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Opinion: To Apologize to Someone For Anything Done Intentionally To Hurt is More Painful

TT Shaka,

President Kiir wipe off sweat with his hand during an interview with BBC HardTalk in Juba(Photo: file)
President Kiir wipe off sweat with his hand during an interview with BBC HardTalk in Juba(Photo: file)

May 25, 2021Don’t ask me (JCE) to ask Kiir for all what has happened in South Sudan? This is what JCE believes according to their recent release to the South Sudanese people.

Does it make sense for the JCE to deny now the damages they caused to South Sudanese people? What are they up to? Everybody knows that JCE has been driving Kiir all along in any decisions he made especially after the independence that became the Dinka property. Without shame, they have released documents blaming Kiir and others for the prevailing situation in the country when they guided Kiir step-by-step to carry out their dirty programs. Why play innocent now? Have you forgotten the fact that Kiir ceased to be a leader of South Sudan since his term of office expired as elected yet you wanted him to carry your satanic ambition, you kept him, didn’t you? Are you now happy and proud to witness what has and is happening in the whole country? 

It was very unfortunate that when you miscalculated your action aimed to punish none Dinka. Now see the results after your hate on Nuer. You then turned to Equatoria with the hope silence them by killing, rape taking their land and properties. How far do you intend to go? I am not talking about Equatoria only because it is the same everywhere including Jieng dominated parts of the country. Let me remind you. Your actions are few inches away from making the unity of the country as history unless we salvage it now.

Which constitution were you talking about in your document? By any standard, a country ruled by degrees has no constitution. If you had one, neither Kiir nor you have ever referred to it. You know as much as I know nothing has changed with the formation of RTGOTU. Kiir continued to rule by decree making the unity agreement mockery. Where does this leave poor Machar? Like a castrated bull in the herd without hope.

Please JCE, know that your stereotype of thinking will not help the South Sudan as a whole and your own people too because no one accepts your dirty work. I therefore suggest for South Sudan to get out of their mass, not talking about who should be the President, the composition of the army and any organized forces; but first to have a working constitution. If the Southerners cannot do it alone, they need to involve the world.

With a real constitution in place or at hand, everything else will follow. Never think the south belongs to the Dinka, Nuer Shiluk Equatorians or any of the 63 tribes. Anyone who thinks that way is myopic and means closing the door for peace in South Sudan or disintegration of the country. It is not for fun that NAS and any discontented movement do exist. If we are thinking that way, peace in the South will continue postponed for all.

We all know the system of the government in the country is just a fuss and is not working, don’t we? When the systems of the body are no longer coordinated, the body is pronounced dead. South Sudan has been in the incubating machine for too long. We either find a way to stop the machine or revive life. I know the Jieng Council of Elders does not see the predicament of the South. You cannot go on dictating on the 63 tribes to do unprofitable things you want. Your child cannot be answerable to you throughout his life, can he? He must be given time to think on his own.

Unless the 63 tribes begin to experience their roles in the country, only then we shall see peace and development in the country. So wake up all tribes in the country now or never.

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