regard, the Jieng Union in East Africa regret and state that it was rather unfortunate to get the reputable sites like Nyamilepedia and SudanTribune being misled by Kuol and his group to publish such baseless claims or allegations.

Hence, the Jieng Union in East Africa unequivocally condemns the article with the strongest terms possible and would like to inform all the readers that Kuol Gai Thiep has never been re-instated as it has been claimed in that article.

In relation to the above paragraph, the Jieng Union in East Africa wanted to further inform those who were not aware of the removal of Kuol Gai and the reasons as to why he was removed from the office of the Jieng Union.

As it was published by the SudanTribune on March 29, 2016 (KAMPALA), members of the Jieng Union impeached Kuol Gai Thiep in Mach 2016 over involvement in corruption scandals, abuse of the union office, negligence and incompetence to perform his duties.

It should therefore be clearly stressed that the impeachment was not suspension but it was a complete removal from the office that was followed by the election of interim chairperson, Mr. Peter Manyiel Kuch who replaced him. Therefore, Peter Manyiel is still the acting chairperson of Jieng Union in East Africa to date.

Thus, when the Jieng Union in East Africa learned from the article that Kuol Gai Thiep was re-instated, it learned such news with great dismay and up to now, it is still in profound shock and disbelief. This is because the article spread false and misleading information or false rumours that Kuol Gai had been re-instated, which is not true.

To make the matters worse, the article did not end there but it further attacks the reputation of the respected members of Jieng Community in East Africa who include Ading Deng Ading and others through the use of fabricating malicious accusations and disparaging remarks such as “worms” and “dark skinned men”.

The Union would like to appeal to the readers that the writers of the article are out there to defame Ading Deng Ading and others as what they have said in that article is not true. In fact, Ading Deng Ading has been one of the pillars in Jieng Community in East Africa who has been fighting against corruption in Jieng Union in East Africa since its formation in April 2014.

Again, the Jieng Union therefore condemned such useless disparaging language employed against Ading Deng Ading in the article by the writers. It was unbefitting for them to use lies and the contemptuous language against innocent people like Ading Deng Ading in defense of criminals and thugs like Kuol Gai Thiep.

Apart from the above points, in that article the writers stated that the impeachment of Kuol Gai was nullified on the ground that he was absent when he was being removed and also that the meeting was not chaired by the Speaker of Jieng Union in East Africa, Mr. BOL KUANY KUOL.

The Union would like to point out two things: firstly, that Mr. Bol Kuany Kuol is an accomplice to the same crime as Kuol Gai and secondly, that the alleged nullification is not true because there is nothing like the Jieng Union Council, as the article claims to be the body that had rein-stated the former Chairperson.

Contrary to the above, the official body responsible for elections and removal of the leaders of the Jieng Union East Africa is Jieng Union in East Africa itself. Therefore, the Jieng Union in East Africa was the one which removed Kuol Gai and it is not aware of the so-called Jieng Union Council as an independent body and even the re-instatement of Kuol Gai.

Moreover, Kuol Gai is not “innocent free from all the allegations” as the article claims. Instead, he is a criminal facing several charges from the Union and from the government of South Sudan. The charges he is facing are—

Stealing or misappropriating the money of the Jieng Union in East Africa which he used in personal business involving the sale of cows between Mayom County in Unity State and Gogrial State in South Sudan, and as a result, Jieng Students who were supposed to be supported with the said money he is using in trade missed schools and moreover examinations because of him. In other words, Kuol is facing corruption charges under the Union Constitution.

In addition, he is a wanted criminal by the government of South Sudan because of having been caught in crime of printing counterfeit money in Juba. In fact, before the conflict broke out in July, 2016 in Juba he was in prison due to the fact that he was forging money fake or counterfeit money, which is a very serious offence under the law of South Sudan.

The word counterfeit frequently describes both the forgeries of currency and documents, as well as the imitations of clothing, handbags, shoes, pharmaceuticals, aviation and automobile parts, watches, electronics (both parts and finished products), software, works of art, toys, movies and any other type of products such as those.

In reality, the counterfeiting of money is usually attacked and aggressively punished by governments worldwide. Kuol Gai is one of the people who were involved in the business of counterfeiting money and by the time the July 2016 war broke out, he had already served three months in prison and he only escaped from the prison because of the mayhem that was caused by the conflict.

Based on the above reasons as to why Kuol Gai was removed as to why he cannot be re-instated, the interim leadership of the Jieng Union in East Africa would like to say that is the Jieng Union in East Africa is not a sanctuary for thugs, fugitives or criminals and miscreant gangs.

In summary, the leadership of Jieng Union in East Africa would like to reiterate that the false allegation that Kuol Gai has been re-instated is not true and it is irresponsible to spread such false news. All people are again warned that Kuol Gai Thiep has not been re-instated and any person who deals with him does that at his or own risk and Jieng Union or its members cannot be held liable in case of any injury he causes to such a person in the process of transacting business.

The leadership would also like to warn the general public based on the grounds already explained above that Kuol Gai Thiep is a wanted man by the government of South Sudan and no member of the public is, therefore, allowed to do any business with him or her as he does not have any capacity to represent Jieng Union in East Africa.

Signed by—

  1. 1he Interim Chairperson, Peter Manyiel Kuch, and he can be reached through: +256774343608; and
  2. Ading Deng Ading, the Jieng Union acting General Secretary, and he can be reached through: +256782006497

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