Contributor's Deng Vanang

How Trump Rammed Through Barriers To Victory

By Deng Vanang

US President-elect, Donald John Trump, during election campaign(photo: file)
US President-elect, Donald John Trump, during election campaign(photo: file)

Nov 10, 2016(Nyamilepedia) ——- Donald John Trump proved to be an antidote to almost all present day political checklist of dos and don’ts.

A true epitome of a politician who galvanized fears into votes. One that derided delusion of being seen diplomatically refined peppered with political correctness to be elected.

Demystified the persistently lauded gender sensitivity to hobnob with largest voting bloc, the women.

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Rubbished the more lauded state experience before one cruising to the first job on the land, Presidency.

Laid bare and naked the media and their sisterly opinion polls agencies’ corruption in predicting doom for politicians not featuring in their good books.

And finally, not the high approval rate seeking political novice from influence peddling mentors a head of staking claim to Presidency and winning it.

Donald, son of trump rightfully claimed his triumph by setting sight high, spotting and conquering the exact things his White American people desperately wanted in him.

That is in reclaiming for conservative white race slipping America into the hands of its much hated aliens: African Americans and poor immigrants from the third world.

To consign back home the recent illegal entrants from the third world countries.

Then goes to Washington and drains the flooding swarm of corruption behind which his vanquished rival, Hillary Clinton is one among the fingered figures.

Where he will also, as he promised, bring down flat the Obama’s towering legacy of equalizing the white lords with their black serfs.

And goes with all those things he hates, is the democrats’ hypocrisy of America being land of equal opportunities for all that live in it.

While in Africa, Trump is a bit of a fresh air for repeatedly rigged opposition Presidential candidates and vilified rebels with a cause to breath, should he make good his threats he uttered during electioneering campaigns.

Among the notable beneficiaries are the Raila Amolo Odingas, Dr. Kizzy Besieges, Morgan Tsvangirais, Dr. Riek Machars and only to mention a few of them, must now be breaking their jaws with cheapish grins and rib-cracking laughers behind Obama’s back.

Deng Vanang is a Political scientist, Journalist and Author. To be reached at:dvanang@gmail.com

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