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South Sudan At a Blink of USA Trusteeship

By Hon. Aguer Barac Kuot Kuot Rual
Member of the SPLM in Government,


Obama welcomes Salva Kiir on the sideline of the United Nations General Assembly(Photo: file)
Obama welcomes Salva Kiir on the sideline of the United Nations General Assembly(Photo: file)

August 08, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– The USA and the cancer countries are interested to take over the ownership of South Sudan including all RESOURCES, through Riek Machar objectives. This came as a result of the recent deployment of intervention forces requested by the Ubama Administration, and instigated by IGAD and AU that has been a focus of the UNSC this week.

The draft proposed for deployment of 4, 000 strong forces by the UN instigated by USA that is not consistent with IGAD communiqué is an indication to USA objectives by its direct military intervention not protection people and properties as required. The objectives by UN driven by USA was clear made that the proposed draft bear the responsibility of protection forces of intervention to take charge for security of Juba, including the Juba international airport.

The question is what will be the role of the South Sudan army if the Ubama’s force is taking full control of the country? This is a coup attempt by Ubama Administration intended to take over South Sudan including their wealth. This was not a new demand by the Ubama Administration and the cancer countries in the region and the world at large.
If the UNSC has mistakeable to vote in favour of the intervention forces to be deployed in the new nation as well as arm embargo, South Sudan people will not accept such a negative dream.

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The intervention forces deployed in the country will not be accepted to land in Juba international airport as USA and UN say it in their proposed draft circulated.

The deployment of foreign forces in Juba with the mandate “to use all necessary means, including undertaking robust and active steps and engaging in direct operations where necessary to secure Juba and protect the airport and other facilities is a direct threats to South Sudan sovereignty and its people at large.

Why Ubama want the protection forces from regional forces to be deployed in the South Sudan at this critical time, whilst the 12 thousands forces already deployed in the country have not be active to protect civilians?

The simply answer to this question is that to those who do not understands the root cause of the conflict between South Sudan and USA, plus regional countries bordering its territory. The root cause was not protection of the civilians as claimed by but only the “RESOURCES” which the people of South Sudan have in their land. The solution to this untreatable disease call “cancer” means USA and its alliance to my opinion is that South Sudan should think wisely to how such a disease would be cured in order to have a chance to look after their people’s life.

In order for such a disease to be cured, some strong measures should be taken into consideration and that measures should be very basic and alterative solution to such problems. The long demands by the USA and the region is consider as a long sickness, which become a cancer without diagnoses but was a ongoing infection.

In order for South Sudan to diagnoses such a disease, It is proposes that South Sudan must resolve this matter by deciding that all existing relationship with the following cancer countries without diagnose must immediately ceased: –

  1. The regional countries such as Sudan, Ethiopia, and Kenya
    2. The USA and its alliance
    3. Establish and have good and strong relationships with Russia and China

The demand by the cancer countries was instigated by the recent appointment of Gen. Taban Deng as first Vice President replacing Dr Riek.

The appointment of Gen Taban become a focus of the USA, and UN as instigated by some regional leaders, because Riek and USA Plus some regional leaders secretly had an agreement how to loot the Oil and other minerals in South Sudan. This is a major demands from USA and the regional leaders, because they thought that they will not get any resources in South Sudan if President Slava Kiir Mayardit still in power.

However to look into deep side of the story, cancer countries sees Jieng as their permanent enemies, which would prevent them from looting resources in the country, that’s why they want UNSC to imposed army embargo, intended to sanctioned the government, militarily, economically, and politically, but they forget and they did not take into consideration how South Sudan become a nation.

They also want to impose or install by force Dr Riek into power and to become the president of the South Sudan, a move that no one community will accept it, because if Riek Machar is installed into power there will be no South Sudan, and this is what the cancer countries want it to happen as their alternative means of entering into the affairs of South Sudanese.

The call of a return of Dr Riek to come back to implement the peace which he destroyed by shooting its bullet on 8 July at J1 and to be reinstated as First Vice President of South Sudan is a redline and will not favouring the security and stability and by ending the long suffering of the people of South Sudan.

To conclude, as soon as Dr Machar still a live there will be no total stability, peace, unity, reconciliation, and hailing and security in the republic of south Sudan.

Long live Slave Kiir Mayardit
Long live SPLM/A
Long live unity of the people of South Sudan
Nation remains, people go

The author, Aguer Rual can be reached at aguerual@gmail.com

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Kikiji August 8, 2016 at 11:32 pm

Go to nursery Mr. Hon. Before you write useless articles in media. Like it or not that agreement is the best correctional medicine for SS. It change our nation we shall be proud. What do you benefit from that rotten govt? If that is the type of leaders we in assemblies then SS is on fire.

Deang Gatluak August 9, 2016 at 12:11 am

You are either blind or criminally ignorant.
5 Billion dollar stolen by current JCE backed mob
6.5 million South Sudanese risking starvation
1 million fled to neighbor countries
2.5 million o the run inside the country
And you have the gal of taking about “cancers”.
Since 2011 no
River transport
Large areas suffering insecurity
Wanton killings by government bodies disguised as National Security and other funny names.
You speak about international companies “looting” when the only offices looting anything is JCE backed mobs. There is no oil to loot, but a few oil companies with Chinese Malaysian and South Sudanese ownership. The so called South Sudanese affairs you refer to are the business of death, genocide, slaughter of women and children, rampant rape and other horrors.
It is clear to everyone that the instigators of the unrest are entrenched in Juba. No interest to the wellbeing of the millions of citizens, only greed and self interest.
The current mob has been glued to the seats of power for 10 years and sadly not been able to move anything forward at all, why not give the man you demonize the opportunity to take over? The people deciding loyalty based on the personal benefits they can derive only are not an asset to South Sudan, far from it.
Whilst the JCE mob stole money, the “Cancer” nations of the world pumped in billions to save the very citizens the JCE mobe stole the money from.
The latest in Juba, “unmade forces stealing 4500 tons of food from WFP, medical supplies from ICRC. What sort of “unknown government” supports this.
The cause of the conflict is unchecked greed. It is time to do something about that now.

Chuol M Nyuot August 9, 2016 at 12:23 am

Southsudanes are not dinka a lone,

channel o August 9, 2016 at 1:11 am

those who re supporting foreign troop will taste the bitter of it but i like south sudan citizens to comeup with forma that show us we can united.

factual August 9, 2016 at 6:04 am

Deang, firstly Riek and kiir are failures. Nuer hate kiir and so does dinka to riek. So advocating for riek president means calling for endless war. I certainly don’t know why nuer I mean lou nuer back riek above rest of nuer that are well educated and reasonable. Riek can’t even produce an intellectual speeches at public arenas. His communication skill is similar to year eight student. He is virtually unintelligent irrespective of his questionable and out dated PHD. Taban is more intellectual than him.

johnjack August 9, 2016 at 8:14 am

I just want to add the below few humble point:
Can we live without neighbour? oh, or with only that onr.
Even china may vote for an arm embargo because is now losing patience from its loses that caused to them.
Is he going to stay forever.
Why are fearing him?

Kizito Panther Abu John August 9, 2016 at 7:30 pm

Honorable Aguer Barac Kuot is a pathetic sycophant of JCE and Slave KIIR as he himself Barac wrote his boss name in thi rubbished article of his. The only thing I agree fully with Barac is the fact that deep within his subconscious mind is that Kiir Marayardit is a true slave of his own Dinka culture of violence, corruption, stealing and demonic acts.

Okello louis August 9, 2016 at 8:27 pm

I really don’t know is like our leaders did not go to school. we have 64 tribes in south Sudan but when they do there case study you find that if one tribe has accepted a certain point or comment they will generalise that the people of south Sudan have accosted. Is this nation for two or three tribes? Gob for bite.
We should not generalise issues I believe one day Go will bring us together as one nation, one tribe and one people of south Sudan.
NB: Remember you who are committing these atrocities in our country south Sudan God is watching and one day he will bring in to judgement.


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