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Panyijiar County, Ganyliel Payam Press Release on the Unfortunate Death of Dr. Louis




For Immediate Release,

Ganyiel, Panyijiar County,

May 25th, 2021 —  The leadership of Ganyiel Payam, Panyijiar County in Unity State learned with great sadness the sudden and unfortunate death of Dr. Louis Edward Saleh Ufew at around 6pm local time on 21st May, 2021 at the premises of the International Rescue Committee (IRC) here in Ganyliel. The Payam leadership and the entire people of Panyijiar are deeply saddened and concerned by this mysterious, sudden and unfortunate death. We convey our heartfelt condolences to the family, relatives, friends and all who may have been affected by the sad passing of Dr. Louis Edward Saleh Ufew. 

Dr. Louis Edward Saleh Ufew was a great servant and a patriot who dedicated himself to the service of his people, especially here in Ganyiel, Panyijiar County. His passing has robbed our community and people of South Sudan of a great servant. 

As the leadership of Ganyiel Payam and the entire people of Panyijiar County grapples with how the sudden, unfortunate and mysterious death of Dr. Louis Edward Saleh Ufew occurred, we learned with regrets the various press statements and social media campaigns disseminating unsubstantiated information and vilifying conclusions suggesting that the late Dr. Louis Edward Saleh was “Murdered” or “Killed” in Ganyliel. Such conclusions are premature as the circumstances of the mysterious and unfortunate death of Dr. Louis Edward Saleh Ufew are not yet clear. 

The leadership therefore take this opportunity to urge and call on the general public to cease from making statements based on unsubstantiated information as due processes are undertaken. The leadership of Ganyiel Payam and the entire County will play its role in carrying out thorough investigations into the circumstances that led to the death of Dr. Louis Edward Saleh Ufew. It will as well cooperate with other State and National authorities during an inclusive, transparent, and conflict of interest free investigative process regarding the incident. 

We call on all the concerned institutions including the IRC and authorities involved in fact finding to join hands with us in carrying out an inclusive, transparent and conflict of interest free investigation as we leave no stone unturned to find the truth, causes and triggers of this appalling incident. 

May Dr. Louis Edward Saleh Rest in Eternal Peace! 

Andrew Geng Puok | Acting Caretaker,

On behalf of Ganyiel Payam, Panyijiar County:


Email: mjluoi@yahoo.com

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