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Kenya’s abrupt disengagement from South Sudan’s Peace Process and Deportation of a Refugee


Republic Of South Sudan


Nov 10, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— PDM expresses grave alarm at the decisions of the government of the Republic of Kenya to deport a South Sudanese refugee, James Gatdet Dak, to Juba on the 3rd of November 2016. We are deeply concerned about James Gatdet Dak’s welfare and safety in the hands of the South Sudanese government in Juba and have reasons to believe he is facing torture as a result of his political affiliation.

PDM strongly condemns the deportation of James Gatdet Dak, which is in violation of the ‘Principle of non-refoulement’ (article 33(1)) of the 1951 United Nations Convention relating to the Status of Refugees[1] as well as under customary international law, to which Kenya is obligated. It is therefore unfortunate that the government of Kenya intentionally endangers the life of a refugee under its protection, against the advice of UNHCR.

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PDM commends UNHCR’s quest to ensure the safety of over 87000 (eighty seven thousand) South Sudanese refugees in Kenya, and calls upon the Secretary General of the UN to support this commitment using all means available.

We are further disturbed by the decision of the Government of the Republic of Kenya, announced in a statement issued by their Ministry of Foreign Affairs dated 2nd November 2016 to:

  • Withdraw, immediately, Kenyan troops currently in deployment in South Sudan, and discontinue plans to contribute to the Regional Protection Force and,
  • Disengage from the South Sudan Peace Process

While it’s within Kenya’s sovereignty, we are dismayed by these unfortunate decisions of the Government of Kenya given its prominent role and responsibilities as a member of IGAD.

In view of the serious implications of Kenya’s actions, PDM calls on the AU, TROIKA and the UNSC to immediately:

  1. Pursue the release of James Gatdet Dak from the hands of the South Sudanese government and transport him to another country, for his safety.
  2. Request the South Sudanese government to allow UNHCR to visit James Gatdet in detention to ascertain he is not being tortured while efforts for his immediate release are pursued.
  3. Pressure Kenya to immediately halt any further planned deportations or harassment of South Sudanese refugees and asylum seekers in Kenya, given the disturbing news of new lists of deportation circulating in social media.
  4. Call on Kenya to “refrain” from actions that could further jeopardise South Sudan’s peace process and regional cohesion, by remaining a neutral partner and upholding its responsibility to regional stability.
  5. Appeal to AU member states to withhold their support for Kenya nomination to head the AU Commission as being untenable, primarily due to Kenya’s hasty withdrawal of its commitments to regional and international flomaxbuyonline.com peacekeeping efforts, regardless of the implications to human lives and regional security entrusted in their care.

The PDM appeals to the Government of the Republic of Kenya and His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta in particular, to show restraint and statesmanship in the interest of rebuilding confidence across South Sudan’s political spectrum. That Kenya does not turn its back on the universal principles of human rights conventions of which it is a party, but continue playing its positive pre and post 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) role in search of a viable way forward for all the people of South Sudan.

We reassure that PDM stands with the people and interests of both countries as Kenya and South Sudan share immutable and deep-rooted cultural and economic ties. We appeal to East African Community (EAC) leaders of which South Sudan is a member to exercise their influence to prevail over the current crisis and to uphold the democratic principles and human rights standards to which EAC member states subscribe.

PDM Chair

South Sudan

CC.: Government of Kenya, EAC, AU, TROIKA, UNSC, IGAD

For all comments, queries and opinions please communicate to: press@pdm-rss.org

ABOUT PDM: The People’s Democratic Movement (PDM) is a popular grassroots Movement formed by concerned South Sudanese in the country and the Diaspora; in response to the political crisis and fast deteriorating economic, humanitarian and security situation in the Republic of South Sudan. It seeks to offer the way forward amid heightened ethnic polarisation and devastating conflict in the country, encouraged and abated primarily by President Salva Kiir’s divisive Government policy, incompetent, oppressive and corrupt leadership.

The current crisis in the Republic of South Sudan that dates back to December 2013 has brought untold suffering including displacement of over 2.78 million South Sudanese, of which over 1.05 million have sought refuge in neighbouring countries. Well over 1.73 million have been displaced internally, of which over 200,000 civilians are taking refuge in UNMISS protection-of-civilian sites (PoCs) across the country, including in Juba, the capital city. Furthermore, a total of 5.1 million people in the country are in dire need of assistance[2].



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colonel Mogesa November 11, 2016 at 1:06 am

You are the most foolish beings under the sun,the UN is fooling poor south Sudanese..we have information the victim women worked with CIA intelligence body, they send their intelligences everywhere.No peace will ever be attained in South Sudan. prepare for the worst till the mines are depleted..Come back home our KDF brothers and sisters


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