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Press Release,

Members of Nuer Students Union in Kenya(photo: via Bona Machar)
Members of Nuer Students Union in Kenya(photo: via Bona Machar)

July 13, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Nuer students’ union in Kenya would like to congratulate the gentlemen assigned some specific duties to enlighten the world about this democratic change and others who were assigned to deal with humanitarian assistance. I believe were chose and approves amongst many and that shows loyalty and hard-work

Gentlemen, this is a call that each one of us in the movement is willing to accept no matter the timing, we believe you would deliver to the expectations of south Sudanese and our nation, comrades, this is the time when our nation need us the most and the history will judge us in the long run. South Sudanese are faded up with Authoritative leadership in Juba and are yearning for a positive leadership and accommodative system of governance where transparency, accountability and the rule of law are not a services for negotiation but are obligations to be observed by every citizen within the frame work of legal procedures. South Sudanese needs leader who doesn’t compromise democracy but rather see democracy as a basic need for every citizen. We cannot and will never allow someone in South Sudan to introduce monarchy or authoritative leadership; we would better die in the battle field then be part of such anarchy.

As our president is busy buying military equipment from China to finish South Sudanese who are opposed to his dictatorial characters, our country has been invaded by famine, hatred and hunger, we as scholars believes that those temptations will finish with time and South Sudanese will rise above tribalism and begin to appreciate their diverse cultures, they will see one another as a brother and sister with common purpose that is to build a nation that will be a business hub in the east and central Africa. Comrades, in the recent years China has been known for manufacturing counterfeits products and transport to Africa we also believes whatever weapons Kiir, Malong, Wani and Kuol Manyang bought are counterfeits and will not cause any harm to our innocent white army in the battlefield, but we must inform the world about the step the China government has taken to sell arms to Kiir and his regime if the alleged documents can be substantiated.

Gentlemen, once again we congratulate you upon your appointments and we look forward to working with you especially to our comrades in Nairobi, Adel Alias and Gideon Gatpan plus their teams. Gentlemen, democracy is always fiercely fought by few and enjoy by many, we are meant to fight for it so that South Sudanese enjoy it in the later date.

Nuer Students’ Union is an entity that derives its members from different faculties of academics from various universities and colleges in Kenya, we are scholars who does not duel on individual personality but duel on characters and as system developed by leaders, we do not stereotype Dinkas for Kiir hatred toward one ethnic community, but we see kiir and his sycophants as the ones that cost South Sudanese so much, We don’t abuse but we challenge.

reach us through nuerstudentsinkenya@gmail.com

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