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At Least 3 Chiefs Killed and 3 Others Injured In New Jonglei State Ambush

At least three chiefs were killed and three other are being treated in various condition at a NGO-run health center in Poktap(Photo: file)
At least three chiefs were killed and three other are being treated in various condition at a NGO-run health center in Poktap(Photo: file)

Dec 2, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —– Latest reports from Poktap of Duk County confirmed that at least 3 chiefs were killed in an ambush between Poktap and Panyagor this morning, Dec 2nd, 2017.

According to an NGO employee, who works at a health center in Poktap, three other chiefs who survived the ambush are currently being treated at their clinic.

The source confirmed that among the chiefs being treated is the paramount chief of Pajut. The same chief was also kidnapped by the rebels in 2014 but was later released unhurt.

The chiefs were traveling in an overcrowded car from Panyagor to Poktap when they felt into ambush. Other casualties are yet to be confirmed.

Although no group has claimed responsibility for the deadly attack, locals believe that the attackers could be from neighboring Murle tribe.

5 days ago raiders from the Murle ethnic group raided Duk Payuel county and killed 44 civilians, mostly women and children.

The attackers burned down tukuls and took away herds of cattle, children and women.

Responding to the incident on November 28th, Gen. Taban Deng Gai assured the people of Duk that his government was treating the matter with utmost seriousness and perpetrators would be brought to book.

“I assure the people of Duk Payuel County and South Sudan populace at large that the matter is being treated with utmost seriousness by the Presidency of the Republic of South Sudan and will be thoroughly investigated and perpetrators brought to book” FVP, Gen. Taban Deng Gai assured four days ago in Juba, South Sudan.

Despite the assurance the presidency did not take any step to mitigate further attacks and retaliations, instead Taban called on both community to restrain and avoid escalation of tribal feud.

“I called on the people of both communities to exercise restrain and avoid escalating the situation” Taban continued.

The First Vice President feels responsible having mediated another failed peace agreement between the Dinka tribe and the Murle earlier this year.

That peace accord came immediately after the Bor Youth attacked and raided Murle villages in May leaving doubts if the Murle youth were not going to retaliate, however, the regime did nothing to create a buffer zone and incentives to make the community peace initiative attractive and implementable.

Critiques believe that both sides are being supported and funded by members of their communities and interest groups within Salva Kiir government to divert attention from major crises that are affecting the regime and citizens all over the country.

Following the attacks in Duk Payuel County, the governors of new Jonglei and Boma States, Governor Philip Aguer and Hon. Ismail Konyi, were summoned in Juba to explain the situation and propose new ways forward.  So far no news has emerged from Juba.

Below are the names of the people who were killed in Duk Payuel County attacked.

  1. Deng Yuol Ader – Chief
  1. Lual Machuk Nhial – Chief.
  1. Jok Mayul Reath – Child.
  1. Nyandeng Thon Ayuel.
  1. Nyuon Chol Nhial. Child.
  1. Ayul Kok Deng.
  1. Lueth Ket Rabang – Child.
  1. Yany Lam.
  1. Akech Atem – Child.
  1. Mageu Riak Aleer.
  1. Deng Leek Deng – Soldier.
  1. Chol Nyot Lual.
  1. Duot Deng Duot – CRS.
  1. Kuai Lul Guet.
  1. Diing Deng Monybeer – CRS.
  1. Nyaker Tut Tong.
  1. Ajah Chol Ajack.
  1. Achol Yuol Ader.
  1. Nyagach Bayak Diu.
  1. Makuei Atem Goch. Soldier
  1. Mayen Mapur Kuai.
  1. Apiir Machut Akech.
  1. Adut Rou Pajok.
  1. Nyawai Nuer.
  1. Maker Anyang Ayom.
  1. Achok Manyok Puot.
  1. Abul Yhen Bol.
  1. Dr. Biar Chagai Biar.
  1. Kuthin Deng Dut.
  1. Aweek Mayek Aleer.
  1. Riak Kuir Koyor.
  1. Juma Pitia John.
  1. Adau Deng Duot.
  1. Ajah Mayul Reath.
  1. Achol Manyik Yai.
  1. Magai Bang Deng.
  1. Nyandeng Nyakan Malek – Child
  1. Nyamot Kanjai
  1. Ajah Malok Deng.
41. Nyapayuel Mayul.
  1. Abuk Bol Ater.
42. A Driver of John Dau Foundation


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