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Payinjiar Community Affirm Allegiance to SPLM-IO, Denounce Taban Deng’s Illegal Appointment.

By Mr. James Galong Riak,

Chairperson, Juba

Dr. Riek Machar Teny, the chairman and C-in-C of SPLM/SPLA with Deputy Gen. Alfred Lado Gore and Chief Negotiator Gen. Taban Deng Gai during the peace talks in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia(Photo: file)
Dr. Riek Machar Teny, the chairman and C-in-C of SPLM/SPLA with Deputy Gen. Alfred Lado Gore and Chief Negotiator Gen. Taban Deng Gai during the peace talks in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia(Photo: file)

August 8, 2016 (Nyamilepedia) —— in a meeting held on 30 July, 2016 by Payinjair Community in Juba. Payinjiar community denounced Gen. Taban’s defection and considers him as a solitary element who defected to Government of Salva Kiir. He was dismissed and detached from SPLM-IO party prior to his illegal appointment.

In the meeting held; the groups in attendance were, the community board, youth body, members of parliament and senior military officers that hell from Payinjair County.

Payinjair community vow to support Dr. Riak Machar Teny once again and assured the general public to linger committed be it on a political and military aspect.

Senior military officer has declared his military position and warns those elements who are planning to confuse SPLA-IO. Gen. said, if SPLM/A-IG is not prepared to implement the August peace agreement. We are ready to fight back President Kiir in defense. He attempted to kill Dr. Machar but his plan to assassinate failed.

Chairperson of the payinjair community in Juba, James Gatlong Riak said, his communities in Juba, in Payinjair and elsewhere in the world are still believing in SPLM-IO manifestos and assured the top leadership of IO to stay committed and fight for the rights, justice, freedom and liberty of south Sudanese people.

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Hon. Michael Muot Diew, an elected Member of Parliament who was elected in 2010 general elections has in the meeting confirmed his double obligation as a typical member of Sudan People Liberation Movement in opposition. Diew added that, he never betrays the cost of his own people who elected him in 2010 because of power and wealth seeking, he said.

However; senior military officers and members of parliament and the entire community of Payinjair County criticizes the unconstitutional move taken by Gen. Taban and his cliques behind the devastations of Sudan People Liberation Movement in Opposition.

Although president Kiir accepted the illegal appointment of Taban replacing him as first vice president and to continue with the implementation of the transitional government of national unity-TGoNU. Gen. Taban was sacked from his ministerial position before their plan to replace chairman and commander in chief of the SPLM/A-IO on Saturday July, 2016.

Payinjair Community in the meeting held last month on 30/07/2016, condemns the enemies of peace with shocking plans to kill Dr. Machar. Among the rudiments who defected with Gen. Taban Deng are those of Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth, a supporter of Gai, who told Miraya FM radio on Saturday that Gai would be appointed as First Vice President on Saturday by President Kiir and take oath of office on Sunday and start his work on Monday. It is not clear if the sequence of events will happen as predicted by Gatkuoth.

This is not the first time; by recalling the past acts of Taban and Thomas Douth Guet against Dr. Riak Machar, they defected from Machar’s camp in 1997 and 2001. He was in Khartoum with Machar after signing Khartoum agreement and later on he defected, stolen some lists with which he had presented them to Dr. John Garang in Rumbek.

Community in Juba pledge their political and military position to members of the community. We are calling upon those who did not attend the meeting that this is the position of Payinjair community and not to listen to any elements from Kiir and Taban’s Faction.

Community assured the general public that, there are no members from Payinjair County who have joined Taban. We only have two traitors who escaped death toll from UNMISS camp.

One of them was promoted to the rank of colonel without sweat by Dr. Riak Machar and beside that their own families denounced them. They lack support from the ground, they are regarded as Taban Deng’s boys in politics when he was still the governor of Unity State.

In addition, we promise to stand with appointed governor of Unity State-Bentiu; Lt. Gen. Ruai Kuol Jal and warn other elements in the state leadership. We do not recognize the established unconstitutional 28 states, we know 10 states.

Taban hijacked the leadership of SPLM-IO after his defection to Salva Kiir, he is a different entity. It was not clear why it was Gai, who was number four in the SPLM-IO hierarchy pushed his own nomination despite the presence of his two senior officials, Alfred Lado Gore, and Dhieu Mathok Diing. There was no such a process provided for in the peace agreement to replace a first vice president.

He was just a member of political bureau, chairman of national reconciliation and healing, chief negotiator, and being the minister of mining.

Payinjair community has also welcomes the deployment of IGAD third party forces that are meant for civilians’ protection and to oversee the security in the national capital for peaceful implementation of the August 17-26, 2015, agreement-TGoNU.

Following the provisions in the agreement, there is no peace without Dr. Riak Machar. Although the Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission, JMEC is playing a neutral role in the implementation of the peace accord. On July 23, 2016 with statement published on sudantribune; JMEC criticizes the move by Gen. Taban to replace Dr. Machar, the legitimate first vice president of the republic of south Sudan as stipulated in agreement.

Payinjair People have applauded their brave son, John Tap Puot, the commissioner of the County. Members of Payinjair County are asking to withdraw and preserve their mutual trust in Gen. Khamis and Makuer Mabor who defected to the side of SPLM-IG with Taban Deng. They were just glance for ranks and positions in the name of IO.

It is now clear to many people that, the defected elements have forged the list (s) of Division 6 with its General Head quarters-GHQs in Payinjair County which was meant to be basing in Rumbek, lake states.

Gen. Khamis failed to mobilize his Dinkia youth to join Sudan People Liberation Army, SPLA in opposition that is why he was accommodated in Payinjair County in 2014-2015. Khamis lacks popularity in his own home village in Lake States, yet claiming highest position in IO leadership.

Khamis was protected by Payinjiar youth and he only managed to mobilize 20 Dinka SPLA soldiers who were living with him in Payinjiar County for the period of 2 years of insurgence. He forged the list of 850 officers which he took with him to Pagak last year and later he submitted his retirement from army to join civil service when he wanted to be appointed as a minister representing people of lake states in IO.

Payinjiar White army is ready to fight under the command of C-N-C Dr. Riak Machar. They do not know anyone apart from Dr. Machar.

CC Payinjiar Community Associations:

  1. Payinjiar County leadership
  2. Payinjiar communities in Western world
  3. Kampala-Uganda
  4. Nairobi-Kenya
  5. Ethiopia
  6. Khartoum-Sudan


  1. Chairperson of Payinjiar Community in Juba

Mr. James Galong Riak

  1. Elected Member (s), of Parliament representing Payinjiar in NLA-Juba

Hon. Michael Muot Diew

  1. Senior Military Officer (s), of SPLA-IO
  2. Youth leader (s)
  3. Women leaders (s), and endorsed in the attendance on this day of 30th July, 2016.

He can be reached on: +211956999335


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puok August 8, 2016 at 9:23 pm

wonderful message to payinjiar communities all over the world,taban is our first enemy as you all known during his leadership as a governorship in bentiu.

John Puok Chuol August 8, 2016 at 9:29 pm

wonderful message to payinjiar communities all over the world,taban is our first enemy as you all known during his leadership as a governor in Bentiu-unity state.

Michael Gatluok Dak August 9, 2016 at 10:02 pm

As the payinjair communities in Juba denounced the illegally appointment of general, Taban Deng Gai as first vice president of the nation, its big shame to the country, as i am in payinjair county now, PJ youths are going to committing and partipates to fight with kiir regime unless kiir step down

Mabil Gok Yar August 11, 2016 at 10:27 pm

Wonders are not new.
we always stand by our decision.
Many thanks to the writers.

John August 30, 2016 at 5:57 pm

JOHN NHIAL RUAI .Very great braves men of the nation .To denounce the greedy position seeker Taban Deng ,s illegal appointment to replace Dr Machar Teny will be recognize by entire community

John August 30, 2016 at 6:05 pm

John Nhial i believe our stand firm until the last end of this conflic braves men.

David Lony Majak Majak April 30, 2021 at 12:16 am

A reminder of the 2016 event, predicted result has now materialised to the fullest effect.


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