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Position of People of Rubkotna County in SPLM/A-IO On the so called National people’s Alliance Movement (NPAM)

Dear All,

Elders of Rupkhona County meeting in Khartoum, Sudan, to declare their community position following defection of Lt. Gen. Ruai Kuol, former Governor of Lich State(Photo: supplied)
Elders of Rupkhona County meeting in Khartoum, Sudan, to declare their community position following defection of Lt. Gen. Ruai Kuol, former Governor of Lich State(Photo: supplied)

Dec 2, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —– We, the people of Rubkotna County of Lich State, Political and military leaders, intellectuals, Elders, Chiefs, Women, youth and students of SPLM/A–IO have met in our respective locations between 24th – 27th November 2017, and discussed the defection of Gen. Ruai Kuol Jal, Former Military Governor of Lich State and his group declared on 23rd November 2017 in Khartoum (Sudan) of having formed a new Movement called National People’s Alliance Movement (NPAM) with its Military wing known as National People’s Alliance Forces (NPAF).

In our careful deliberation of the subject matter with logical reasoning and critical analysis in regard to the future of our community in particular and that of the people of South Sudan in general, we found that:

  1. This New Movement will not be able to address the root causes of the conflict and will never bring peace and stability for the entire people of South Sudan at all.
  2. The so called NPAM is a camouflaging and destructive hand of the regime in Juba and its collaborating agents whose dual aims is to snatch the people of Rubkotna County out of SPLM/A –IO or divide the Rubkotna Community in particular and Lich State in general in order to weaken the people Movement under the able leadership of Dr. Riek Machar Teny-Dhurgon.
  3. NPAM is a fatal device to undermine the objectives of people’s Popular Movement and to prolong the suffering of our civil population particularly in Rubkotna County and Lich State and in South Sudan in general as well.
  4. SPLM/A-IO is the only option to rescue and alleviate the suffering of the people of South Sudan in general and any deviation of this kind shall be seriously confronted without hesitation.  

In light of the above, we the undersigned Rubkotna Community (Leek Community) political and military leaders, elders, civil society and Community members do hereby condemn and denounce in the strongest terms possible the defection of Gen. Ruai Kuol Jal, the Former Governor of Lich State and his group at this particular moment whereas the whole world is orchestrating the revitalization of peace process in South Sudan.

We therefore, call upon all our community members here at home and in Diaspora to distant themselves from the so called NPAM/NPAF whose alliances and Motives are questionable.

It is our strong believe that SPLM/A-IO under the Chairman and C- in-C Dr. Riek  Machar Teny Dhurgon has an authentic popular political objectives and principles of establishing a true Federal Democratic system of Governance in South Sudan as enshrined in the four basic documents (i. e the constitution, the Manifesto, the Internal Regulations and the Business Code of Conduct) as endorsed in SPLM-IO national convention, Pagak 2015.

In conclusion, we, the Leek people would want to assure all our comrades in struggle not to lend an ear to the Ruai-Exit allegations (Ruai’s defection). Our stand shall always be firmed and unshakable towards defending the SPLM/A-IO objectives and principles under the able leadership of Dr. Riek Machar Teny -Dhurgon.

Viva Rubkotna County !!

Viva South Sudan !!

Viva Dr. Riek Machar Teny-Dhurgon !!

Viva SPLM-IO !!

The struggle continues !!

S/No Names in full Title Signature
1 Hon. Thomas Maluit Hoth Ex- Commissioner
2 Eng. Faruok Gatkuoth Kam Ex- Commissioner
3 Hon. Simon Jalduong Matuek Ex- Commissioner
4 Eng. William Garjang Gieng Ex- Commissioner
5 Hon. Dak Turoal Thay Ex- Minister
6 Cde. Isaac Loang Nguth Deputy Commissioner
7 Major. Gen. Stephen Chap SPLA–IO Officer
8 Cde. John Paluath Kol State Mayor
9 Cde. Thomas Gatjuol Jal Police officer
10 Col.  Kolang Roal Muth SPLA-IO Officer
11 Cde. James Tut Chuol official
12 Col. Michael Chabek R SPLA-IO Officer
13 Cde. Peter Dador   Ex-Dean, Bentiu College
14 Cde. Nhial Goyok Jiech Community chairman
15 Chief Robert Tungwar K Paramount Chief
16 Chief Juoy Machar Turoal State town Chief
17 Rev. Stephen Nger Patai Pastor
18 Cde. David Duoth Nger SPLA –IO officer
19 Cde. John Tutthiang L. SPLA-IO officer
20 Cfe. Gatgur Nor Malual Chief
21 Cde. Jang Tungwar K SPLA –IO officer
22 Cde. Andrew Bol Kol official
23 Cde. Wichmuon Chuol W official
24 Cde. Peter Latjor Tiach SPLA-IO officer
25 Cde. Peter Loth Jam SPLA-IO officer
26 Cde. Mut Koang Duoth SPLA-IO Officer
27 Cde. Loang Puok Thiech Chairman, Rubkotna
28 Cde. Bayak Jiech Chairman, Payam
29 Cde. Diew Wuoi Chairman, Budaang
30 Cde. Juai Lony Chairman, Ngop
31 Cde. Wechker Deng Chairman, Panhieny
32 Cde. Stephen Long Bol Chairman, Norlamwel
33 Cde. Mut Gai Chairman, Dhorbor

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1 comment

Stephen Dak December 3, 2017 at 11:11 am

Dear my people, I am really overwhelm with your decision and I am grateful you have made that commitment. Although you are not in our land where Leek resides, any decision you make will save life for those at home and in diaspora. I live in Canada but I follow what happening there and I am very much affected by the conflict particularly in RupKhona county. Yes, I applaud your courage of making that decision to save the life of our brothers and sisters who may not see properly the vision. Yes, for you Gatkueiguong, you give a good example to the Leek’s children even though new generations emerge now, they should be paid attention to what you say. And those young ones should learn from you. Yes, I see your names they are familiar to me. Do not change that position on standing up for Leek’s children division. Conflicts that happen more often in Unity State, it affect us more than the rest of others counties.
Stay awake then because not only that the people of Unity State are relying on you as long as my mind remember but the whole world is going to rely on your Son. I am speaking specifically, the one who is on the world eye at the movement but you haven’t been given the knowledge concerning him yet. From today onward be aware of circulating news.


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