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Permanent Peace and Security Will Not Be Attained under Gen. Mayardit’s Authoritarian Leadership Style

By Yien Tot Lam Padiet

yien-lamDec 17, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— Permanent peace and security will not be attained under Gen. Mayardit’s authoritarian leadership style. The autocratic leadership approach was first introduced by Lewin, Lippit & White (1939) alongside with democratic and laissezfaire leadership style. The leaders who prefer to apply this leadsdrhip style make their decsions autuocratically. They do not invlove their team members in the decision-making because they believe that they are smarter than their followers. This tyle causes deadly rebellion against the leader who uses the autoctatic leadership approach in the organisation.

On 15th of December 2013 the SPLM / SPLA broke up into more than two factions for the second time because Gen. Kiir Mayardit of the SPLA-IG totally rejected the implementation of the democratic strategies and decided to eiliminate the citizens who challenege his dictatorial leadership. A relaible source stated that most of the unarmed innocent Nuer civilians were reportedely massacred in the present of the International Community (IC) in Juba by the SPLA-Dinka extremists from 15th 16th of December 2013. The people who survived during the genocide were those who managed to rush to the UNIMISS compound in Juba for safe haven.

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The source said that the massacring of more than 21,000 unarmed innocent Nuer civilians was designed by the tribal political body titled Dinka National Council of Elders (DNCE) in order to retain Mayardit’s presidency and the (Dinka-kindom) which was introduced in 1983. This factional and tribal war rapidly spread to the other nine regions of South Sudan such as Eastern Equatoria, Western Equatoria, Jonglei, Uppper Nile, Unity, Warrap, Lakes, Northern and Western Bahr el Ghazal. Too many South Sudanese civilains fled to the neighbouring countries such as Ethiopia, Sudan, Central African Republic (CAR), Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Uganda and Kenya in search of security.

On 17th and 26th of August 2015 the SPLM / SPLA-IO., SPLM / SPLA-IG and the (G10) signed a Compromise Peace Agreement (CPA) in the present of the International observers to end ethnic tensions and factional conflict in South Sudan. The (CPA) was delibarately dishonoured by the Dinka NationalCouncil of Elders (DNCE) to keep Gen. Kiir Mayardit in power for more than 50 years. Dr. Riek Machar Teny who was sworn in as the First-Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan was forced to leave Juba when his body guards clashed with Mayardit’s loyalists near the presidential palace. The source narrated that Machar and his guards had been travelling towards the (DRC) in search of safe haven. They received ground and aerial attacks from the government’s combatants on their jouirney from Juba to the (DRC). Dr. Machar flew to the Sudanese Capital Khartoum for medical treatment and later transferred to South Africa for further medical assessment. The non.Dinkas civilians who failed to escape to the UNIMISS compound in Juba on time were all confirmed killed and their valuables were taken way by the SPLA-Dinka extremists.

Gen. Taban Deng Gai who had been serving as the Chief Mediator of the SPLM / SPLA-IO was appointed into the position of First-Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan by Gen. Mayardit following the arrival of Dr. Machar in (DRC). The endorsement and swearing of Mr. Deng completely failed to bring stability into the newly founded country because he defected to the government forces alongside with the minority. The vast majority of the true freedom fighters decided to remain in the wilderness for the dislodgement of the SPLA-IG’s operatives through maximum military campiagn. The ongoing fresh factional and tribal violence was motivated by autocratic leadcership style which is used by Mayardit. As result of the violation of the (CPA) the population of the freedom fighters rapidly is growing in the three main Regions of South Sudan such as Greater Upper Nile, Greater Bahr el Ghazal and Greater Equatoria Region. Gen. Mayardit who came into power in the year 2005 totally failed to preside over the citizens of the newly created nation in ethical manner. The people of South Sudan need a democratic and an ethical political leader and not an authoritarian president.

The fresh South-South dialogue which was called by the current government of South Sudan will never become succesfull under Mayardit’s presidency because he wants to be the only ruler of the nation. The citizens who criticise his dictatorial leadership are tortured to death and their belongings are divided amongst the SPLA-Dinka extremists to promote the newly founded religion titled (Kiirism) and also to advance the exisitng (Dinka-kingdom).

In summary the ongoing fierce factional war and tribal violence will never come to an end because Gen. Mayardit of the SPLA-IG. keeps on ruling the country through authoritarian leadership style. This dictatorship sucesfully attracted the eruption of the First Phase of the South-South civil war in 2013 and also it will motivate the second phase of the South-South armed conflct. The freedom fighters will keep on liberating and defending the unarmed   populations in the country against the SPLA-IG and its allies.


By Yien Tot Lam Padiet

The author is an Advocate for Situational leadership theories and he holds Associate Diploma in Sustainability, Associate Diploma in Adminstration, Diploma of Business, Diploma of Human Resources, Diploma of Management and Post Graduate Leadership Degree in Business Leadership

The writter is also the President of the (SSNDP) and Commander-in-Chief of the (SSNDF)

South Sudan, Liberated Area.

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