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By Professor, Amb. David de Chand,

An engineer points at the damage to an oil pipeline in a largely damaged oilfield in Heglig over which South-North Sudan blames one another for(Photo credits: Reuters)
An engineer points at the damage to an oil pipeline in a largely damaged oilfield in Heglig over which South-North Sudan blames one another for(Photo credits: Reuters)

Sept 13, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- “Whatsoever Taban Deng Gai [Alas Mohamed Hassan ElHag] and Loll Gatkuoth say in Juba are all big bunch of lies that contain no truth. They have become the prima facie enemies of the Nuer nation and its resilient people because they have betrayed its leaders and people to their archenemies for a few million of dollars. What a shame that is and if all the shames were to be put together, what a great big shame that would be.” They should be isolated, ex-communicated and blacklisted because they have become Lucifer’s, useless fig trees [ngoapni] in the orchard and betrayers like Judas Escargot that betrayed his Master’s Jesus, the King of the Jews, with only thirty (30) pieces of Silver with his would-be tormentors and with a prearranged kiss on the cheek of his Master’s with his would-be captors in the Garden of Gethsemane.”

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First and foremost of all, the statements made by Loll Gatkuoth that oil production would resume in three weeks is not correct and has been the biggest lie ever told by anyone in Juba. There are no plans to resume oil production in Unity State now and in any foreseeable future as long as the war continues raging on in the region. We would like to forewarn and to caution all oil consortia and oil workers to keep out from the malicious, unfounded, baseless, groundless and unprecedented statements made by de facto petroleum minister Loll Gatkuoth in Nairobi, Kenya, on 19 August 2016 that oil will resume production soon. The newly de facto appointed petroleum minister reiterated it that South Sudan plans to resume oil production in the oil rich Unity State that tantamount to outrageous, big lies, ridiculous, incredible and unprecedented statements. Frankly speaking, the statements alluded to by the de facto petroleum minster and the de facto First Vice President Taban Deng Gai that oil, river transport and the land border trade will resume in twenty-one (21) days have been only political gimmicks that could not be substantiated or corroborated in the real world. The visit to Khartoum on the above-mentioned plus others did not augment well to the audiences, the media and authorities in Khartoum, but they became zero-sum game.

Our message to the oil companies and workers who may be dancing and whacking off their tails that this time around oil production would resume in Unity State, which would be absolutely and categorically not true statements. There are “no plans to resume oil production any time soon and as long as the region remains in a state of a civil war or as if a treacherous tribal warfare, it would be pretty dangerous to venture on oil production because it would, surely, be a pretty high risk venture. The resumption of the oil production would not happen by snapping of a figure. The area in question remains a pretty highly volatile and risky contested war zone or conflict zone. Therefore, if anyone believes that oil would flow through the pipe lines from Unity to Higglich Oil Terminal to Jelli Oil Terminal and then to Port Sudan Oil Terminal that exports the crude oil to the international marketplace, they got to be kidding because it would not happen any time sooner than anticipated. If the oil companies were to take it absolutely and politically outrageous statements by the de facto so-called petroleum minister, they got to be kidding, making themselves as laughingstocks and that could be day dreaming, as French President Chirac of France said on the terror attacked on the world Trade Center (TWC), New York City [NYC],the Pentagon and the Hijacked American Airlines over the clear air space of the State of Pennsylvania on September 11, 2001, that it the event was absolutely greater human foolishness and absolute nonsense déjà vu or epic, unfortunately. Assuredly, there would not be, I repeat, there would not be oil production any time soon in Unity State. So we should all tight our belts until the war is over in one, two, three, four, five or decade hence.

The civil war or as if a treacherous tribal warfare would not end as quickly as we may assume because of increasing foreign involvement that could be escalating rather de-escalating the civil war or as if a treacherous tribal warfare. It could take many years and South Sudan could become the next Katanga in the then Republic of the Congo in the 1960s and the hell that still goes on in the mineral rich Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo[D.R. Congo] perpetuated by Uganda-Rwanda sponsored M-23 rebels, mercenaries and terrorists or to become Second Somalia. As a Sudanese- America intellectual and a veteran of the US Army, I have got nothing to fear to tell the American people that the US President Obama Administration and Tel Aviv ‘neo-scramble policy in Africa and in the ‘Paradox of Two Sudans’ have created and will leave American people and in the incoming administration either Clinton or Donald Trump alike a new Vietnam quagmire in Africa’s youngest failed state or what some Western analysts termed as being an ‘hijacked’ state rather than being a failed state.

Unless, the war against Salva Kiir regime will be resolved prior to the President Barak Obama leaves the White House in late January 2017, the war in South Sudan could escalate disproportionately, thus, making South Sudan to become a new fresh and virgin terrains for the extension of the US-Sino South China Sea ongoing crisis and the US-Russian ongoing Ukraine’s crisis and Crimea to be transferred into South Sudan. Whether Washington likes it or not, there has been foreign intervention involved and US Congress and the American people alike should no longer be kept in the dark about the concurrent aggravating situation in South Sudan. The Obama Administration ‘mixed bag’ policy could ruin the US foreign policy, its national security and its strategic vital national interests in South Sudan.

In the recent visit to Khartoum, Sudan, the de facto FVP Taban Deng Gai told the media that oil production, the movement of goods and services, border trade and the river transport within twenty-one days. Verily and verily, we would be obliged to strongly refute this statement because it’s imperatively impractical, if not impossible, to attain this goal at this time. There are rebels on both sides of the border, SPLA soldiers, SPLA-IO, SSUFUMA, SSNRA, SAF, JEM, SRF and SPLA-N rebels without a cause that have turned out to become mercenaries and terrorists and highway robbers (al-Nahab el-Musaleh]. These statements and intentions have been for the hell of good intentions, given the concurrent circumstances; they have become political gimmicks, unfulfilled intentions that tantamount to be ridiculously big lies of the century.

We do know that Taban Deng Gai prior to his dismissal from SPLA-IO had signed dubious oil deals with the Chinese oil companies in which Dr. Machar, Taban Deng Gai and their accomplices have managed to swaddle and received more than US$200 million in cash from the Chinese oil companies that nobody knows the whereabouts or what really happened with that money up to this time. Was the sum of US$200m was it a private gift donation intended purposely for the recipients or was it for general public consumption? The public would like to know the terms of references, arrangements and the whereabouts of the millions received by Dr. Machar, Taban and others accomplices. The burden of proof on this received cash would rest on Dr. Machar’s head as the leader of the SPL-IO organization. The General public associated with the SPLA-IO and non-SPLA-IO rebel groups allied with SPLA-IO, we would demand to have transparency and accountability on this huge sum of cash and its whereabouts.

Failure on Dr. Machar’s and his team to reveal the whereabouts of the cash and what really happened to it, the SPLA-IO and their Chinese partners could be charged with the Grand theft, international Money Laundering, Narcotics and Terrorism schemes. Dr. Riek Machar, Madam Angelina Machar, Taban Deng Gai, Changson Law, Costello Garang Ring Lual and any other crooks, thugs and hooligans involved in this money scandal, Grand theft, Money Laundering, racketeering and terrorism should all be held accountable and they all should be charged with the Grand theft, corruption, embezzlements and self-aggrandizement on the community’s money, public purse or coffer and corruption of the third kind. We could resort to seek assistance from the international community’s legal services to investigate criminal acts within the SPLA-IO for the community that it professes to represent to know and the international community to evaluate the SPLA-IO on racketeering, corruption, embezzlements and self-aggrandizements of the third kind.

These individuals mostly involved in the topping of Dr. Machar by his in-laws, immediate families and cronies involved in this international Money Laundering, grand theft and racketeering should be thoroughly investigated and crossed examined by an international tribunal litigators to give an appropriate and adequate explanation or an account to the whereabouts of this huge sum of cash hissed or received from the Chinese Oil Companies. We do know firsthand that both Dr. Riek Machar and Taban Deng Gai, Changson Law, Costello Garang Ring Lual, and other immediate families of Dr. Machar’s have been the prime beneficiaries and have recently bought luxurious villas and spacious bungalows on down payments or cash on delivery [CODs] in Nairobi, Kenya, and Kampala, Uganda, respectively. They have also gotten big accounts in the same countries, including elsewhere in and around Africa and the world at large. For instance, Taban Deng bought more than four (4) story buildings in Kaffori in Khartoum Bahri’s richest neighborhood, owns more than sixty (60) new green buses from South Korea on Khartoum’s bus lines, big shares in Abnoud Steel Company in Khartoum and owns three Caravan Jets operating in Nairobi Wilson Airport to and from South Sudan plus other big investments in Dubai with well-known international companies in which some of the Government of South Sudan [GOSS] officials, including the President as well who owns the Golden Sky Airlines and had big shares in the Regency Hotel in Khartoum. Salva Kiir bought many villas and bungalows for his concubines in Khartoum.

In a nutshell, Taban has been a war trader [al-Tijar el-Rahab] on the Nuer blood for years retrospect to Itang Refugees Camp, Ethiopia, SSIM/A, the 1997 Khartoum Peace Agreement [KPA] and the recent betrayal of Dr. Machar with a few million of dollars from Salva Kiir similar to Judas Escargot as one of the twelve (12) disciplines of Jesus that betrayed Jesus, the King of the Jews, with a pre-arranged price or deal of only thirty (30) pieces of Silver to the High Priest or the Rabbi and gave them the signal beforehand that the man that he would kiss on the cheek would be Jesus, the King of the Jews, in the Garden of Gethsemane. So Judas Escargot’s betrayal of his master’s Jesus became the first criminal law case and as the man that betrayed his master’s to his would-be killers or tormentors with a kiss as he entered into the Garden of Gethsemane.

Given, this analogy of the world’s first criminal case that fascinated and altered the cultures not only the Jewish society and its culture where this case occurred more than two thousands [2,000] years ago, but it has also fascinated and altered the world as a whole. We can draw a parallelism on Jesus vs. Judas Escargot, Pontius Pilate vs. Jesus, the king of the Jews, and with Riek Machar as the leader of the SPLA-IO vs. Taban Deng Gai [alas Mohamed Hassan ElHag] an internal SPLA-IO mold and criminal that had meticulously conspired with the enemy to kill his master’s Dr. Riek Machar when he was lured to J1 Building Grounds on conspicuous pre-arranged cabinet meeting by Taban Deng and the Polygamous Chief of the General Staff Paul Malong Awan.

Evidently, both Taban Deng Gai former minister of minerals [el-Ma’adin] and Paul Malong Awan were absent at that conspicuous preplanned meeting at J1 Building Grounds on Friday, 8 July 2016. Specifically, it was a real politico-military plot to kill the President the FVP alike that went berserk or sour or foiled. They were both pretty luck guys. Paul Malong Awan would have become the President and Taban Deng Gai would have become the FVP and the case would have been closed.


The Nuer Community vs. the late Dr. John Garang that it raised from the déclassé, abject poverty to become world’s famous, rich and died as a multimillionaire compared to Dr. Johannes Savimbi of UNITA in Southern Angola and the late PLO boss Yasser Arafat secretly poisoned with unknown drug administered by the Israelis Mosad and Shin Pin [Police] before he died in Paris, France, compared to all his accomplices like Chiang Jiek, Carlos Kuol and many others that Dr. Machar uplifted them from the dirt or the déclassé and abject poverty and wanted to turn around by plotting to kill Dr. Machar or they turned against the man called Riek Machar that gave them hopes and true happiness of the material world. There are also many others behind the curtain that Dr. Machar’s developed personally in the Movement from all the different ethnicities, including the Nuer in South Sudan that at the end turned against him to become his archenemies.

Conclusively, there has a great parallelism between what Judas Escargot did to his master’s Jesus, the King of the Jews, and betrayed him with a kiss in the Garden of Gethsemane in a prearranged deal of 30 pieces of Silver with the would-be killers and tormentors of his master’s Jesus, the King of the Jews, and Riek Machar as the Plaintiff Vs. Taban Deng Gai, General Chiangjiek as a Liaison of Dr. Machar as the Defendants selected by Taban to purposely with the deliberate and willful intent to destroy the Battalions of trainees recruited from different parts of South Sudan by denying the rations, weapons and medical services with deliberate and willful intention to cripple Dr. Machar’s strength as General Chiangjiek personally revealed this statement when he was appointed by Taban as the de facto minister of Interior in Juba. How long will he remain in that position? What community would he return to after his golden political lime lights?

Of course, politics is the art of impossible. Both Riek Machar who cares only about to become the President of South Sudan, but does not care about the Nuer ethnicity and its social welfare would soon be asked to quit because he does not have any ability and the capability to lead the Nuer to victory. This is a fact that all Nuer people have reckoned with. As for Taban and his accomplices, they would all become mortal failures and because they have got into the pinnacle of power through shredded ways and means, they would surely end dubiously in that mannerism. The Nuer Community is in great search for a new bright, visionary and aggressive and no nonsense leader to suck it to Salva Kiir and his cronies and the Twic Militias that would be taught tougher lessons that they will not forget.

Before I could proceed ahead, I would be compelled to make a confession or a revelation that I whispered into Dr. Machar’s ears in the early days of the SPLA-IO that depart from anything has got to do with SPLA, to form a new Movement with a new name rather than the SPLA that is hated so much by so many cadres because it was formed to genocide, to produce and to maintain the culture of destruction vs. the culture of construction; that the reckless Garang Boys, politicians and generals who only care about the ranks and the loved or lust for the money would eventually destroy the Movement and that he [Dr. Machar] should be vigilante and to be on the lookout with the traitors and to take care of himself always because he has got so many molds with many different colors within his outfit. Certainly, as usual, Dr. Machar greatest weakness has been that he suddenly and often ignored good advice uttered by anyone about from his own. I do recall how he blinked his eyes at me like I was being crazy of sort, but I had a vision as strategically trained US Army veteran and a US educated political scientist, I had envisaged that before long would kick out or bulldoze all the experienced best and the brightest or la crème de la crème in and around Dr. Machar’s that he controlled could betray him free at will. This was what really happened. So I was right in my strategic thinking and neo-thinking.

Specifically, I told him that I have a dream and feeling in my gut and gusto that at the end Taban you as a leader and probably could kill you until death departs. I do reckon that he’s your Brother-in-law. Nevertheless, I surely, emphasize that Taban is not your guy because he’s been one of the molds implanted by G-10 within that would one way or the other would betray you to steal your leadership for the sake of a few millions of dollars from Salva Kiir. Without the shadow of a doubt, that your in-law Taban would betray you personally by bulldozing out or keeping away Nuer intelligentsia intellectuals who could give you appropriate advices and strategies to Dr. Machar’s to overcome Salva Kiir’s with backing from Yuri Museveni and directly or indirectly hired US lobbyists, the US-Sino Cold War strains in South Sudan and the transfer of the South China Sea Crisis and Ukraine Crisis by provoking Russia to do similar zero-sum game against it in Europe by the US and its NATO allies to Sub-Saharan Africa compared to the US-Israelis new failed strategized policy that envisaged of overthrowing President Assad of Syria to in order to create a New Middle East under the auspices of Israel, Turkey and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as the newly emerging US proxies and regional powers in the region to perpetuate Western interests under the umbrella of the United States and its NATO allies. This envisaged policy has failed because of Russia’s intervention on behalf of President Basher al-Assad of Syria as an old Cold War or the East West confrontation committed ally in the Middle Easter region.

Because Taban Deng has been what Karl Marx termed as Dialectic Materialism and that if you [Dr. Machar] will not take care, he will down the road betray you [Dr. Machar] like Judas Escargot betrayed his Master’s Jesus, the King of the Jews and Gentiles alike after his ordeal on the cross for all Jews and Gentiles alike. In my capacity and ability as a man who has studied political Science, political theory, political sociological, psychological, philosophical and methodological theories and has been competently trained in strategic studies and political realism, I was indirect and meticulous not to create any political row or rift with Dr. Machar whom I had worked pretty closely and trekked the bushes and streams filled with deadly crocodiles and poisonous African snakes in South Sudan together as leaders of the defunct SSIM/A. Accordingly, I was referring my indirect speech on Taban Deng Gai that has been one of Garang’s Boys by the so-called SPLA-G-10 to constantly plot against Dr. Machar leadership in the SPLA-IO assuming that he would succeed in swaying the Nuer fighters on his such that they could make a coup de grace or violence coup d’état against both Salva Kiir as the President and Dr. Machar as the First Vice President.

Realistically, the SPLA-G-10 does not have cadres and since most of them from Dinka Bor as a tiny minority, but loved power for the sake of power, money and control, they know that without the Nuer support militarily could not accomplish anything of significant success. All the Garang Boys, i.e. General Dr. Majak A’goot, Bior [Ashod] Ajang Duot, Kuol Manyang Juuk, Deng Alor, Pagan Amoum, Wiecyai Deng Ajak, including many others knew that they have a problem without the Nuer support and that they could not attain their plans. So Taban being a Nuer was always used as the political conduit or the bait to make the necessary connections with the Nuer Generals who do not like Taban for a Gina Sudani because of his actions from Itang Refugee Camp, SSIM/A, the 1997 KPA and the 2015 Peace Agreement up to his recently betrayal of Dr. Machar to Salva Kiir with only a few million of dollars. He [Taban] has completely lost trust of the Nuer Community [NC] and would have hard times doing anything because he has lost trust of the NC for that.

The Nuer people should know that if there is anyone that benefited so much in such deals, it was not Dr. Riek Machar’s leadership, it has been Taban Deng Gai because if there was anything to be done, it was Taban that was always chosen by Dr. Riek Machar’s as his in-law to do it without due knowledge or experts in whatsoever endeavors to be performed or to be undertaken care off. These assets could be identified before any international tribunal and they could be in violations of UNSC sanctions against South Sudanese officials. The questions that needed to be probed would be as follows: – where did they get these accumulated monies? What kind of businesses do they do? What are their annual incomes? The people of South Sudan would be anxious to know the sources of these monies and how it has been earned by these greedy and selfish individuals in so a short period of time. This is the bottom line.

Most importantly, the United Nations Security Council [USC] and the US Department of State should automatically include the names of Taban Deng Gai, Costello Garang Ring Lual, Loll Gatkuoth, the Machar’s in-laws and his immediate families in GOSS to be superimposed sanctions and their big banks accounts to be frozen without any delays. Therefore, unless, the recipients cooperate with the law, they should all, including their Chinese counterparts could be trialed and if found guilty, they could be sentenced for longer terms behind bars or jails, freezing their assets should be given heavy fines and long terms imprisonment or both in any international plenipotentiary Prison.

They are international criminals on Money Laundering, Narcotics and terrorism. The revelation of this problem of corruption and embezzlements, Money Laundering and racketeering is only the piece of the iceberg in Africa’s failed state in South Sudan. The appointment of Ezekiel Loll Gatkuoth by Taban Deng Gai in his capacity as an illegal FVP to become the petroleum minister was the source of the friction or row apart from the longest historic trails of Taban Deng Gai’s to betray his in-law Dr. Riek Machar at the end of the day like Jesus, the King of the Jews, was betrayed by one of his disciples Judas Escargot with only thirty (30) pieces of Silver to the Jewish High Chief Priest or the Rabbi who in turned proclaimed to Pontius Pilate that Jesus, the King of the Jews, wanted to overthrow Rome and wishes to install himself to become the Emperor or the King of the Roman Empire. As I see it, Taban Deng Gai has been guilty because his actions have been Lucifer’s actions and the Nuer society should isolate and to excommunicate him once and for all because has proven to be a bad fig tree [Ngoup] that cannot bear good fruits.

II.RIEK MACHAR VS.TABAN DENG GAI [alas Mohamed Hassan El-Hag]

When Judas Escargot one of Jesus of Nazareth disciples betrayed him with a pre-arranged thirty [30] pieces of Silver [Fizah] and also with a pre-arranged sign with his would-be tormentors that the man that he would give a kiss on the cheek in the Garden of Gethsemane would be Jesus, the King of the Jews, who was caught and had to be taken away by his would-be killers or tormentors. Of course, there has been parallelism between a prearranged secret plot to kill Dr. Machar by Taban and Paul Malong Awan who lured him to the J1 Building Grounds to attend a prearranged conspicuous cabinet meeting on J1 Grounds in Juba on Friday, 8 July 2016. Surely, Taban was not around at the time of the incident. Let us hypothetically assume that his plan succeeded, he would have denied everything or any involvement, including the probable death of Dr. Machar because he would proclaim that he was innocent, did not know anything and would have tried to put the blames and guilt on Dr. Machar’s bodyguards for having started the fight on J1 Ground, unfortunately.

Similarly, the parallelism between Judas Escargot that betrayed his master’s Jesus, the King of the Jews, with a kiss in the Garden of Gethsemane to his tormentors and Taban Deng Gai betrayal of Dr. Machar with a few millions of dollars to Salva Kiir in Juba, South Sudan. For instance, when Jesus, the King of the Jews, was brought before Pontius Pilate, it became the first criminal trial that fascinated people on the planet-Earth. Criminal trials also reflected the values of the cultures in which they occur. They have absorbed attention in every epoch of every society and often altered its destiny. In the first criminal case on the planet Pontius Pilate vs. Jesus, the King of the Jews, the man called Jesus was found not guilty of the crime as charged and was acquitted or to let go as a freed man by Pontius Pilate who, then, asked his employees or workers to bring him a chisel of water to wash off his hands and to return the man called Jesus, the King of the Jews, to the High Priests or to the Rabbi to do whatsoever they wish to do with him because there was no substantiated evidence to corroborate or to prove beyond a reasonable doubt, that the man called Jesus, the King of the Jews, plotted against the Roman Empire in any manner.

For the aspiring law students and the legally trained practitioners whose minds have been saturated like the South Sudan Minister of Information, Makuei Lueth [Mr. Kaclora] that proclaimed to be a lawyer and neither sat, then, for The Republic of Sudan Sudan Bar Examination [SBE] since he graduated from his Alma Mata, The University of Khartoum, yester years ago nor underwent legal refreshment training courses that many lawyers do undergo such freshmen legal courses like medical doctors do worldwide. He [Makuei Lueth] should undergo legal and mental refreshment courses in the legal process and legal procedures. It’s really shocking, but not surprising, when such a towering figure in such a lucrative and prestigious position and as the Spokesman of the GOSS speaks like a Jieng that just came from the Dinka Bor kraal or the cattle camp (Wiechook) and cannot even recite any articles, clauses or phrases in the United Nations Charter. Although I have not been a big fun of the South Sudan Television [SSTV] that offers nothing, but bigotry, divisiveness, hate, chauvinism, machismos, arrogance, deception, manipulation and maneuvering, I had the courage, privilege and an opportunity to console my inner soul once in a lifetime to watch the bigotry of SSTV where the minister was really lashing out or talking about the pending UMISS resolution 2304 (2016) for the UNSC to bolster and to extends the UMISS in South Sudan that authorizes further deployment of 4,000 peacekeeping forces in addition to the 12,500 UNMISS peacekeeping forces already in the country for the protection of the civilians’ population from the undisciplined, uncouth, disorderly, uncivilized, uncultured Twic Dinka Special Militias and cannibal like-humans that randomly killed innocent civilians’ population left and right. In my capacity as an academic in the field of international relations and international law, Resolution 2304 refers to the UN rsolution1674, adopted on April 28,2006,”reaffirms” the provision of paragraphs 138 and 139 of the 2005 World Summit Outcome Document regarding the responsibility to protect population from genocide, war crime, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity.” With the adoption of the resolution, the UNSC committed itself to take action to protection civilians in armed conflict. In 2008, the UNSC expanded the definition of genocide with passage of “Resolution 1820” noting that “rap” and other forms of sexual violence can contribute to war crimes, crimes against humanity or a contributive act with respect to genocide”. Without the shadow of a doubt, that all of the above-mentioned have been committed by the warring parties with particular emphasis on SPLA and its notorious Twic Dinka Militias under the direct commands of Salva Kiir and his Chief of the General Staff Paul Malong Awan. The arrival of 4000 UN peacekeepers or the men and women in blue helmets” would be welcomed by the opposition as a paix accompali [mission accomplished] in providing protection to the innocent civilian population. The Presence of UNMISS would not prevent the guerrilla forces from attacking and entering Juba this time around. The new ferociously fighting rebel forces under the new overall command of Lt. General Peter GatdetYaka would surely capture Juba. It’s only a matter of time and organization and the command and control, it will happen. It’s going to become South Sudan’s “Tet” in Juba. The actions by the Twic Dinka cannibals have been publically designed to escalate rather than to de-escalate the war further for more years. The case of Pontius Pilate vs. Jesus, the King of the Jews, was the first criminal case that fascinated the Jewish society and the world and it did have parallelism with the ongoing concurrent political row between Dr. Riek Machar vs. Taban Deng Gai [Alas Mohamed Hassan ElHag] and his accomplices that would also fascinate and reshape the Nuer society, South Sudan and Africa in general.

Think only a few: Pontius Pilate vs. Jesus, the King of the Jews; Joan of Arc; Louis XVI; the French Revolution’s of Public Justice; Alfred Dreyfus; Dostoyevsky’s reports of common criminal trials in St. Petersburg; the Moscow Show Trials; the trial of Charles I; Sir Thomas More; the Star Chamber; Peter Zenger in Colonial America; the impeachment of Warren Hasting, Governor-General of Colonial India; Oscar Wilder; the impeachment trial of President Andrew Jackson; Sacco and Vanzetti; the Scottsboro Boys; the Chicago Seven, O. Simpson; Nuremberg. These criminal cases have not only fascinated the societies and cultures in which they have occurred and reshaped, transformed, re-adjusted and reframed them and their social phenomenon and the cultural feelings, thinking and neo-thinking of such societies and the world at large metamorphosed.


In the trail of President Slobodan Milosevic of Serbia demands special consideration for three considerations: (1) it was the first trial of a head of state and government before a court created by the United Nations Security Council [UNSC] by any other world organization, (2) The UN Charter reveals that it grants no power to the United Nations Security Council or anywhere in the Charter to create a criminal court and (3) The UN Charter recognizes only the International Court of Justice [ICJ]. Amongst all the above illustrated criminal cases, where do you place Dr. Riek Machar vs. Taban Deng Gai? I will leave this postulated question for the aspiring law students Mood Courts debates, the intellectual discourses and the legally trained minds to undertake critical research on the said question with particular emphasis on Riek Machar vs. Taban Deng Gai to be compared and contrast with the case of Pontius Pilate vs. Jesus, the King of the Jews more than 2,000 years ago.

Specifically, the individuals involved in the said Money Laundering, racketeering, corruption, embezzlements and self-aggrandizements case could not deny this bad relations and sourer deals with the Chinese because we do have evidences and material witnesses as well as persons of interests to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt before any international tribunal and through rigorous cross examinations under Oath of all the players or actors and other the doers not illustrated in any courts of law or tribunal. China also gave them more than 40-70 buildings in Nairobi, Kenya, in which Changson Law, the former Dr. Machar’s Exchequer or Treasurer distributed the houses amongst certain individuals specified by Dr. Machar and Taban Deng, including himself should be affirmatively responsible as material witnesses to tell the truth, the whole truth, nothing, but the truth and so help me [them] God. He [Changson Law] was the guy that assigned the buildings to the specified individuals, including Dr. Machar’s closed loyalists, allies, siblings and cronies in Nairobi, Kenya, Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia and Kampala, Uganda. Changson Law took one building for himself and his family and Dr. Machar got a big skyscraper behind the American Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya. These are just a few facts-findings on the case and rampant corruption against the SPLA-IO leaders’ Money Laundering, terrorism, probable Narcotic trafficking and the Grand theft as well as other misdemeanors. The Taban Deng Gai [alas Mohamed Hassan ElHag] and his illegally appointed petroleum minister Loll Gatkuoth who is not qualified to speak under no circumstances on the reopening or resumption of oil production that is constitutionally and legally belongs to the community property in Unity State that cannot be siphoned by any foreign oil companies without contracts, authorizations and the consent of the community. Furthermore, Loll Gatkuoth does not know the political and economic geography or “transhumance” and the terrain of Unity State because he neither lived there ever nor visited the region, but if he did, it might only be Bentiu, the Capital of Unity State. Any statements uttered by Loll Gatkuoth have been political gimmicks, big lies, deceptions and groundless political statements. So he should not be taken seriously by any well enlightened persons and business persons.


We do not believe, for example, for a dime that that the Nuer people can go to China to exploit the Chinese natural resources without any legal framework, legal authorization and constitutional safeguards, formal contracts and the environmental protection to be offered and guaranteed in any negotiated contractual agreements, including all the terms involved before any works could be commenced by the same standards of the Chinese authorities. We would like a probe a question to all oil consortia, what give them the rights to assume that they could just walk-in to resume oil production without appropriate contracts with the community in Unity State? Without any new contracts negotiated and signed between the Chinese companies and the community in Unity State. There would be no further oil production. The Chinese oil companies have been indebted to the people of Unity State that they have cheated so much. For instance, the Chinese oil companies have failed to compensate locals illegally removed from their ancestral lands or homesteads because of the construction of the pipe lines, roads, air strips and the discovery of more oil wells in their homesteads, no oil royalties payments paid off for years, building of many schools, hospitals, modern clinics and providing clean drinking and to inject more rapid “socio-impact” rudimental socioeconomic developments for the citizens in the oil producing Unity State. The Unity State government should have demanded all the above-mentioned programs and other social services for the local people. Of course, since Taban Deng was the Governor of the state, he could not careless about the basic critical needs of the people apart from his desire and greed through corruption, embezzlement and self-aggrandizement with the purse or coffer of the state for his own personal interests and those of his families. Corruption was the key word that made Taban to be the richest Governor in South Sudan. The time will come when would undergo criminal investigation on how he accumulated such assets and how he got them. We are sure that because he has betrayed his master’s Dr. Machar with only a few million dollars to the enemy compared to Judas Escargot with Jesus, the King of the Jews, he could easily do that to anybody that he perceives to be a threat because of his illegal and greedy activities. In brief, Taban Deng Gai is a Lucifer’s in the Nuer Community or a bad element or a fig tree without fruits. As long as there is no peace that breeds justice and justice breeds peace, there will be no further oil production. This is the bottom line.

Most importantly, the price of a barrel of oil costs around US$32 in the international marketplace. This is pretty low price. Thus, we should wait until the prices have risen to three, four or five times above the current marketplace price and we will not permit any oil production to be resumed. We will cap all the wells for the future generations to benefit from it. We will not allow the Dinka bureaucrats to grow their big bellies like pregnant Baboons and Guerillas in the wild in the tropical African rainforest on the Nuer oil revenues. This is one of my political ambition for the Greater Upper Nile to exit South Sudan for the right to self-determination to determine its political destiny, cultural well being and the right to socioeconomic development as declared by the UNDP in Copenhagen Conference in 1995. The People of the Greater Upper Nile region do not need Juba, but Juba and Wau do need them most. The Greater Equatoria and the Greater Bahr-el-Ghazal regions could not become socioeconomically viable and vibrant regions without the Greater Upper Nile region and that has been a fact of life. I am presently writing an article to prove this statement and that could truly change the Old political roadmap retrospect to the assessment of the Old Republic of Sudan by the Mohamed Basha in the 1900s and then followed by Condominium rule (1898-1956). For the benefit of the readers, Upper Nile and Mongalla Provinces were parts of Sudan and Bahr-el-Ghazal was annexed to Sudan in 1903 as the outcome of the Anglo-Franco Agreements of 1898-1903.


First and foremost of all, the Nuer nation and its resilient people do not recognize Lucifer’s Taban Deng Gai’s appointment as the FVP and his gang as legitimate because they have allowed themselves to be used as a political polyandrists or political prostitutes, militias hired for the money by Salva Kiir for the destabilization of the Nuer Community and to creating intra-tribal warfare, havocs and destruction of the Nuer countryside. For instance, recently Taban Deng Gai was issued light arms and equipment to create a militia force otherwise called Mobile Force II (MF-2) to be commanded by the estranged pro-Taban General Makal Kuol in Unity State to fight Dr. Machar’s SPLA-IO. The former SPLA-IO four (4) Generals that have proclaimed themselves to be Taban Deng Gai’s commanders, namely, General Doar Manjour, General Lieu Dieu, General Carlos Kohl recently Machar’s Intelligent and logistic officer in Khartoum and General Makal Kohl and SPLA-IO Operational Commander and all other Officers, the NCOs and the Enlisted have declined the offer and deserted Taban’s camp in Kuerkeng (Nim-Nimni) in Unity State to rejoin the SPLA-IO because they have no intentions, guts and gusto of making a “Nuer to kill a fellow Nuer.” We urge and appeal to General Doar Monjour and other Generals, Officers and men with them not be transferred to Juba per Taban’s order to go fight for the Dinka to maintain power.

The Nuer nation cannot send its youths that is its precious jewels of the Nuer nation and the future power of the nation to go to defend a regime that has genocide the Nuer ethnicity for years. No Nuer nationality will forget this incident for infamy compared to the Jews who still remember the Holocaust and the Japanese who still remember afresh Hiroshima on 7 August 1945and on 8 August 1945, respectively when the mushroom exploded over them above the sky killings so hundreds of tens of thousands. The Americans still remember the unprovoked attacked on Sunday, 7 December 1941 by the Japanese Naval warships as the day of infamy. The Nuer as a nation and a brave, gallant and resilient people, we should unite the mid-December 2013 as our day of infamy. We should be against Juba and to say in unionism to Taban Deng Gai to recruit his soldiers elsewhere they have been located rather than Unity State (Liech) the original ancestral homeland of the entire Nuer nation. I do personally make a personal appeal to General Doar Manjour that we have trekked in the bushes of South Sudan together for the sake of freedom, self-determination and our inalienable rights to opposition against tyranny; oppression; domination; exploitation; social injustice; human rights protection; please, in your capacity as a strong and capable Nuer General to completely rejects any appeals from Taban Deng Gai to put you under duress and to give you pressure points to send our youths from Liech to go die for no apparent good and legitimate reasons for the wicked, racist and ethnocentric (tribalist) Salva Kiir’s regime. We hope that all the Liech or the China of the Nuer on west of the White Nile like the Lou as the China of the Nuer in Jonglei State on east bank of the White Nile River. Furthermore, we appeal to all the commanders on Salva Kiir’s regime to be wiser enough to speak out because the government belongs to all, but not exclusively Dinka Elders Council [DEC].Without the shadow of a doubt, that it has been Salva Kiir’s arrogance that failed and destroyed the 2015 Peace Agreement brokered by the IGAD mediators. All the blames on the peace failure have been squarely put on Salva Kiir’s lacks of vision and organization and the leadership. Today, like I have done so in the past, I would be obliged to add further my voice to urge and appeal to “All South Sudanese” to unite their ranks and files against the murderer Salva Kiir’s regime that has destroyed our people, economic progress and the state of the state in South Sudan. We should together and in unionism expand the intensification of the armed struggle against Salva Kiir’s regime in Juba.

For the Nuer Community in South Sudan, throughout Africa, the Arab world, and the Western World, including Australia Taban Deng Gai should be axed or marked as the prima facie Lucifer’s and as the public enemy Numro Uno (public enemy number 1),the archenemy of the Nuer nation and its resilient people. We all should know what to do (ngac mi ba lel kondial). We should recall the recently statement uttered by the former SPLA-IO General Dau Aturjok that re-defected to the SPLA Juba because he said that “there’s no reason for a Dinka to fight a Dinka or a Dinka to kill a Dinka.” If this is a true statement, then, what on earth would make a Nuer to kill his fellow Nuer and for whose benefit? We urge and appeal to all the Nuer people to disassociate from Taban Deng and his gangs. They have been like Lucifer’s [Satan] and the traitors of the Nuer Community. They should be ignored, treated like outcasts, criminals that should be ex-communicated from the Nuer Community because they are useless like fig trees without fruits that have to be chopped or hewed off the orchard and to be replaced by new fig trees to bear fruits for the Nuer Community for its growth and its cultural well being socioeconomic and the right to development as declared at the UN in Copenhagen Conference. They have shown us all their true colors that they have been truly what the Dinka sarcastically called them as ‘Nuer Wew’ [Nuer for the money] and/ or ‘Nuer yieoni’ (Nuer for the money).

Taban Deng Gai, for instance, recently made derogatory statements and wishful thinking in Juba that he would fight the Lou and the Garwaar Nuers until he could push them into Ethiopia in order to restore peace and stability in South Sudan. In fact, for the Lou [GaatBourchar/GaatGiekah] and the Garwaar Nuers [GaatdeWaar], it’s shocking, but not surprising, for such words to come out the Lucifer’s mouth. Well, what is being said is not easy than done. The Lou and Garwaar Nuers would be ready for that day to come. On behalf of the Luo and Garwaar Nuers, I would be obliged to say that we are not afraid of words, but deeds and we are not afraid of army led by a sheep-referring to the Dnka Commanders. We are afraid of an army being led by a lion [Nuer Commanders]. Let Taban come with his militias and they will get something bittersweet in the Nyundeng and Dieu lands. Our forefathers and fathers and their children’s children resisted the British with spears during the Anglo-Nuer Revolution (1900-1930) without accessed to the modern weaponry and sophisticated military training. Nowadays, the Lou and the Garwaar Nuers have got access to such weaponry and military training. So we should wait and to be ready for the doomsdays from Taban and Salva Kiir in Juba. Alternatively, the Lou and Garwaar Nuers White Army may opt to take the war to Juba before it could come to their lands. We wonder, will Juba be ready with this zero-sum game? The Lou and the Garwaar Nuers have the abilities and the capacities to do it in Juba, Warrap and Aweil states the Heartlands of the Twic Dinka. As a matter of fact, Taban Deng Gai, Salva Kiir and Paul Malong Awan should recall the politico-military events that occurred in JI Building Grounds on Friday, 8 July 2016, Gudele, Jebel Kujur, Lanya, Meridi and Yei roads and the bushes therein. The protectors of Dr. Machar have been (and still are) the Lou and the Garwaar Nuer hell fighters or the Dirty Dozens, the Kamikazes’, General Nyuen Gap vs. the French Legionnaires in Dan Bein Phoo in 1956 in the former French Indo-China and then followed by the US involvement in South Vietnam quagmire in Southeast Asia from (1958-1971) up to the US President Richard M. Nixon Guam’s Speech declaring the unilateral withdrawal of the US military forces from South Vietnam in 1971. So the Lou and the Garwaar Nuers resilient and ferocious fighting Nuer White Army (NWA) united together like a bundle of sticks could not be shaken, but would be ever ready to resist Taban, Salva Kiir Militias plus their Ugandans and its affiliated mercenaries from East African countries, Toroboras [JEM, SRF and the SPLA-N) rebels without probable causes in Sudan who have really become mercenaries and terrorists fighting for the money throughout Africa and the world at large. We do not have to remind them of what could happen when they come as invaders and occupiers into the Lou and the Garwaar Nuers Heartland.

We may also like to remind Taban Deng Gai that the Lou and the Garwaar Nuers have not been responsible for the mess and genocide in Juba that targeted the Nuer ethnicity for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part. When he ran like a crazy strayed dog from the Dinka human slaughtering houses, killings, massacres and genocide in Juba in the mid December 2013, they were the Lou and the Garwaar Nuers hell fighters saved his life and gave him security protection. If that could become a true statement to chase the Lou and the Garwaar Nuers from their traditional ancestral and homestead lands or habitat to Ethiopia, blessed by the Great Prophet Nyundeng of the Lou, the Great Prophet Dieu of the Garwaar and the Great Prophetess Nyaruac Kulang (Nyakulang), respectively, as the leading spiritual leaders of the Nuers, let Taban tries it before the Lou and the Garwaar Nuers could march zeroing on in on to Juba. We would welcome Taban and his Militias wherever they are coming from to give us a try. The Lou and the Garwaar Nuers were always ever ready to confront any adversaries and jackasses in the Lou and the Garwaar Nuer Heartlands in Jonglei (Bieu and Phow States) under the defunct SSIM/A administrative arrangements. The British colonialists tried it for 30-years (1900-1930) the day of infamy of the Nuer Revolution (al-Sura el-Nuer), Salva Kiir and Taban Gai would be nothing of great danger to our people. They would be defeated like in the past and recently in Pajuet, Nyirol County in Jonglei State. We would be ready to sale all our possessions to defeat Taban and Salva Kiir. Certainly, the Dinka militias like Mathiang Anyour would not dare to return because of the hard lessons that they have learned in fighting the Nuer White Army from 2013-2016. They have been given bloody noses and kicked Mathiang Anyour asses out of Pajuet, Nyirol County, and have chased them to Bor leaving behind all their arms, Ammunitions, trucks and vehicles, Tanks (T-55s &T-62s) intact from Russia, Ukraine and Beijing and different kinds of weapons, including Arms of mass destruction [MAD] and biochemical weapons probably imported from Israel, the PRC and Ukraine, Lorries or Trucks and equipment and then they ran for their lives to Juba or having crossed the White Nile to Alyiab and Yirol of Cieng Malwal de Bong Baar [Cieng Malwal Bong Bar] or the homestead of the Dinka cannibalism (lieet Jiengni)(human flash eaters in Nuer Language) amongst the Dinka of Bahr-el-Ghazal.

The Nuer Community and all the non-SPLA-IO forces under the overall command of General Peter Gatdet Yaka should fully remain on maximum alert and to completely be operating in unionism with the SPLA-IO against Salva Kiir’s forces in the Greater Upper Nile region and beyond. The entire forces should become united under one command under the overall command of l Lt.-General Peter Gadet Yaka and should be ready to fight any forces that should enter Unity State or to any other parts of the Nuer countryside without any authorization or permission. We would consider such forces as invading forces of occupation that should be perceived as prima facie archenemies of the Nuer people and their rich lands with natural resources. Therefore, they would have to be fought to be killed, disseminated or annihilated or to opt to surrendering themselves instantly. Any foreign forces captured should be considered as terrorists and mercenaries that have not been covered by Article 1 of the Geneva Conventions. We would be unmerciful because their orders were to go to the Nuerland to target them for genocide defined as the gravest and the greatest crimes against humanity to further target the Nuer extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part.

The Nuer Community as a whole should recognize only Dr. Riek Machar as the signatory of the 2015 Peace Agreement and as the legitimate First Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan [ROSS] for the duration of the 2015 Peace Agreement. I am not a supporter of Dr. Machar’s for many reasons of my own that I would like to jot down in memoirs. Whenever IGAD mediators declare that the 2015 Peace Agreement will be capote, so too that will be the ends of Salva Kiir’s illegitimate Presidency will be forced to step down or to resign, including the First Vice President and the government as a whole. We know that the Western powers under the umbrella of the US and its European allies neither like Salva Kiir nor Dr. Riek Machar to lead in South Sudan. Nevertheless, the US President Obama still give support directly or indirectly gives economic and military support to Salva Kiir’s regime because of the US-Sino continued Cold War and bipolarism fight over the control of the vast natural resources that the US does not the People’s Republic of China [PRC] to have a foothold in this potentially rich, backward and politically unstable Africa’s youngest failed state or a “hijacked” state as some Western analysts and pro-Salva Kiir’s elements within the incumbent US President Obama’s outgoing administration would prefer to call it so. The US would be handicapped by the 2016 US elections to do anything of significant value in South Sudan. It will leave the entire situation for the next incoming administration either the cool, wiser and meticulous the former US Secretary of State Madam Hillary Clinton of the Democratic Party or the bully, dump, ill-informed and pure racist Donald Trump of the Republican Party presidency.

In the mean time, the US would do everything possible to undermine the PRC presence in South Sudan. Without the shadow of a doubt, the US-Sino rows in the South China Sea Islands regional conflict has been transferred and an international geopolitical and geo-strategic conflict in South Sudan. The same logic applies to the US and European allies with Russia over the sanctions superimposed on Russia by the US and the EU on Russian Federation and the NATO gradual creeping political-military expansion eastwards toward s Russia in Europe over the ongoing Ukraine Crisis and the re-annexation of Crimea that’s legitimately and historically Russia until it was arbitrarily annexed to Ukraine by Nikita Khrushchev in 1954 during the high peak of the demised former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics [USSR]. Realistically, the concurrent struggle in eastern Ukraine that seeks to depart Ukraine to be re-annexed to Mother Russia has been a legitimate right to self-determination for any people to determine their own destiny under international law. In my capacity as an academic and a Veteran of the US Army Vietnam era and the European theater during the Cold War or the East-West ideological confrontation, I have no fear to state freely and at affront that unless NATO changes its current politico-military strategies that the likelihood of war to breakout in Europe is greater than before. This is no political gimmick, but a political reality. President Putin would not like to be bullied on its own turf by the Americans because it would have act to reverse the current new US trends in Europe. Even the current limited Putin’s Russia limited involvement by supplying Juba with Helicopter pilots against the Opposition rebel forces in South Sudan though they have been ineffective in their operations and many of the Gunships shot down or captured intact by Dr. Machar’s rebel forces have been nonetheless, transferred the Ukraine Crisis to become an international geo-political and geo-strategic designs to counter the US and its NATO allied expansionist policies perceived as acts of aggression by Kremlin against Washington. As a South Sudanese-American academic expert on international and African affairs, former diplomat and Senior National Expert in the Presidency of the Republic of Sudan, the regional powers, the world’s superpowers and Europe in particular, are at war with Russia and that could produce catastrophic consequences that could surpass catastrophic results for Europe compared to the Second World War (WWII) (1939-1945). The US and Russia plus the regional powers have already transferred the mess in Syria’s 5-year war, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, post-Gaddafi’s Libya, the ISIL and the DAESH in the Middle East to create a “New Middle East” under the auspices of Ankara-Tel Aviv-Riyadh has failed because President Assad’s is winning in Syria’s war and ISIL is losing grounds in Iraq, Syria and throughout its affiliates throughout the Middle East and Central Asia. In the concurrent crisis in South Sudan deliberately and will created by the US-Israelis expansionist policies and vying for the control of the natural and its vast water pools and lakes such the Great Lakes region (Rwanda, Burundi), Lake Victoria (Uganda) and White Nile River (Kier in boor) in South Sudan.

The Nuer nation would like to remind the Europeans, including the Russian Federation and the US politicians that as educated reasonable men and women leaders, they should moderate their staunch negatively sophisticated aggressive politico-military rapprochements and vulgarities over the human and economic costs not only in Ukraine, but throughout the European Continent, including the British Isles that recently exit the EU and only waiting of triggering Article 50 of the 1973 Lisbon Agreement in which the UK was prima facie founding member state of the EU. We would encourage the US, NATO and Russia that instead of going to war over Ukraine Crisis, they should all moderate their positions by searching in unionism for a tenable reasonable alternative (TRA) peaceful and political solution on Ukraine Crisis. In despite of the US-UK-Israeli and Russo-Sino involvement in South Sudan, the opposition will prevail because Salva Kiir does not and will not have more firepower advantage to defeat the rebels, but it will be the rebels that will defeat Salva Kiir his fortified fortress or bunker and Luri’s southwest of Juba near Jubel el-Kujur [Mountain of the Devil]. The rebels know where, when, how and why to get Salva Kiir dead or alive. Surely, no matter what happens, he will not escape this historical blunder that he has been dragged into by his foreign advisors.


The political strategy to defeat Salva Kiir would be that the Nuer people and their allies have to be united around Dr. Machar until he completes his ongoing politico-military row with Salva Kiir either a winner or a loser. However, thereafter, all options would remain on the table to decide whether he [Dr. Machar] may continue to lead, be asked to quit or to resigns or not to become the next leader with dignity realizing that there’s a good life after politics and so to give way to the rising young stars within the Nuer Community to become the next Nuer’s leaders. Because Dr. Machar has already failed the causes of the Nuer leadership, he should retire with grace, honor and dignity to seek other ventures outside of the realms and the framework of politics. By doing so, he would have made a legacy for himself amongst the Nuer people, the Nuer nation and its gallant and resilient people. There would be a new a newly emerged stronger, visionary, fearless, politically sophisticated and aggressive new Nuer leader that would not yield to overwhelmingly external pressure points, to speak to the world about the genocide committed by Salva Kiir regimes against innocent unarmed and helpless Nuer ethnicity before the international community, the UN Human Rights Commission (UNHRC); the UNSC permanent member states [Britain, France, PRC, Russia and the USA]; the used of internationally banned weapon of mass destruction(WMD) by President Yuri Museveni of Uganda as an international war criminal; the USA and its European allies; the European Union [EU] and not to compromise the lives of the Nuer nation and its resilient people within reasons and reasonableness amongst the big pool or the “Talent Tree” within the Nuer Community in South Sudan and in the Diaspora to stand up and to affirmatively fight like hell for the inalienable and legitimate rights of the Nuer nation and the preservation of the Nuer nation, its culture and its resilient people in South Sudan. We will not relent in pursuing this case aggressively until justice will be done. For South Sudan citizens, we [the Nuer] have discovered that there’s prevailing hatred and anti-Nuerism like anti-Semitism even who have really fought so hard for the exercise of the right to self-determination through an internationally supervised referendum. We do know that it was the US lobbyists led by Roger P. Winter, John Prendergast, Dr. Susan Rice, Bran de Silver, Professor Eric Reeves and other through disinformation by the political opportunists, vultures and hyenas like Bona Malwal as self-denied Nuer from Mayom County, Unity State and Dr. Francis Mading Deng who’s technically a Ngok Dinka from Abyei in Southern Kordufan State. We urge and appeal to the entire Nuer nation to unite around Dr. Machar for the revolution to move forward and tat the end everything or our dirty laundries would be put on the table for appropriate discussions and resolutions.

The time has changed and so too the people and they would have to either shape in or shape out because the Nuer would deal with such ignoramus and remorseful less humans under the shadow of the sun unless they change racist epithets toward the Nuer people until peace that breeds justice and justice that breeds peace or until we learn how to get along mighty fine or until peace has been achieved throughout South Sudan in the years ahead. The is confidence building and unity that it will defeat Salva Kiir’s regime and no matter how many years this war that has been perpetrated by Salva and his cronies and protégés will take in what was an internal ruling party split that could have been resolved through the internal the party’s instruments, but lied about a coup d’état attempt against the Dinka dictator Salva Kiir allegedly engineered and masterminded by the former FVP Dr. Riek Machar who is of the Nuer ethnicity. Instead of finding an amicable political solution to internal party’s split, Salva Kiir gave direct orders to his Twic Special Militias under his commands and his polygamous Chief of Staff Paul Malong Awan to target the Nuers randomly from their houses, businesses, shops, restaurants, hotels, government offices or anywhere a Nuer ethnicity is found-to be genocide or democide compared to the Nazi authorities Holocaust against Euro-Jews in Europe during WWII (1939-1945) and no matter where they are found- to be killed.

Because of these orders hundreds of thousands of many innocent unarmed and helpless Nuer ethnicity were genocide in what will be recorded in contemporary South sudan history as the mid-December 2013 Juba Genocide above and beyond. I was the first and equals to announce to the world on Huriyya’s TV on 17-18 December 2013 on Huriyya’s TV, the Sky News’ Arabic TV, and other media that there was no military coup d’état attempt against Salva Kiir organized and masterminded by the former FVP Dr. Riek Machar. It was that the dictator woke up on the wrong side and went berserk. Given, the present circumstances in the country now, we [the Nuer] should burry all the hatchets and to store our dirty laundries in the closets until Dr. Machar’s completes his cycle of row with Salva Kiir as a winner or a loser. We should continue to unite and to regard Dr. Machar as the interim leader with a vision and organization in despite of serious mistakes and the historical blunders that he had committed against the Nuer people and the intelligentsia intellectuals to be around to advise him on what to do next. We should know that down the road he [Dr. Machar] may not hold the spear of the nation, but for the time being, we should cool it down until he completes his cycle of political row with Salva Kiiir and his cronies who have dared to kill him, but they have failed to do so. We should regard him as our interim sole and the only leader in this time of the national crisis. Nevertheless, he [Dr. Machar] could not be compared M. K. Gandhi of India passive resistance against the British colonialism in India, Nelson Mandela of South Africa passive résistance against Apartheid and Ahmed Ben Della of Algeria armed struggle against France colonialism in Algeria and Colonel Gamel Abdul Nasser of Egypt 1952 Revolution against King Farouk of Egypt and Nkwame Nkrumah of Ghana passive and armed résistance in Africa similarly of the Nuer nation and its resilient people résistance against the dictatorship in South Sudan.

Let every Nuer knows that time is at the corner to envisage democratic change because no ethnicity would bring about that envisioned democratic change and good governance in South Sudan with the exception of the Nuer people as the largest, the strongest, democratic and potentially the richest in natural resources in South Sudan. We should all feel proud for what we have done for South Sudan and its people. We have brought them freedom, the right to self-determination through an internationally supervised referendum that Dr. Machar and I envisaged retrospect to the 1997 Khartoum Peace Agreement that was destroyed by Dr. Lam Akol, Taban Deng Gai and Dr. Riek Gai Kook and other idiots, traitors and the Nuer Yiuoni [the Nuer for positions and money]. This is now the time to show to the world that the Nuer have are united behind their interim leader in despite of the odds that they have been faced with throughout in South Sudan. Verily, verily, I urge and appeal to all the Nuer people that let’s learn our lessons from our Dinka cousins who because of the concurrent circumstances in the country that could and will in effect to topple their power have united behind Salva Kiir, but not because they love him or fear him, but because no leader to be neither loved nor to be they love him or feared him, but because of the incumbent political circumstances that they have been locked in and cognitive of change that they have been resisting against because they do envisage and feel greater dangers for the things they have done, which they ought not to have done. The Dinka tribesmen have developed a historical Nuerophobia [fear of the Nuer] in South Sudan like the Europeans have emulated the same, including the British Isles Gemanophobia [Fear of the Germans]. In simple layman or the common man language, let us all urge and appeal to the Nuer people to remain united behind Dr. Machar as the interim leader whether we love him or we hate him or not, let us all remain united behind him so as to give him a chance to deal diligently and effectively to defeat his archenemies who have dared to kill him, but the have by the Grace of God Almighty, have failed. We do not need someone to replace him now whilst his job remains unfinished. This is the point that I am trying to communicate so hard to all able Nuer males, females and youth, to all our allies in South Sudan, including the Dinka Community with emphasis on the Dinka minority groups in the Grater Upper Nile region. Remember folks, “unity is strength” and “divided we fall.” I urge and appeal to the entire Nuer nation and its people that charity begins at home.”

Let’s all unite to deal effectively with problems that Salva Kiir and his henchmen have created for the people of South Sudan and the Nuer nationality or the Nuer ethnicity in particular. We should never again forget our beloved martyrs’ genocide or democide by Salva Kiir and his militias as a “final solution” in whole or in Part. We should be courageous, committed, straighfast, logical and analytical in our thinking and neo-thinking like all Jews united by the Holocaust, the Armenians Young Turks Genocide on the Great March (1915-1920), the Ovambo and the Nama people Genocide by Kaiser’s notorious Lt.-General Lothian Van Trotha (1904-1908) the first ever recorded genocide in Africa in the 20th century, the Kurds gassed by Saddem Hussein, the 1994 Rwanda Genocide by Hutus’ renegades against the Tutsi in Rwanda, the Nuer Genocide by the British colonial government that gassed the Nuer people with Mustard and Nerves Gases (1915-1920) during the Anglo-Nuer Revolution (1900-1930) in which more than sixteen Expeditionary Forces were sent to quell the revolution in Southern Sudan. If all the people and nationalities or ethnicities above-mentioned could have survived such painful ordeals, including us the Nuers in the past, we should embraced ourselves and to be united as a bundle of sticks tied together that nobody could break them.

We should not become heartbroken by the mid-December 2013 Juba Genocide. We should all with courage and bravery be united in good faith to resist it and we will win at the end of the day. This is a promise that I will; I repeat, I will continue to give to the Nuer Community to become stronger that am so much diligently committed to serve and to protect by any means necessary. We know who holds the future, but we do not know what future holds for us as a nation and a people and for the humankind, including the Nuer nationality. So no matter what happens, we have to forgive, but not to forget. Professor George Lukas writes that that “Those who forget the past are bound to repeat history.” Let the Nuer nation and its people never again to forget history so that we may not repeat it. The Reverence John Hagee writes to remind us that “Those who fail to remember the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat them in the future. History reveals humanity triumphs and failures, giving us a compass for the future.” My consolation to all the Nuer people is that we will have no forgiveness for any Dinka youths that have joined Mathaing Anyour, Malwal Anyier, Aweng weng and Bany Adut Militias and the SPLA. We must and ought to seek justice to be done on these criminals and cannibals within the Dinka Community by any means necessary. We will do like the Israelis’ Mosad haunted down all the Nazis worldwide that have committed genocide defined… as the gravest and the greatest crimes against humanity by the UN Prevention and Punishment on the Crime of Genocide [UNPPCG] against the Jewish people during the Second World War [WWII] (1939-1945]. We will haunt them down no matter where they go on the planet-Earth; every Nuer will have the right to get them to the nearest authorities dead or alive. We will have no forgiveness with savages and remorseful less people. We would also urge and appeal to the Dinka folks to tell their children in the Militias to report freely to face justice for the sake of justice.

We, [the Nuer people] urge and appeal for a stronger unity among us and around our leaders as self-assuring, religiously faith-based society, traditionally advanced democratic society and potentially a political culture that embraces social equality, social justice, democracy, freedom, liberty and fraternity, Equal Opportunity Employer [EOE) and positive discrimination wherever possible and the equitable delegation of powers and authority for everyone in South Sudan. For those who have not understood our philosophies in aspiring for democracy and federalism, let’s give them a chance to understand our political ambition to have a shared federal system of government like in the United States in a multi-ethnic, multicultural, multi-racial, multi-religious, cultural diversity and multiculturalism in South Sudan. As I see it, federalism is the best system of gluing and amalgamating cultural diversities in one heterogeneous multi-party democratic state. We rest assured you that the next President of South Sudan would become a Nuer selected by the Nuer and all our allies to have a free, democratic and united South Sudan or we could disintegrate into mini-states or tri-nation-states. I do advocate no more political talks with Salva Kiir because they have already produced what I may termed as “No Action Talks Only” [NATO] and wily lily.


Frankly speaking, based on the past failed experiences on peaceful and political settlement of dispute, this time around, we would have no choice, but to intensify the armed struggle against Salva Kiir’s regime because this is the best language that he [Salva Kiir] can and will understand fastest in Juba until he escapes alive from his Fortified Bunker in Luri southwest of Jubel Kujur or he would have to be captured alive to face justice. We would not relent against Salva and his regime until justice qua justice has been accomplished and failure of the international community to adequately and satisfactorily peruse peace that breeds justice and justice that breeds peace; the promotion of peace and the culture of peace, there would be no permanent peace to end the longest suffering of the inhabitants of South Sudan. For those advocating for Dr. Machar to resign, I say to them, to cool it down, to stop or to sober [Liepe ka mitot ke biet] for now and to wait because this is not the right time to do it as long as Salva Kiir’s remains in power, we will not accept Dr. Machar’s resignation or stepping down until the cycle of political row or duel between the two guys would be settled amicably by the international community or else we will suck it to Salva Kiir by means of an armed force or by any means necessary. If anybody does not like to hear this political reality, logical and analytical reasoning and reasonableness, they can go to hell or either to shape it in or to shape it out. It’s the time to organize a nationwide revolution against Salva Kiir. Taban Deng Gai and his gang have become Lucifer’s of the Nuer Community prima facie archenemies and as such, since their ambition is to destroy a nation and a people, they would be dealt with accordingly. Nevertheless, we would have to deal with them as we have already dealt with the SPLA both inside and outside of Juba and its surrounding adjacent areas above and beyond. We are certain they what next to be done. The new Movements would be called South Sudan United Front Movement/Army [SSUFM/A] and the National Liberation Movement for the Greater Upper Nile [NLMGUN] region and its rebels would join their counterparts already have made a ring in and around Juba or to put it under seized with no entry or exit by land to and from Juba. The SPLA also has been kicked out of Pajuet, Nyirol County, Jonglei State, with huge sum of money of dollars weakest South Sudan Pounds captured in the chartered plane secretly delivered by Taban Deng Gai and Salva Kiir wanted to buy off the Lou Nuer fighters that he has proclaimed to be his supporters in the quest for power from Dr. Machar by dubious means. The chartered plane and the pilot that flew in the cash have been caught alive and will not be released in Nyirol County, Jonglei State, or to be surrendering to the UNMISS or any other agencies. We would like to state it at affront and “reaffirms” affirmatively loud and clear to the international community and those African states that have been implicated got involved in the ongoing treacherous tribal warfare or as if a civil war that the Nuer ethnicity would bring peace that breeds justice and justice that breeds peace, the promotion of peace and the culture of peace throughout South Sudan. There would be no other ethnicity that we know have the ability and the capacity that can induce democratic change with exception of the Nuer ethnicity. This is the bottom line.

The Dinka leaders have no vision and as a result, failed the state and its governance; therefore, they should give other ethnicities in South Sudan that belongs to all, but not exclusively Jieng [Dinka] as the Dinka Elders Council [EDC] claims to be so. If Salva Kiir fails to yield by peaceful and political means, the Nuer ethnicity as the largest and the strongest with so many allies amongst the sixty (63) other genocide, massacred, lynched and oppressed ethnicities, we would have no choice, but to intensify the armed struggle throughout South Sudan to overthrow Salva Kiir from power. We have the guts and gusto and the tenacity to accomplish this mission within a pretty short period of time. We have already broken the Dinka long horns, gave them bloody noses and kicked them in the buds or what the US Army General Gorge Patton termed as “No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. H won it by making the poor dumb bastard die for his country.” The J1 Building experiences on Friday, 8 July 2016, Gudele, Jebl Kujur, Lanya, Yei and Merdid Roads have been unforgettable episodes or epics. We cannot longer sit down with Salva Kiir and Yuri Museveni and their gangsters and mercenaries to negotiate any further peaceful settlement of the civil war or as if a treacherous tribal warfare.

From the beginning of the split within the ruling party in the mid-December 2013, the Nuer ethnicity or the Nuer nationality was caught unprepared for the war because it had assumed that the crisis was an internal political problem within the ruling party that went berserk and that they would be the only ones to find a political rather any non-members of the ruling party. Nevertheless, to our[the Nuer] surprise, we have learned that the Dinka tribesmen, officers and commanders took the matter into a different angle or mode by launching preemptive attacks against the unarmed and helpless Nuer ethnicity targeted for extermination as a final solution in whole or in part. It was really far beyond the internal party quarrel because it grossly, systematically and randomly targeted the Nuer ethnicity for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part.

Since many Dinka have decided to undertake such a step outside of the framework of the internal split within the ruling party, it’s well and good. The Nuer nation cadres would be ready to declare the state of war and to suck it Salva Kiir and Paul Malong Awan and there would be no forgiveness because of the things that they have done, which they ought not to have done. For instance, the Dinka made the innocent Nuer folks to drink human blood, forced them at gum point to eat human flesh, ‘rapped’ girls and women and after their sexual ordeals burned them alive, silted the fetuses of dead pregnant women killed, including little children thrown into the wells, Bahr-el-Jebel, Sobat River, Bahr-el-Zeraf, collected them into the barns and tossed on them hand grenades and for those who have tried to escape the dangers, they were mowed down with Heavy Duty Machine Guns (HDMG) or 12.5- machines and the Ak-47s assault rifles at point blanks. This was a tragedy that never ever occurred in the contemporary history of the Nuer nation and its resilient people. We hope and trust that our Jieng cousins know that the Nuer will undertake dirty retaliatory measures for the things that they have done, which they ought not to have done. The Jieng have not seen anything yet because they are not out of the woods yet.

Specifically, the crimes that have been committed by the Twic Dinka Militias have not been committed by Sudan Armed Forces [SAF) during the twenty-three (23) years war that produced “the Paradox of Two Sudans” by the CPA of 2005. Having committed genocide or democide the political future of South Sudan remains bleaks and it will be imperatively impractical, if not impossible, to attain a permanent peaceful and conflict resolution with the exception of dividing South Sudan into different mini-nation-states comprised of the Greater Bahr-el-Ghazal region, the Greater Equatoria region and the Greater Upper Nile region and each region, per se, should fan out for itself and God for all. We have fought many wars retrospect to the Anglo-Nuer Revolution [1900s-1930s] résistance against the British colonial government in Southern Sudan, which failed to conquer the Nuer to surrender to the British suzerainty and remained historically in the history of British colonial rule in Anglophone Africa as the only ethnicity that was not colonized, but was governed through the “Indirect Rule,” for which Lord Frederick Lugard had provided the theoretical in the Emirates of Nigeria basis at the beginning of the 20th century. I will not elaborate on much on the “Indirect Rule” because I will leave it with the audience to research for more details. We have known for so long that the cost for freedom is always high, but the Nuer have always paid it. And one path we shall never choose, and that is the path of surrender, or submission. The people in the world who share is idle with the Nuer would be the Americans, the Israelis, the Chinese and the Japanese. The US president John Fitzgerald Kennedy as a young Naval Officer in the US Navy in Pacific Ocean war against Japan during the WWII (1939-1942) writes: “The cost of freedom is always high, but Americans have always paid it. And one path we shall never choose, and that is surrender, or submission.” The Nuers shared this courage and idealism with the Americans, including many others. Let us hypothetically assume that what the Jieng did was to create fear against the Nuer ethnicity, they were wrong because no Nuer would choose surrender (Doual), or submission (thoop) ever.

As far as we are concerned, a united South Sudan will be imperatively impractical, if not impossible, now out of the question. If anybody thinks that would be possible; I will tell them in my capacity as a learned person and an expert that they would be day dreaming because South Sudan would not be the same. The US, the UK and Israelis have created this war because of their greed to envisage control of natural resources in the Nuerland in Greater Upper Nile region and the direct transfer of regional conflicts in Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East by the superpowers into South Sudan by using their proxies and the regional powers to undertake doing their dirty works for them in Africa and South Sudan in particular. They should no longer anticipate that there cannot be any solution to war that would continue to keep South Sudan as a united land. The Western world and the Israelis have been abrasively aggression would not go unanswered. We will search for friends worldwide to come our rescue and the US, the UK and Israel should know and understand that there would be no peace anywhere throughout the Horn of Africa. They should know that times have changed and so too the people in the world. We have captured so many Israeli made weapons and biochemical weapons supplied to Salva Kiir regime by Tel Aviv plus high frequency Radars and spy planes and the Israeli leaders should reckon that they have been implicated in a war that they do not understand and know it political ramifications for the entire Horn of Africa in next the few months, 1-year, 2-year, 3-year, 4year and 5-year and beyond. The war in South Sudan no matter what the world does for Salva Kiir, the Nuer and their allies would take over power in Juba. We would also kick out the Chinese Oil Companies without any delays and we will shop for new oil companies within the Western World and the economically depressed Euro-zone that has been caught up in web of downwards spiral economies and unemployment retrospect to 2008 and could get disintegrated due to the British Exit [Brexit] from the EU once it triggers Article 50 of the 1973 Lisbon Agreement that the UK was an original founding member states of the EU that it’s about to quit.

The Jieng-meaning slaves in “Thok Nath” (language of the people of the people or “Ram mi Ran” have also committed syndromes and many other inhumane, degrading things that they have imported from the Hutus in the 1994 Rwanda Genocide against the Tutsi’s. Actually, for the Dinka to have done such dirty dozen habits, they have already drawn a “permanent wedge and an immortal enmity” not only between the Nuer and the Dinka, but also with other ethnicities in South Sudan until the end of the world. The Nuer have the capacity to avenge the things that the Dinka militias committed genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity and atrocities committed against humanity under the command of President Salva Kiir and Paul Malong that they have done not only against the Nuer nation and its resilient people, but also to other sixty-three (63) nationalities in South Sudan.

The Twic Dinka Special Militias cannot have a free ride in hurting people with anticipation that they can go for free. We would like them to realize that whatsoever that they have done not only to the Nuer nation, but to other nationalities, they should also know that such bad deeds that they have done would haunt them and that the things they have done, which they ought not to have done. They would be held accountable, responsible and they should also anticipate that they would be done unto them for the measures that they gave would be equal to the measures that they would get. This is the bottom line. Dr. Riek Machar and the Nuer intelligentsia intellectuals have been able to restrain the Nuer fighters and the Nuer White Army [NWA] from 2013 up to present and this time around not a single Nuer would ever dare to listen to anything that comes out of his mouth. He had delays the war and for that raison d’être, the Dinka Militias have grown long horns that would have to be trimmed down like the grass on the garden one way or other by the Nuer White Army and its counterparts Gojam in Western Nuer of Unity State. We would deploy Hammurabi’s Islamic Code of an “Eye for an Eye” and a “Tooth for a tooth” as the basis of modern Islamic Sharia jurisprudence. The readers should know and to underscore that the Nuer political culture from the time of immemorial up to present, as a faith-based Society has been capital punishment freed political cultures more than the modern civilized and industrialized Western democracies or polities that recently abolished death penalty or the capital punishment with the exception of the USA that remains to be the only Western civilized society that still administers or applies capital punishment by utilizing different methods such as, Electronic Execution, Lethal Injection and hanging by the neck until the victim declares dead by a medical authority. Nevertheless, more than eighteen (18) states, including the State of Nebraska in the Heartland of the USA have abolished capital punishment or the death penalty. Eventually, the US would be pressured to change the capital punishment or death penalty.


We do hereby forewarn any oil consortia that have the desire or wish to go to Unity State as a contested war zone because of the callous, premature and slanderous statements uttered by the illegal and illegitimate the so-called petroleum minister Loll Gatkuoth as the most under-qualified academically candidate for the portfolio of petroleum minister because in my capacity as an academic in the US, I do know the guy background. He studied Criminal Justice at the University of Maryland, College Park, and never graduated, never held a descent white collier or a blue collier job in the USA, inexperienced, childish and did not have any background on petroleum technology and all the political intricacies involved in this delicate, sophisticated and complex field of endeavor. In brief, he is psycho-sociologically trained and misplaced because he’s fit to be employed in the Prisons or Wardens and Correctional duties and responsibilities. I could also recall the he [Loll] and many others pro-Garang Boys, was then appointed by the former SPLM/A Secretary-General Pagan Amoum as an act of “Uncle Tom tokenism” to represent the Nuer people as the SPLMA Liaison Officer in Washington, but not as an Ambassador as he always so diligently proclaimed to be so. I do know that he [Loll Gatkuoth] did not succeed in that capacity and had been anti-Dr. Riek Machar, Professor David de Chand sentiments, including other pro-Machar’s forces or elements in the State of Nebraska and the USA during my tenure as an academic at the University of Nebraska, Omaha. Most importantly, if the Nuer do really respect and cherish there leaders, he [Loll Gatkuoth] in the real world and societal norms and values he could not even sit down with Dr. Machar and me unless we so desire to invite him for a limited period of time to do so because both Professor/Ambassador a former diplomat and Senior National Expert, The Presidency of the Republic prior to the split or the emergence of The Paradox of Two Sudans there was no march at all.

Assuredly, both Loll Gatkuoth and Par Kuol Wang who was a Pro-Dr. Lam Akol for the sake of position that he did not deserves because he does not have any experienced in foreign affairs. It shocking, but not surprising at all, because they have been pretending to be Dr. Machar’s supporters when really deep in their hearts and guts and gusto, they were (and still are) all anti-Machar, pro-Lame Akol, the Garang Boys diehards up to this day or now the G-10 with Taban Deng Gai. They were really anti-Machar’s followers and political forces in the State of Nebraska and in the United States in general of the former South Sudan Independence Movement/Army (SSIM/A) even though it reunited with the late John Garang SPLMA Torit faction for the cause of the vital national interest and unity of purpose and of equal retrospect to its physically destroyed by Dr. Lam Akol because he was not elected as Chairman over Dr. Riek Machar with the majority of the forces and people and Dr. Lam had none or nothing or as a minority group could not afford to unite all the Shilluk [Chollo] to lead the new Movement for selfish raison d’être. The1993 Washington Declaration struck or brokered by Congressman Harry Johnston [Fla.], Chairman, of the US Sub-Committee on African Affairs in the US Congress and the Carter’s Center in Atlanta, GA, USA, respectively.

Throughout the history of the SPLA up to the split that was engineered by Dr. Lam Akol as the fulfillment of his secret plan with the UMMA party that sent him to betray or to destroy the Nuer-Dinka Unity in the SPLM/A that was perceived by Sadiq al-Mahdi’s as a threat to Sudan he could not have been a viable and vibrant candidate. It was pretty sad that both Dr. Machar and the late Dr. Garang did not psychoanalyze Dr. Lam Akol’s divisive intentions in the Movement. The 1991 split within the SPLA was engineered by Dr. Lam Akol for his own selfish interests that we have lately discovered through social research variables that involved big money payments by the UMMA Party in Khartoum to Dr. Lam Akol through its informers in Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya and London, the UK.

As I have discovered through social sciences research variables and intimate circles within the Umma Party, Dr. Lam Akol employed by the Umma Party with big cash as conduit from within solely orchestrated the split in the once invincible Marxist-Leninist SPLM/A on 28 August 1991 who was sent to disrupt it by PM Sadiq al-Mahdi’s of Umma Party as an under covered informer to destroy the potentially ferocious emerging Nuer-Dinka unity as a major threat to Sudan. Because Dr. Lam had deeply seated hatred and anti-Dinka-Nuer sentiments he accepted the offer of the big cash to do the job. His [Dr. Lam Akol] contacts were located in Nairobi, Kenya, and in Addis-Ababa, Cairo, Egypt, and some other Arab countries, including the UK that were friendly to Sadiq al-Mahdi’s regime that he [Dr. Lam Akol] could have free excess to meet with the Umma Party’s representatives.   He was dispatched to go to put on a wedge between the Dinka-Nuer unity and he continuously still hoofing here and there by deceiving himself by trying to seek the Nuer people leadership and a false or an imaginary dream will materialize in his lifetime. Most importantly, the Nuer and the Dinka intellectuals should know and underscore that Dr. Lam Akol is an enemy from within and incapable of leading South Sudan. His politics in Nairobi, Kenya, with the NGOs and the Jesuit Catholics NGOs was that they should deny the majority tribes referring to the Nuer and Dinka students to be denied scholarships because the majority have already controlled South Sudan educational system and wanted all scholarships to be directed or channeled toward the s minority groups. Secondly, it was Dr. Lam Akol through slanderous statements against the SPLM/A Nasir faction failed because he would have been appointed to be Chairman instead of Dr. Riek Machar. Thirdly, he sold SPLM/A Nasir faction arms because he knifed and collaborated with the New Ethiopian regime and the Umma Party in the post-Mangistu regime to deny the Nasir faction access to arms and other services through Nuer-Ethiopia in Gambela Region #12 in southwest of the ethnically federal system in Ethiopia.

The Nuer having known now this slanderous scandals and cold war being waged or perpetrated against them by Dr. Lam Akol’s secret deals with Umma Party then and now will tell him [Dr. Lam Akol] at affront that he does not stand the remotest chance to lead the Nuer people and really wasting his time, money and energy because he could not get it forever. Dr. Lam Akol has had dubious strategic plans to destroy the Nuer-Dinka “majoritaranism” in order to give the minority groups the upper hands to rule the Majority. Realistically, this could not happen at all in his lifetime because demography has been and will continue to be in favored of the Nuer and Dinka people and democracy says “Majority rule” with “minority rights” incorporated and protected. Although the Nuer and the Dinka would fight each other as they have had for generations that would not diminish their demographic majoritarism comparative advantage in South Sudan. He [Dr. Lam Akol] was recently in Juba as the Minister of Agriculture in Salva Kiir’s regime cabinet, what prompted him to quit? What makes him to think that he could just come into an organized organization with a vision and organization for years to become its leader? In fact, I have to be affront with Dr. Lam Akol for the things that he has done, which he ought to have done against the Nuer nation and its people.

There are so many offenses that Dr. Lam Akol’s have committed and he would have to give justifications for them, to rustle with them and to be transparent and accountable on the things that he had committed, which he ought to have committed. I would like the readers and the world to that I would seek only justice that comes first in everything we do on the planet. My reason is pretty simple and direct: “In Greek mythology, Irene was the daughter of Themis, the goddess of justice.” And the Greek name “Irene” means peace. Heretofore, I should not be negatively sophisticated perceived as if I am citing a classical Greek myth in support of an abstract need to impose Western concept of justice on Dr. Lam Akol or anyone, including the author of this work himself which is more important than ending the ongoing savage civil war that is now raging on in South Sudan by mediation and negotiation. I do not believe that many South Sudanese there is relevance in quoting classical Greek mythology that many victims of the civil war in South Sudan praying for peace and who have never heard of Themis or Irene neither the 1998 Roman Statute nor the International Criminal Court [ICC] is unclear. I am neither the ICC Prosecutor that his office received over 8,137… from more than 130 countries. As of October 2009, the Prosecutor office had opened investigation into just four situations, all of them from Africa: Uganda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Central African Republic and the Western Sudan’s Darfur region. In 2010, it became five (5) situations when Kenya was added. My purpose is not to target Dr. Lam Akol, but the relevancy of the international human rights law, human rights protection and justice qua in the true and traditional Nuer law and its advanced traditional liberal classical democracy that often seeks social justice, democracy and equality because all of the above if they could breed peace that breeds justice not only in the Nuerland, they could also do the same in the Shilluk [Chollo] traditional Kingdom because with the administration of peace that breeds justice and justice that breeds peace, I would presume that the traditional Chollo Kingdom under the Reth [King] as its temporal and spiritual leader could not have survived for all these many generations. Conclusively, Dr. Lam Akol like John Garang has committed social injustice against the Nuer Community that provided him physical protection all these years from being wasted by the Jieng because we sought he was a useful man for the cause of South Sudan and the traditional Shilluk kingdom because of being a Kuanyareth.

Dr. Lam Akol has committed three (3) unforgettable and unforgivable sins against the Nuer nation and its resilient people: firstly, Dr. Lam Akol perpetrated on 28 August 1991 split within the once invincible Marxist-SPLM/A through deceptions, manipulations and maneuverings and dragged Dr. Riek Machar into it not realizing its hidden agenda, which led to death of so many Nuer and Dinka cadres alike in the inter-factional, inter-ethnic and intra-ethnic fighting from 1991-1995. He [Dr. Lam Akol] splinted from the SPLM/A Nasir faction because he (Dr. Lam Akol was not appointed to become as the Chairman instead of Dr. Riek Machar who had the most soldiers and he had none, secondly, when Dr. Machar was illegally and unconstitutionally fired or dismissed by Salva Kiir; he returned to mend fences with Salva Kiir with high hopes and anticipations that he would be appointed as the replacement of Dr. Riek Machar that he envies so much in despite of the that Dr. Machar had done for him an history would absolve Dr. Machar, but history will absolve not Dr. Lam Akol because of greed and lust for power that he not deserve for that. And, thirdly, when Dr. Machar was pulled out of Juba on Friday, 8 July 2016 by his gallant, smart, skillful and ferocious fighting troops up to the Congo, he [Dr. Lam Akol] assumed that he [Dr. Machar] would be killed. He [Dr. Lam Akol] resigned his cabinet post in Juba and flew to Nairobi, Kenya, and then to Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia, where he held a press conference calling for the formation of a new national Movement with the ambition that he would become its chairman and the replacement of Dr. Machar. The Nuer people have been thankful to God that Dr. Machar is not dead, mighty fine and remains alive and well. We could not also be most grateful to President Hassam Omer Al-Bashir for having evacuated Dr. Machar from the D.R.Congo for treatment on humanitarian grounds. Dr. Lam Akol, Taban Deng, Salva Kiir and Paul Malong Awan and many others anti-Machar elements, we are afraid that they will not get Dr. Machar’s head wrapped in cloth for Salva Kiir to do the “Bith” Satanic rituals, which are below the standards of the Great Nuer Prophets Nyundeng, Dieu and the prophetess Nyarauch Kulang Ker [Nyakulang]. Most importantly, Dr. Machar’s day of death has not yet been written and signed by his creator to the mansion wherefore there are so many rooms already prepared for every one of us in heaven or in hell.

Most importantly, I could recall that Dr. Lam said in the 2010 elections that “the Nuer people were not ready to rule.” I was in the visiting with my family and I was preparing to run for the Office of the President of South Sudan. I declined in 2010 because God Almighty, my family and my beloved wife who asked not to do because it was not the right time. Surely, in 2018 or whenever democratic elections occur in South Sudan, let it be known to all that I will run for the Office of the President. I am pretty highly qualified for the highest Office in the land, cleaned from corruption, embezzlements and self-Aggrandizement, would reunite and reconstruct the already disintegrated country. The US and its NATO allies would not hesitate to give support for democratic change, reconstruction and development for reunification and reintegration Policy in South Sudan. This is the bottom line.

Dr. Lam Akol statement sounds like a real racial epithet that no conscious Nuer like-minds would accept. If the Nuer could have fought for the right to self-determination as the main goal and objective of the war with the North, why should they have to die and not ready to lead in South Sudan? We would ask Dr. Akol to read between the lines and to put away all the childish and racist sentiments or the anti-Nuerism that equals to anti-Semiticism or Semitics worldwide. I could further recall that in the mid-2012, I confronted Dr. Lam Akol on what he had said in 2012 in my capacity as the Chairman of legitimately registered political party- South Sudan Democratic Front Party [SSDFP] would change its acronym to South Sudan Democratic Party [SSDP] and told him directly and face-to-face that he could not lead the Nuer people because we have learned our hard lessons from the late John Garang that the Nuer liberated from the déclassé, abject poverty to become world’s famous, died as a multimillionaire and turned out to be the Nuer people’s nightmare within the SPLM/A establishment or the organization and that never again the Nuer would never again wanted to repeat the mistakes of the past for future and the present generation. As we both disagreed and to agree on the issue, I flatly told Dr. Akol that could he accept for a Nuer guy to become the Reth of the Chollo traditional Kingdom? If the answer was a big “No,” then, what is the relevant logic that could make him to lead the Nuer nation with so many highly cadres and educated intelligentsia intellectuals? We closed the debate and we bet to each other Goodbye. He campaigned around against me that Professor David de Chand is a racist and a tribalist. I replied to his informers and yes-men who relayed to me the story that they should go back and tell their boss that “I do not give a damn and that he should go to hell!” Of course, I am a Nuer, born a Nuer, will live a Nuer, will die a Nuer and will resurrect a Nuer for that. If I were to forsake my Nuer people and culture, my kin and kith, who in the hell am I on the planet-Earth? I have lived, educated and worked in multicultural or the “melting pot” or the “rainbow” America, wherefore everyone is conscious of his ancestral background as Polish-Americans, Russian-Americans, Greek-Americans, German-Americans, Dutch-Americans, Danish-Americans, Scottish-Americans, the British-Americans, French-Americans Welsh-Americans, Irish-Americans, Arab-Americans, Jewish Americans, African-Americans, Sudanese-Americans Latinos-Americans…. at the end, though, they are all Americans and nobody gives a damn about his ancestral homelands because we all came to America because of human hardships, wars, search for a better life and united as a bundle of sticks by these circumstances, inspirations and aspirations. Let us assume that there were democratic elections and Dr. Lam has a good character and highly qualified candidate for the job of the President that would keep the Constitution and bylaws and national unity of the state, I would surely cast my vote for him in despite of political differences, we should put South Sudan’s national interest first above all else. Nevertheless, I have known in full the negatively sophisticated character of Dr. Akol, I would prefer to abstain from voting for him or to casting my vote for someone else that will keep and respect the Constitution and the rights of all and preserving the unity of the state in South Sudan. I cannot compromise South Sudan because I remain a backbencher against the regime, but not against the people of South Sudan as a whole.

Because he has been selfish and a man without a vision and organization, he called me to be an ethnocentric( tribalist) or a racist that have no bearing at all, with what I had told Dr. Lam Akol. If he [Dr. Akol] has forgotten such things, he would have to be re-reminded or re-reiterated to recall such events. I have nothing personally against the man called Dr. Lam Akol. I know that he has recently vowed to work with the useless Nuer Generals and politicians. Again, Dr. Lam Akol recently made derogatory remarks in Khartoum that he could not work with Professor David de Chand as a renowned academic, a politician, Chairman, South Sudan Democratic Front Party (SSDFP) or the South Sudan Democratic Party (SSDP) has been legitimately registered political party and a member of South Sudan political parties in Opposition against Salva Kiir’s regime for the past 7-years and Chairman, founder and the chief executive Officer of South Sudan United Front Movement/A (SSUFM/A) and the Chairman of the National Liberation of the Greater Upper Nile [NLGUN] region to exit South Sudan. We would also like to inform our readership that the so-called SPLA-IO has been dead since it signed the 2015 Peace Agreement by the IGAD mediators’ and the premature and the hastily signed of the Arusha Plus Agreement to reunite the SPLM/A in order to continue ruling the country. SSUFM/A and NLGUN are not SPLA-IO, but independent military organizations with ambition to wage the armed struggle against Salva Kiir’s regime and would join any alliances with any factions that have pledged themselves to wage the armed struggle against Salva Kiir’s regime in Juba until it will be defeated. Our leadership would remain absolutely independent from Dr. Riek Machar’s outfit. Dr. Machar’s did not utilize his mind well as a revolutionary and was outwitted by Taban Deng Gai’s that betrayed him with only a few million of dollars to Salva Kiir compared to Judas Escargot who betrayed his master’s Jesus, the King of the Jews, with only 30 pieces of Silver to the High Priests or the Rabbi.

With regards to Dr. Lam Akol’s fate, who is going to be working with him in the Nuer Community with such a gigantic “Talent Tree” of intelligentsia intellectuals within the Nuer Community? We would urge and appeal to all the Nuer folks to reject or to disassociate themselves from Dr. Lam Akol because he has been prima facie traitor retrospect to 28 August 1991 split within the SPLM/A when he misled Dr. Machar to plot an unprepared coup d’état before they could weight and study thoroughly its political impact and its consequences of such action for all Southern Sudanese and the Nuer people in particular. Anyway, the Nuer people have survived Dr. Lam Akol’s ill-intentions and we are a formidable force to be reckoned with nationally, regionally and internationally. The Nuer is now the only viable force that could bring about the dare real democratic in South Sudan. The Dinka has failed for good and there is no any ethnicity or tribe in South Sudan that can affect rapid democratic change with the exception of the Nuer nationality that neither Dr. Machar nor Taban leadership, but under a new, refresh and invigorated Nuer Community appointed strong, visionary, keen, uniting the state and its people to administer peace that breeds justice and justice that breeds peace aggressive within reasons and reasonableness leader. Most importantly, he must be and ought to be detribalized, democratic to administers social justice, equality and to seek justice for all the things that have been done, which ought not to have been done. Furthermore, he should b charged with the promotion of peace and the culture of peace throughout South Sudan. In other words, he must and ought to be engaged in reconciliation, forgiveness, but not to forget the past. This is the bottom line.

“Charity begins at home.” We would advise Dr. Lam Akol that if he wishes to lead in South Sudan, let him out rightly returns to unite the Shilluk (Chollo) Kingdom and its leaders under the auspices of the Reth and to return in a united front with the Nuer majority and to go campaigning freely and democratically like any other enlightened Nuer candidates or anybody else for democratic leadership with other highly qualified Nuers and other candidates from different political parties vying for the Office of the President of the Republic of South Sudan. He seems to have ignored negatively self-pride, biases and prejudices, vices,’ divisiveness and negatively sophisticated blind political ambition. We have realized that he [Dr. Lam Akol] recently attempted to unite with Changson Law and Chol Gakah in their futile and failed Nairobi meeting, but things fell apart, unfortunately. To the best of our knowledge, these two guys have got neither supporters nor military power on the grounds within Jikang Eastern Nuer nor Dr. Lam Akol have forces in the Shilluk (Chollo) lands. Why Dr. Lam Akol should seek the Nuers that he betrayed so many times? We forewarn the Nuer people should be on the lookout for the man called Dr. Lam Akol who’s lurking around like a vulture and hyena seeking to catch its dead prey carcasses for dinner and the Nuer Community would not be his first dinner no more.

We would like to remind Dr. Akol that enough is enough and the Nuer people have learned their lessons the hard way because when we democratically up lifted the late John Garang at the expense of one of our own the late Colonel Samuel Gai Tut whose memories and his fatal death in the hands of the late John Garang and the General Keribino Kuanyin Boll remained afresh in the minds, hearts and souls of every Nuer person as one of the founding fathers of Anya-Anya-2 (A-2) in Juba Plenipotentiary Prison where he was arrested by Abel Alier Kaui and was awaiting for a court marshal trial on the allegedly importation of arms and equipment to plot a military coup d’état against President El-Nuiemri’s military junta in Juba. He became sickbed in Juba Hospital and was overnight smuggled out by his loyalists within Juba to join the A-2 fighting rebel forces for the right to self-determination from the Arabized North. Colonel Samuel Gai Tut was swiftly murdered by the late John Garang abated by Colonel Mengistu Halle Miriam of the Dreg regime (1974-1991) in the then Marxist-Leninist Ethiopia. We have to state it affront that the Ethiopian government objects the Nuer leadership because of the Nuer-Ethiopia Gambela region #12 Question that was arbitrary annexed to Ethiopia in 1953 in exchanged for Benishingoal, Kassala, Gadaref and portions of Beni Amir to be annexed Sudan and then Gambela region formerly one of the Nuer Districts was arbitrarily annexed to Ethiopia as a legitimate déjà vu conflict resolution to Ethiopia-Sudan boundary dispute without any internationally de jure negotiated agreement under the auspices of the International Court of Justice [ICJ].

We would like to rest assured the flexible ethnically federal government of Ethiopia to be mindful that “No Nuer leaders” across the Sobat and Gilo Rivers would ever dream of re-annexing or dismembering Gambela from Ethiopia. We considered as part and parcel of Ethiopia and would not allow any interference from any parties in South Sudan in Gambela domestic or foreign to raise any complaints about the political future of Nuer-Ethiopia [Gembela Region #12] in southwestern Ethiopia with a border of more 500 Sq. Kilometers with South Sudan. The Nuer-Ethiopians would remain Nuer-Ethiopians and therefore there should be no cause of alarm that Ethiopia should fear about the Nuer leadership in South Sudan because the Nuer minority in Ethiopia is happy and freely developing its socioeconomic, its educational, its language and cultural well being and consummately represented in the ethnically flexible Federal Republic of Ethiopia. Certainly, we would like to rest assured the government and the people of Ethiopia that Nuer-Ethiopia, Gambela Region #12 southwest of contemporary Ethiopia, would not become a “New Kashmir” between Ethiopia and South Sudan compared to the ongoing Abyei conflict between Sudan and South Sudan or the Indo-Pakistani conflict in Kashnir retrospect to 1947. The people and Ethiopians have had long relations that predated to the era of King Negus of Ethiopia up to present time.

The Nuer Community, per se, would not repeat this historical blunder as it did in 1983 when it raised John Garang from abject poverty and later on turned against the Nuer from within the Movement. Therefore, the Nuer should really advice Dr. Lam Akol to “beat it” because it would not be as simple for that. He should not waste he should not waste his time, energy and money by attempting to buying off stupid Nuers because we do know Dr. Lam Akol, who he’s and his true colors. So he should just bud it off rather than superimposing himself on the Nuer leadership for that. Without the shadow of a doubt, that Dr. Lam Akol as the Commander- in- Chief of the DC militias in al-Hamhra in the White Nile State-Upper Nile-Southern Kordufan States bordering states ordered Colonel Johannes O’Kuich and General Ayok Ogat under his commands in 2012-2013 in the aftermath of the split in 2011 order them to murder General Phillips Bipan Machar [SAF/SSIM/A/SPLA] and General Nyuon Nyabil [SAF/SSIM/A/SPLA] and 37 Nuer Officers and Enlisted that accompanied them and kept more than 85 Nuer workers as slaves picking up for him “Luai” (plural) (single luac) or Dokdokni (pl.) (Dokdok) (single) in the Nuer language or otherwise called in Arabic language as Gum Arabic even though Arabs living in a Desert Terrain do not have gum Arabic, unfortunately.

Specifically, the name “Gum Arabic” should be automatically changed to Laui or Dokdoki to reflect the culture that it comes from as one of the most important world’s product. Furthermore, the death of the former South Sudan Liberation Army (al-Sawar) led by General Gai Yoach, without the shadow of a doubt, that Dr. Lam Akol, Tutkaw Gatluak and Bipany Montuiel were implicated in plotting the death of General Kohl Charah, the SSLA Operation Commander and his Deputy without any offenses committed except jealousy and the blind ambition to assume command based on seniority and experience. Most importantly, Dr. Lam Akol conspired with some elements of his associates within the National Intelligence Security Services [NISS] in Khartoum, including Salva Kiir’s regime elements plotted to shut down my small Radio Broadcasting otherwise known as the Voice of South Sudan Revolutionary Forces (VSSRF) that Brigadier-General Mohamed Chol and I had been broadcasting to the entire South Sudan to induce democratic change and the regime change in Juba. Basically, Dr. Lam Akol’s particular, interest was that he wanted the radio broadcast to be transferred to SPLMA-DC jurisdiction, that its agenda, that its contents, and that all of the employees, including me and Brigadier-General Mohamed Chol to be working for him and under his control. We flatly and categorically rejected such an offered and opted for the radio to be shut if necessary. Pretty soon and too soon enough, we will operate, perhaps, a better quality and greater FM Radio station to be named known as the Voice of Free South Sudan [VOFSS] in exile.

In the near distant future, the Voice of Free South Sudan [VFVSS] in exile will operate under the auspices of the South Sudan United Front Movement/Army [SSUFM/A] and the National Liberation Movement of the Greater Upper Nile [NMLGUN] region. We will operate abroad and within the political and the jurisdictional boundaries of the South Sudan. The Voice of South Sudan Revolutionary Forces [VSSRF] broadcasted to South Sudan to induce or to affect democratic change to educate the masses about the rampant corruption in which Dr. Lam Akol could not under no circumstances denied that he was part and parcel of corruption, embezzlements and self-aggrandizements against Salva Kiir’s regime throughout South Sudan. We would like Dr. Lam to know in advance that we will soon resume the radio broadcasting in a clandestine location to affect and to induce rapid revolutionary changes against Salva Kiir’s regime in Juba. Dr. Lam’s created for us only a brief setback, but never to strangulate our operation completely in moving forward to strengthen our preconceived strategic plans to overthrow the SPLM/A regime by intensifying the armed struggle or by any other means necessary until it will be declare dead, dead and dead to be buried forever in the soil of South Sudan. We hope that Dr. Lam Akol should remember one way or other and his accomplices that they would be charged with the above-mentioned offenses, treason and to be brought to justice. He can run, but he cannot hide before the law. This is the bottom line. We urge and appeal to all the revolutionaries and patriots that this is now the time or never to agitate for South Sudan Spring or South Sudan Streets similar to the Arab Spring or the Arab Street in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt and for a comprehensive and inclusive vision and organization, transparency and accountability in what would be launched the broadcasting programs to South Sudan under the good auspices and management operation of SSUFMA/NMLGUN Radio broadcasting, in which we would envisage to broadcast in Arabic, English, Nuer, Dinka, Feritet, Azande’s Arrow Boys and the Bari speaking people and virtually almost all South Sudan vernaculars or the native languages. We will be an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Having realized that he [Dr. Lam Akol] had committed serious offenses against the Nuer nation and its resilient people, realistically caused him to make another confusion amongst the wiser and educated Nuer youth to make him to start to be hoofing here and there like a flying Dutchman to hide in Nairobi, Kenya, Cairo, Egypt, Paris, France, Khartoum, Sudan, then, flew to Nairobi, Kenya, under the pretext of visiting with his good old friend the former PM Odinga to escape the horrors that he committed. Certainly, Dr. Lam Akol can run, be he cannot hide from the law at the end of the day and the law is made to catch criminals to reform them to become good citizens again. This is the purpose of law and order. Finally, Dr. Lam Akol was lured to Juba by Tellar Deng to be taped for the position of FVP, but with no avail. Recently, he resigned as the Minister of Agriculture that he [Dr. Akol] could not have accepted because he has been trained and misplaced in this field of endeavor. Dr. Akol has begun another dubious schematic plan undergoing another crusade of forming a Grand National Movement, but with whom -that remains a myth that needs to be demythologized. The goal behind this scheme has been to seek the Nuer leadership because he assumed that Dr. Machar would be killed by the SPLA forces that did not happen and will not happen.

Supposedly, that Dr. Riek Machar were to die, to become sickbed or to become senile today, what would make the Nuer nation and its people to choose Dr. Lam Akol to lead it? How about other highly over qualified Nuer leaders what would they do? What is great that Dr. Lam Akol has got over the other highly qualified Nuer in South Sudan, and in the Diaspora? We think that the guy must be crazy, obsessed with the Nuer power and failed to realize that power corrupts and more power corrupts more. It would seem that Dr. Lam wanted to compete with Dr. Peter Adok Nyaba who has been united with Nuer under the leadership of Dr. Machar. Specifically, Shilluk leaders have failed because they could not afford to unite themselves and the Shilluk subjects of the Reth. Nevertheless, no matter what happens to Dr. Riek Machar, for instance, assassination by foreign intelligence networks, natural death, sickbed or senility, the Nuer Community could not under no circumstances could not appoint Dr. Lam Akol to become the possible or the probable replacement of Dr. Riek Machar in case of sickbed, death and senility. To make the story short, to the Nuer in intelligentsia intellectuals, we would like to state it at affront to Dr. Akol or any other non-Nuers vying for the Nuer leadership to “bud it off” or “beat it” because it will not occur ever that the Nuer Community could be led by a non-Nuers’ and such individuals like the vultures and hyenas would be wasting their times, energies and monies because the Nuer people have vowed never again recalling and “reaffirming” their past ordeals and experiences with the late John Garang that the Nuer have risen from the political doldrums, déclassé or from abject poverty to became world’s famous, died as a multimillionaire like Johannes Savimbi of UNITA in Southern Angola and Yasser Afarat of the PLO poisoned by the Israelis Mosad with Chemical “Helium” before his death in Paris, France, a few years ago and then followed by the mysterious death of the Russian scientist Alexander Litinenko in London, UK, by the KGB. The death of Alexander Litinenko created a political row for sometime between the UK and Kremlin under the strongman Putin of the Russian Federation until the mysterious death of the scientist was unlocked by the British MI-6. I would like to forewarn South Sudan politicians and that anti-regime that they should be extraordinaire careful General Thomas Duoth Guet, Chief of External Intelligence and General Akol Kor; Chief of the Internal Intelligence have already imported deadly “Helium” from Tel Aviv’s to South Sudan.

To many Nuer fighters and leaders, it was a well designed plot to kill Dr. Machar by Taban Deng Gai that prostituted himself to Salva Kiir and betrayed Dr. Machar’s with only a few millions of dollars compared to Judas Escargot who betrayed his master’s Jesus Christ, the King of the Jews, in the Garden of Gethsemane to the High Priests or to the Rabbi with only thirty [30] pieces of Silver and with a kiss on the cheek would be Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. He [Dr. Akol] recently ran to Khartoum already discovered that his plans to be knifing or fooling the stupid southerners and the useless Nuers in particular, who have been dissatisfied with Dr. Machar and sought to seek access again to the Nuer leadership with a hidden agenda to kill Dr. Machar at a close range and within his community that such he could be rewarded by Salva Kiir with the position of the FVP that he has been vying for years. Dr. Machar remains alive and well and no matter what happens, death, sickness or senility, absolutely and completely, we repeat, there would be “No None-Nuer” that could replace him except a Nuer appointed or selected by the Nuer leadership to replace Dr. Machar.

We would like to remind Dr. Lam Akol on this analogy that if the Reth of the Shilluk [Chollo] Kwongo Dak were to die, sickbed or senile, for instance, the Shilluk Reth [King] could not be replaced by a Nuer to become the Reth of the Shilluk [Chollo] because the Nuer have been historically non-Monarchial, “No Nuer Citizens” would ever venture to accept the offer because historically and from the time of immemorial the Nuer society has been acephalous or stateless, equalitarian, communalist with an open Afro-Nuer home grown socialism based on the Nuer kinship and advanced traditional classical liberal democracy and never been a Kingdom compared to the Shilluk (Chollo) traditional Kingdom where the Reth [King] has absolute temporal and spiritual power over all his subjects. The Nuer society as a faith-based traditionally advanced liberal democracy compared to any liberal democracies like the USA, Europe and Afro-Asia. Furthermore, Dr. Lam Akol should know and to underscore that “No Shilluk persons” could rise above and beyond the Reth as the temporal and spiritual leader of all the Shilluk (Chollo) subjects in his Kingdom. In my opinion, therefore, because of the Shilluk structured traditions and customs, it would be legally and constitutionally for Dr. Lam Akol and any other Shilluk vying for the Office of the President of the Republic of South Sudan or the First Vice President of South Sudan, without the shadow of a doubt, that he would compromise the vital national interest of the “State” as the most important personality (VIP) in international law above and beyond the small traditional Chollo Kingdom that has been below the significant importance and vitality of the state in international law.

Most importantly, because of the political construction and traditions of Shilluk Kingdom, the Reth would perceive Dr. Akol as having violated the old traditional societal traditions, customs and norms that could become a hell of lot of problems for Dr. Lam Akol Ajawein, Pagan Amoum, Colonel Johannes O’kuich, Dr. Peter Adok Nyaba, Lt. General Wiecyai Deng Ajak and any other Chollo subjects intelligentsia intellectuals if they were to be appointed or democratically elected to hold any positions above and beyond of the President or the First Vice President without the blessings of the Reth [king] who’s in every way the ultimate highest moral temporal and the spiritual leader or authority or [the Ayatollah] of all the Shilluk as his subjects. Legally and constitutionally, it would be imperatively impractical, if not impossible, to compromise the status quo ante of the state as the most important personality in international law to be compared with or reduced to the level of the traditional Shilluk traditional Monarchy. We the people of the Greater Upper Nile assuredly would value to the continued existence of this small traditional Shilluk Kingdom that Salva Kiir and some Shilluk’s opportunists, vultures and hyenas who wanted to destroy it instead of preserving it for posterity. This is a promise to our Chollo sisters and brothers as our closest intimate ally that we have cherished to be our blood brothers and sisters through intermarriages that have occurred for generations and still occurring for the future and the present generations. This has been raison d’être that when there’s power sharing the Nuer put the Chollo candidates first because it’s a minority group in the midst of the Nuer majority because the Nuer is a stronger majority, resilient and social democrat that often perceived social justice, social equality, freedom, liberty, democracy and fraternity as the basis of good life that always it’s made sure and to be mindful that the minority groups are neither neglected nor left behind. They are part and parcel or the nucleus of the nation and have made significant sacrifices like any other demographically majority groups and they could if they were qualified and committed to lead to preserving national unity, the constitution and bylaws of the country and all its people and the preservation of the unity of the people of the Greater Upper Nile region. This is the bottom line.

In as far as the Nuer people are concerned, the deeds that they have democratically extended to others have been the true universal values of democracy, or the American democratic values and the Australian formula of “Universal Adult Suffrage” based on one man, one woman, one vote and one value through the secret Ballot Box. Nevertheless, most of the Shilluk leaders like Wiecyai Deng Ajak former General Chief of Staff Command, Dr. Lam Akol, former Foreign Minister of Sudan, Pagan Amoum, former SGA of the SPLM/A and many other Shilluk intelligentsia intellectuals have not valued or appreciated the Nuer efforts and abused them and failed to reckon that that without Dr. Machar efforts in his capacity as a classical liberal and democratic leader although many Western leaders, including the US have misunderstood him and other Nuer leaders as well because of the negatively sophisticated propaganda being expounded by the US lobbyists, informants or to let us hypothetically assume that he was an ethnocentric (tribalist) or selfish individual committed to the cause of the Nuer people only that nobody understands, it would have been imperatively impractical, if not impossible, for any highly qualified Shilluk person to have risen to such pinnacle of higher position of power in the predominated entrenched ethnocentric Dinka SPLM/A leadership in Juba. However, it was through selfless efforts and democratic and true universal values, vision and organization that made Dr. Machar to push highly qualified Shilluk candidates at the expense of the Nuers of the same calibers to be placed in the highest pinnacle of power at the expense of the highly qualified Nuer intelligentsia intellectuals because they have become our blood brothers through intermarriages that have occurred and produced many humans and relationship amongst the Nuer-Shilluk relations. For instance, I have a Shilluk brother from the southern Shilluk Kingdom who’s also a Professor Adok and Dean of the Upper Nile University Medical School and a former minister in the government. He also worked with Dr. Lam Akol in the SPLM/A-DC in Khartoum. In the Greater Upper Nile region, for instance, Fangak, Fom al-Zeraf, Tonga and the entire southern Shilluk, it has become a ‘melting pot’ and its people have become bilingual in this belt because they have become integrated, united by blood relations and they get along fine as one hell of a united cohesive group, culturally diverse and represents the true cultural diversity and have been cognitive of acts of “Transhumance” in the Greater Upper Nile and South Sudan in general.

Verily, Verily and Verily, without the FVP Dr. Machar’s tougher fights with the other side of the aisle and the united Nuer leaders generosity and affirmatively united affront behind Dr. Machar’s efforts for social justice, equality, democracy, freedom, representation and participation of all South Sudanese in the national government that would give them a sense of belonging and patriotism to become truly committed loyal citizens and to consider themselves as full citizens, many Shilluk intelligentsia intellectuals could not have risen to higher positions of power and responsibility that they have held in the SPLM/A, politics, and the bureaucracy in the Government of South Sudan without the Nuer people being a democratic social animal fighting for them against the greedy, uncouth, unremorseful less and undemocratic Dinka dictators like the late John Garang and now Salva Kiir. It’s about time for lifting them up through the Nuers sweat and blood, but not to forget the deeds that the Nuer people have done to our Shilluk brothers and sisters in South Sudan. We would always be mindful of these deeds and every Nuer leader would always fight for the rights of the Shilluk leaders to have their piece of the “National Apple Pie” and that is a promise that no Nuer leader would break and to forget. The people of South Sudan should know and to underscore that the Nuer-Chollo special relations would always be cherished, committed solidly and strongly unchanged and democratically would be similar to the US-Israeli relations and the Anglo-American special relations across the Atlantic. No Nuer leader would ever forget the Chollo as long as they reside as full citizens in the Greater Upper Nile region and subjects of the small Shilluk traditional Kingdom under the good auspices of the Reth as its temporal and spiritual leader.

We would like to reiterate that this is the true concept of peace that breeds social justice and social justice that breeds peace; the culture of peace and the promotion of the culture of peace; equality; the Nuer advanced traditional democracy and its true values; equalitarianism; communalism among the Nuer; the Nuer kinship; the Afro-Nuer homegrown socialism; peace that breeds justice and justice that breeds peace within the Nuer faith-based society. The Nuer nation would make sure that not a square inch of the traditional Chollo Kingdom would be subtracted or to be dismembered to create illusionary states based on political gerrymandering and encroachments on other people’s ancenstral homesteads to create states for the Dinka minority migrants residing in the midst of the Shilluk and the potentially richest Nuer majority in the Greater Upper Nile region. We would like to let Salva Kiir and his cohorts to know and to underscore that all the states in the Greater Upper Nile will remain as they have drawn up by the British colonial administration and the establishment of federalism by the National Congress Party [NCP]. It would become incumbent for the US President Obama administration to dream of creating a new state for the Mexicans and other Latinos migrants or the other EU leaders to create new states for the new waves of economic and war immigrants to the EU countries. However, the vision and organization of the EU and the US have been to devise ways and means of absorbing, integrating, assimilating and acculturating the newly arrived immigrants to the EU member states and the United States, respectively. The US President Obama and the EU counterparts could only be fighting like hell has he had been fighting like hell for the rights of these newly arrived Americans south the Rio Grande River, the UK, France, Germany or any other EU democracies that have accepted the newly arrived immigrants from Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia could not permit them to create new states or provinces, but they would have to be absorbed, to be integrated, to be assimilated and to be acculturated and to be given US citizenships and the Green Cards as well as in their newly adopted countries to raise their families and to economically make contributions to their new nations economies like any other immigrants to the United States, the UK, France, The Netherlands, Germany, including all other twenty-seven (27) states of the EU, minus the UK [Brexit] and all over the world at large.

We would urge and appeal to Dr. Riek Machar and Salva Kiir Salva Kiir to rescind their entrenched politically ambitious absurdity qua absurdities and the day dreaming of creating more states above and beyond what we have already got and could not effectively socioeconomically developed the concurrently ten (10) states. Where in the hell in the world they will get the monies or budgets to build these imaginaries states? Think about that! No Western leaders would support such tribal based states creation in South Sudan for that. We, [the people] of the Greater Upper Nile have resolved and committed ourselves to totally reject the idea of any emerging new states otherwise we exit South Sudan like the UK exits the EU awaiting only to triggering of Article 50 the 1973 Lisbon Agreement for the negotiations with the European Union on a single trade market with new terms. We would prefer the old arrangements inherited from the colonial era and from Sudan the mother country in the aftermath of the split in 2011 that produced the unviable and non-vibrant legacy of the Paradox of Two Sudans.

Dr. Lam Akol resigned from Salver Kiir’s regime as its Minister of Agriculture in Juba. We do not know the circumstances that he unilaterally decided to leave the regime that he had been vying to become its First Vice President for years, but no avail. We would like to inform the Nuer people that everything that Brother Dr. Lam Akol did all these years and perhaps, throughout his entire lifetime have pre-planned against the Nuer and Dinka unity and against Dr. Riek Machar that has failed to psychoanalyzed Dr. Akol’s sociopolitical, socio-philosophical, political ideology, epistemological enlightenment and the school of thought that he [Dr. Akol] comes from for that. It’s often useful to know to psychoanalyze any individual’s behavior and his trend of thoughts and the first impression count a heck of a lot. The departure of Dr. Lam Akol from Juba drawn the attentions of so many like me and others because of his past dubious activities that he had secretly arranged with the Umma Party leaders years ago to go to join the SPLM/A with the purpose of putting a wedge or to destroying the emerging Nuer-Dinka judicious and juggernaut unity in the Marxist-Leninist SPLM/A because it was perceived by PM Sadiq al-Mahdi as pretty dangerous political and military trend to Sudan national stability and national security. Salva Kiir, per se, could have been advised behind the curtain by the Umma Party Opposition to Khartoum to reinvigorate the late1980s through early 1990s Sadiq al-Mahdi-Lam Akol cat and mouse tactics or zero-sum games from his wiser external friends, partisans, colleagues, supporters and allies to implant Dr. Lam Akol within the Opposition Movement to repeat Sadiq al-Mahdi’s tricks that led Dr. Lam Akol in the first place to go to Ethiopia to join the SPLM/A with deeply seated to purport and purposefully ill-intentions to rift off the then Nuer-Dinka unity and to disintegrate the fragile Opposition led by indecisive Dr. Riek Machar’s apart. Another theory that would be congruent concept would have been that since Salva Kiir knows that the man called Taban Deng Gai known worldwide as Dialectic Materialist or money lover, he could become an easy prey to be lured to betray Dr. Machar with a few million of dollars similar to Judas Escargot one of Jesus, the King of the Jews, disciples that betrayed his master’s with a pre-paid thirty(30) pieces of silver and pre-arranged with his the would-be tormentors of his Jesus, the King of the Jews, that the person that he would give a kiss on cheek would be Jesus, the King of the Jews, in the Garden of Gethsemane. No matter how many Lucifer’s or Satanic devilish plans he [Dr. Lam Akol] could devise or design or determine mysteriously how kill Dr. Riek Machar, including other Nuer-Dinka intelligentsia intellectuals with backing from other evil sources or the intelligence organizations like the USCIA, KGB, the Mosad and the Black waters hired experts against the Opposition anti-Salva Kiir’s regimes would continue kicking mighty fine and would not stop, unfortunately. Verily, I write unto all readers, that they should all beware that Dr. Lam Akol’s who’s lurking around like Africa King’s Copra or Africa’s Black Mamba poisonous snakes searching for the prey for their dinners, including all his dirty Satanic” plans of wasting Dr. Machar, in fact, gave Dr. Lam total and complete protection from being wasted when the late John Garang was determined to get rid of him because of the disappeared huge sum of money in Nairobi, Kenya, SPLM/A Office and he [Dr. Lam Akol] was identified as a prime suspect and a prima facie material witness. Realistically, Dr. Akol’s resignation from Kiir’s cabinet remains a myth that needs to be de-mythologized because he could snick in to come to join the Opposition that has gathered and strengthened storms to become a real tornado or tsunami that compromises of all South Sudan nationalities against Salva Kirr’s regime in Juba with the different intentions and purposes of destroying and disintegrating unity of the Opposition that has been consolidated with or without Dr. Riek Machar’s would become like gigantic titanic waves as long as Salva Kiir’s regime remains in power in Juba through the US President Obama’s neo-scramble in South Sudan direct or indirect support through Tel Aviv, Israel. In my capacity as a veteran of the US Army and a highly qualified political scientist with expertise on the US foreign policy and African/Middle Eastern Governments and Politics, the war in South Sudan has been perpetrated by my new country-the USA- Covert and Overt Operations under the good auspices of the US Department of Defense [DOD] Afri-Com throughout Africa and the world at large for the specific purpose of controlling the natural resources (wealth) oilfields and Gas fields in the Greater Upper Nile region.

Further, the real US intentions would be to kick out the PRC out of South Sudan that we [the Nuers] as the true owners of such enormous resources could not agree more with the US plans to get rid of China out of Africa and South Sudan in particular. We would like to inform the archenemies of South Sudan Opposition and the Nuer unity in particular, that they would not penetrate it and that they would get nowhere at all, because the people are united, motivated and determined that the measures that they would give would be equal to the measures that they would receive; that they should not judge so they would not be judged; because the measures that they would give would be equal to the measures that they would receive from the Opposition and the Nuer nation in particular. We would welcome anybody that wishes to join the Opposition against Salva Kiir’s illegitimate regime in Juba for the establishment of a heterogonous multiparty democracy in South Sudan. Nevertheless, if the dream of any individual person seeking to join the Opposition priority is money and positions in the ranks and files rather the determination and motivation to overthrow Salva Kiir’s regime as the goal and objective, we ask such individual persons to remain where they are because their political ambitions, inspirations and aspirations are nor congruent with our revolutionary goal to induce change as opposed to Dialectic Materialism. We believe that all revolutionaries should put first the goal of the revolution and mission first and people always and the rest shall be added.

The Nuer people and the readers should take logical and analytical legal reasoning and reasonableness as well as micro-macroscopic scrutiny of Dr. Lam Akol’s diabolical and Klein Filter Syndrome tactics that we could hypothetically utilize to assume that he [Dr. Akol] could be working with those weak spirited and easy to be bribed commanders like Gabriel Tang and Chol Gakah and many other politico-military politicians whose sole interests have been seeking money by any means necessary and flatly said he that he could not be working with the most influential and prominent Nuer politico-military leaders like 1Lt.-General Peter Gadet Yaka, political forces and academics like Professor David de Chand and others pretty well-represented cadres in the dead SPLA-IO rebel forces that do have great influence in the overall political decisions-making and the over command and control of all the ex-SPLA-IO rebels and non-SPLA-IO rebels and cadres and political forces of like-minds on the ground minus the SPLM/A-DC militias under Dr. Lam Akol’s commands as the Commander in-Chief of SPLA-DC and Colonel Johannes O’kuich command and control. Where are the so-called “Agueleg” forces whose leader General O’long recently met with Taban Deng Gai and allegedly bribed with big cash payment that has been well known Taban’s operative working methodology.


The SPLA-IO has been dead ever since it unilaterally signed the Arusha plus Peace Agreement for the unilateral reunification with the SPLA Juba under the terms of the 2015 Peace Agreement brokered by the IGAD mediators.

The political ambition of the SPLA Juba was aimed at reunifying the SPLA as a whole retrospect to its internal split in the mid-December 2013, which led to genocide of hundreds of thousands of unarmed and helpless Nuer ethnicity by the SPLA and its Twic Special Militias under the direct commands of Salva Kiir and his polygamous Chief of the General Staff Command Paul Malong Awan.

Most importantly, the genocide of the unarmed and helpless Nuer ethnicity was perpetrated by Juba and Kampala because there was an alleged coup d’état attempt against Salva Kiir allegedly masterminded by the former FVP Dr. Riek Machar of the Nuer ethnicity.

However, I was the first amongst equals that denied to the international media and the international community that the alleged coup d’état was a hoax, futile, groundless and baseless coup d’état attempt against the Dictator-for-life Salva Kiir’s illegitimate regime in Juba.

Through a thorough investigation by the international media and the international community, Government-to-Government [G-to-G] fact-findings, including the US Department of State, there was no substantive evidence to corroborate that there was not any coup d’état attempt as alleged by Salva Kiir solo to the international community in public press conference in Juba.

Because of lack of concrete shredded evidence the former FVP was exonerated and was declared as a freed man. The USA that has been the godfather like that has greater influence and interest in the birth or the split of South Sudan from the mother country-Sudan- through an internationally supervised referendum in 2011 split that produced formally “The Paradox of Two Sudans” acknowledged that there was no shredded coup d’état attempt against the Dinka Dictator-for-life in Juba.

Based on the preceded evidence, the question that we would be obliged to probe would be like this: What were the raisons d’être for targeting innocent unarmed and helpless Nuer ethnicity for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part? What roles did the unarmed and helpless Nuer ethnicity played in the alleged coup d’état? Was the unarmed and helpless Nuer ethnicity targeted for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part attributed to the fact that FVP Dr. Machar has been of Nuer ethnicity? Was there and roles played by these unarmed and helpless civilians’ population in the internal party split in mid-December 2013? Was there any evidence to indicate that these unarmed civilians’ population was involved in the overnight fighting among and within the Presidential Guards in the aftermath of the Nuer Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) and the Enlisted refused to be disarmed without probable causes?

Reckoning, that there was no evidence to proof beyond a reasonable doubt, that that there was no shredded evidence of a coup d’état, we could conclusively conclude that the perpetrated genocide by Salva Kiir’s regime on 16, 17, an 18 December 2013 was genocide…defined as the gravest and the greatest crimes against humanity as defined in the UN Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide [UNPPCG] under the UNGA resolution 260 A (III) on 9 December 1948, Paris, France.

It was really a shame that neither the Churches, the Masjids and Synagogues in Juba and throughout South Sudan and the world at large condemned or out cried against the 2013 Juba Genocide compared to the 1994 Rwanda Genocide, Sabra and Shatillah Palestinian Refugees Camp in southern Lebanon by the Israelis Defense Forces [IDF] genocide 762-3,500 Palestinians and Lebanese Shiites, the former Yugoslavia Bosnian Genocide- referring to Srebrenica and Zepa committed by Bosnian-Serbs or the wider ethnic cleansing campaigns against Muslims Serbs in Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1995; Saddam Hussein’s 1983-1988 gassed of more than a million Kurds in Iraq; the Armenian Genocide by the Young Turks (1915-19200) the Holocaust by Nazi Germany against Euro-Jews.

In the case of the mid-December 2013 Juba Genocide, the UN Human Rights Commission [UNHRC], the UNSC entrusted with maintaining international peace and security and the principal hope for human spices, ‘to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war’, grossly kept silent on genocide, war crimes and crimes committed against humanity in South Sudan.

The UNSC, the ICC and European Union Human Rights Commission [EUHRC] has defined genocide as the deliberate killing of large group of people, especially those of a particular ethnic group or nation, i.e., the Nuer ethnicity or the Nuer ethnicity in South Sudan.

In the aftermath of the Nazi Holocaust at the end of WWII (1939-1945), the UN in 1946 created a new term defined it as any of the followings actions causing to destroy a national, ethnic or religious group as genocide:

(1) Killing members of the group;

(2)Causing seriously bodily or mental harm to members of the group;

(3) Deliberate inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in party;

(4)Imposing measures to prevent births within the group; or

(5) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

Succinctly, all of the above and beyond have been committed against the Nuer ethnicity in the mid-December 2013 Juba Genocide. They were also extended to other nationalities throughout South Sudan by Salva Kiir’s illegitimate regime abated by the US, the UK and Israel for purposeful control of the available natural resources in the Nuer countryside. Most importantly, the Israelis do have a geopolitical and geostrategic to have presence in South Sudan as follows: (1) it wanted to have control of the White Nile (Bahr-el-Jebel) waters; (2) it wanted to install its long and short range missiles and high frequencies radars and military bases to be used as the new launching pads for the Israelis Missiles’ against the Arab states and Iran. Salva Kiir’s regime has already signed military packs with Israel to have control from Eastern Lakes States (Rumbek) throughout the entire Greater Upper Nile to South Sudan-Sudan borders; (3) it has a dream to create the Jewish State from the Nile to Tigress and Euphrates, including Iran and beyond; (4) it wanted to use South Sudan as the ‘end user’ or the supply line for JEM, SRF and SPLA-N against Khartoum; (5) it wanted to protect the Renaissance Dam from any probable Egyptian destruction of the dam with the newly sophisticated Russian made missiles,(6) it specifically wanted to have control of the Great Lakes, Lake Tanzania and Lake Victoria and the White Nile waters for its futuristic control and strategies. We should all b mindful that according to the studies done by the UNDP and other Hydraulic studies say that by 2025 that the Arab-Israeli conflict in the Middle East would no longer be land, but waters as the most important source of life. It has been argued that Jordan Rivers could no longer sustain both Arabs and Jewish population and the desalination has been too expensive, therefore, they would have to look elsewhere for the importation of waters. There lot to be said herein, but I had to stop for the time being because of time and space.

They all constituted genocide as defined by the UNPPCG. In 1946 the UNGA adopted a resolution that “affirmed” that genocide was a crime under international law, but did not provide a legal definition of the crime. In 1948 the UNGA adopted the Convention on the PPCG or UNGA resolution 260 A (III) on 9 December 1948, Paris, France.

Fifty (50) years later, the UNSC took further responsibilities around civilians’ protection against genocide. Resolution 1672, adopted on April 28, 2006, “reaffirms” the provisions of paragraphs 138 and 139 of the 2005 World Summit and Outcome Document regarding the responsibility to protect population from Genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity”. With the adoption of the resolution, the UNSC committed itself to take action to protection of civilians in armed conflict. The implementation of the said resolution led to the creation of the UNAMID in the Western Sudan’s Darfur region and UNMISS in South Sudan, respectively, to provide protection to civilians in armed conflict.

In 2008,the UNSC expanded the definition of genocide with passage of “Resolution 1820” noting that “rape” and other forms of sexual violence can constitute war crimes against humanity or a contributive act with respect to genocide.” Interestingly, all of the above illustrated acts and offenses with respect to genocide have been committed by the warring factions or camps without exceptionalism, with particular, emphasis on the SPLA and its Twic Dinka Special Militias under the direct commands of the President Salva Kiir and his Chief of Staff Paul Malong Awan in South Sudan.

What does Dr. Lam have had on the ground to show? Politely and I do presume that he does not have much base on the ground because Colonel O’Kuich is not a force to be reckoned with because his forces comprises of the Nuer Officers and fighters that could leave him without any prior notice or free at will to rejoin their kin and kith when they discover the truth that it was O’Kuich per orders of Dr. Lam Akol that murdered Major-General Phillips Bipan Machar and General Nyoun Nyabil and other thirty-seven (37) Nuer Officers and men from Sudan Armed Forces (SAF/SPLMA/SSIMA) with more than 85 Nuers working for Dr. Lam Akol’s Lam Akol’s Luai or Dok-Dokni) [Gum Arabic] still remains unaccounted for in al-Hambra SPLA-DC militias camp.

Nevertheless, given any reported death, that could surely, generate big problems for Dr. Lam Akol, Colonel O’kuich and General Ogat Oyok now in Juba for having murdered in cold blood the above-mentioned generals and their bodyguards.

Given, the information that we have gathered on file against Dr. Lam Akol and General Gordon Koang Chol, they should considered as prime suspects and material witnesses to be held accountable for the premature death of the aforesaid officers and men. Thus, Dr. Lam should not waste his time, energy and money attempting to bride off the Nuer folks because they would not like Dr. Lam to become their leader for that.

Realistically, Dr. Lam Akol has not been at peace with himself in the last few years because he’s been always apprehensive that Lt.-General Gai Yoach may nail him because of the death of General Kohl Charah and his Deputy. Therefore, the guy has been living on the run and hides from the Nuer and the next of kin and kith or siblings that he wasted for no good reasons except to become superimposed Nuer leader.

Assuredly, Dr. Akol has been a prima facie suspect on many other criminal offenses that he committed against the Nuer people and its leadership. In fact, based on the documented information that we have gathered, the sudden death of General Kohl Chara, Chief of Operations of the former SSLA [al-Sawar] and his Deputy, Dr. Lam, Tutkaw Gatluak and General Bapiny Montuil remained outlaws at large and prima facie suspects and material witnesses on the death of 1Lt.-Major-General Phillips Bipan Machar who was scheduled to assumed the overall command and control of the rebel forces in Al-Hambra and General Nyuon Nyabil as Deputy of the aforesaid command were murdered in cold blood per Dr. Lam instructions as Commander-in-Chief of the SPLM/A-DC militias. Does he [Dr. Lam] thinks that the Nuer Community has forgotten this incident?

It would not be likelihood that Dr. Lam Akol could lead the Nuer ever. It’s unlikelihood that the Nuer fighters would want to give their fighting power to a man called Dr. Lam Akol. He has already lied to them that he has received weapons from Khartoum, Sudan. With all due respect, this has been also a lie with wishful thinking of dragging Sudan into the war palaver because Sudan, Ethiopia and Djibouti have been the only outstanding neutral countries in the concurrently escalating rather than de-escalating war with no light in the tunnel in South Sudan.


The US-Sino secret war in South Sudan is on the rise. We do perceive as the extension of the South Sea conflict over to South Sudan. Specifically, the ongoing war in South Sudan has become the US-Israeli vs. People Republic of China (PRC) war aiming at controlling of the natural resources and other crucial strategically critical minerals therein especially in the Greater Upper Nile region. The Russians have perceived that civil war in South Sudan as a window of opportunity to provoke the US and its NATO allies because of superimposed economic sanctions by the EU because of the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. President Vladimir Putin got a chance to challenge Obama’s neo-scramble policy fin South Sudan before he leaves the White House early next year. President Putin has been partially involved on the side of China by supplying Helicopter Gunships pilots and logistics to Juba because it sees it as a new fresh and virgin grounds for the extension of regional conflicts or the transfer of the US-Russia tensions over Ukraine crisis already simmering in Europe and already annexation of Crimea to Mother Russia and the US bickering forced Putin to partially intervene in Africa’s youngest failed state or what some Western analysts termed as a “hijacked state” theater.

We would recall that Crimea was [and still is] Russia even though it was unilaterally annexed to the State of Ukraine in the golden heydays of the demised USSR by Premier Nikita Khrushchev in 1954 in the demised former Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics [USSR] that disintegrated as a result, of perestroika [restructuring] and glasnost [openness] in the late 1980s to early the early 1990s and beyond. The people of Crimea voted in referendum on 16 March 2014 to become of part and parcel of Russia or to be re-annexed to mother Russia and on 12May 2015 President Vladimir Putin admitted for the first time that the plans to annex Crimea was ordered weeks before the referendum,

Finally, I would like to reiterate that Dr. Lam Akol should not waste his money, time and energy by trying to bribe the Nuer politico-military leaders with no followers to join him in the newly formed grand movement in Nairobi, Kenya. He needs to be told “to on move Jack (Dr. Akol) and don’t you come back no more.” He could become better off to just move on or to just bud it off because attempting to bride the Nuers could be a desperate perilous frustrating journey that could become desperately adventuring for something that could be worth attaining because the Nuer people would never again repeat the mistakes of the past to appoint or to select any non-Nuers vying for the Nuer leadership like we did with late John Garang de Mabior who turned out to become the prima facie internal enemy of the Nuer people within the Movement. This message should also go to Peter Adok Nyaba illegally appointed by Dr. Machar to be acting as what? We would like to know the unilateral individualistic appointments done behind the curtain by Dr. Riek Machar without due process and knowledge of the Nuer Community as illegal and unjustifiable.

The Nuer have discovered that Dr. Machar does not care about the Nuers’ social welfare, but only has been with pre-occupation and his own selfish-egoism to become the President of South Sudan that he has already forfeited because of the betrayal or exposure done to him by his Brother-in-Law Taban Deng Gai [Alas Mohamed Hassan ElHag]. Most importantly, Dr. Machar’s was kicked out of Juba and trekked to the Democratic Republic of the Congo [The D.R. Congo] for more than forty-eight(48) days and suddenly was evacuated to Khartoum, Sudan, as sickbed on humanitarian grounds. This has not been a good signed and plus the fact, that he does not have good relations with the US retrospect to the split with the Marxist-Leninist SPLM/A that he was lured to do so by Dr. Lam Akol on 28August 1991 and followed by the October 1991 Bor incident that I have learned that he unilaterally apologized to the Dinka Bor was a bad omen that has already tarnished his ability to lead in South Sudan. Furthermore, the US lobbyists, led by Roger P. Winter, John Prendergast, Bryan de Silver, Ted Diane, an Ethiopian émigré affiliated with the USCIA, Dr. Susan Rice, former US Ambassador to the UN and the concurrent boss of the National Security Council [NSC] Chief in the incumbent US President Obama’s Administration, Samantha Powell the concurrent US Ambassador to the UN and Professor Eric Reeves have been tougher critics against Dr. Machar’s for years in favored of the late John Garang followed by the Dinka dictator Salva Kiir. All of the above-mentioned were all pro-SPLM/A partisans prior to the split on 28 August 1991 above and beyond. Frankly speaking, my advice to the diehards of Dr. Machar’s followers would be that they could change the rules of the game or else they could all become dead ducks or lame ducks because their guy [Dr. Machar] has not been in jolly good terms with the US. In fact, the US does like neither Salva Kiir nor Dr. Machar to lead in South Sudan and it would be more preferable for them to step down or to resign or to step aside because after all, there’s life after politics.

Personally, I believe that Dr. Machar’s leadership has failed the Nuer people; therefore, he should step down with coup de grace. To the Nuer Community, it’s now the time to search for a new leader to replace Dr. Machar, Taban Deng Gai and all other weak leaders in Juba serving from hands to mouths only for themselves rather the Nuer nation and its resilient people. SPLA-IO has been already dead. Hitherto, we urge and appeal for all the Nuer political and military leaders to reunite with the aiming of overthrowing Salva Kiir’s regime. This is now the time because the revolution has become nationwide, including the Jieng [Dinka] that without their great awakening and resurrection to change the Dinka Community[DC] could have the most difficult epic in South Sudan because of the things they have done, which they ought to have to done to their fellow countrymen throughout South Sudan. They should become aware that Salva Kiir and the Dinka Elders Council [EDC] would leave them with a pretty dirty and bleakest legacy for generations ahead. Certainly, the Jieng has become a pretty loner ethnicity in South Sudan due to their arrogance, negatively sophisticated pride, uncouth, unremorseful less behavior and the lack of respect of other people viewpoints. They assume that South Sudan belongs to the Jieng (Dinka) ethnicity and believe that “They [Dinka] are born to rule and not to be ruled” and that “They [Dinka] are the Chosen people” by whom and for what, remains a myth to be demythologized.

We [the Nuer] have been so much classical liberal and traditionally democratic, but we have been abused to the maximum on this ideal of “open door democracy” in South Sudan. We should also admit that we had pretty weak leadership for so long under a weak and an indecisive, corrupt, unintelligent and stupid leadership of the man called Dr. Riek Machar. The Nuer people have got to change on the concept of democracy that we cannot do at our own expense. The old Nuer traditional thinking that there nothing wrong [thiele ma lele] to be led by someone else other one of our kin and kith is no longer viable and matters much indeed (teke ma lele).The Nuer people as a whole should use this phrase as a term of reference (TOP) with the late John Garang de Mabior. The Nuer people through their sweats, blood and souls have liberated South Sudan through the exercise of the right to self-determination through an internationally supervised referendum.

I have been an advocate of the exercise of the right to self-determination through articles that I authored as one of the authors of the 1993Washington Declaration to reconcile the late John Garang, SPLM/A Torit faction, Dr. Riek Machar, SPLM/A Nasir faction and Dr. Lam Akol, SPLM/A-United by the US Congress Sub-Committee of African Affairs to unite on the right to self-determination. I was also the architect and drafter of the Six Points (6) Declaration of Principles [DOPs] in March 1994 in Nairobi, Kenya, that became the hallmark of the IGAD/DOP on Sudan peaceful and political conflict resolution. The SPLM/A rejected the IGAD/DOP, but accepted it in the aftermath of the 1997 Khartoum Peace Agreement[KPA] that guaranteed the right to self-determination in Chapter VII of the Agreement through an internationally supervised referendum to decide either to remain in unity or to opt for secession to produce “the paradox of Two Sudans”. The SPLM/A Torit faction was a pro-unionist because the Dinka as the weak link was not interested in the exercise of the right to self-determination. Ever since the internal party split in the mid-December 2013 the wicked SPLA leadership hired foreign forces and mercenaries abated by Uganda, the US, the UK and the Israelis to genocide the Nuer compared to what the White Settlers did against the First Nation [The Natives Americans] in the Americas [North and South America], [the Aborigines] in Australia and the French-Huguenots (Dutch) Settlers in South Africa institutionalized Apartheid and racism and now the Israelis Settlers State Apartheid against the Arab Palestinians because the US, the UK and Israel wanted to rob the Nuers of their potential riches and then awarded them to the Jieng [Dinka] as they did with the political liberation or emancipation and independence that the US stolen from the Nuer and awarded to the Jieng [Dinka]. The Nuer nation and its gallant and resilient people will overcome with strides the emerging domination, oppression and exploitation in Juba.

In South Sudan almost all of the available wealth [resources] natural resources such as oil and gas and other crucial strategically critical minerals have been located in the Nuer country in the Greater Upper Nile region. Because of the availability of such natural resources the external forces under the umbrella of the US, the UK and the Israelis, have been determined to disrupt the courageous Nuer ways of life in favored of the weaker and the laziest Dinka who have developed a natural hatred against the Nuers that made them to have inculcated in their system psychological Klein Filter Syndrome and the Nuerophobia (fear of the Nuer] similar to the Germanophobia in Europe, the Islamophobia, Shiaophobia and suniophobia throughout the Western industrialized countries. This was the specific raison d’être that Salva Kiir regime targeted unarmed and helpless Nuer ethnicity for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part. Without the shadow of a doubt, that hundreds of thousands of the Nuer ethnicity was genocide in the mid-December 2013 similar to the Nazi authorities policy of killing all Jews no matter where found-to be killed all in violation of the UN Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide [UNPPCG], their basic fundamental human rights and all international norms inscribed in the international law, international treaties and protocols and the Four (4) Geneva Convention. Most importantly, unless the UK, the US and Israel reversed their current foreign policy and the national security agendas, the war could not end in South Sudan, but it could escalate throughout the Horn of Africa with catastrophic consequences first and foremost on the Jieng [Dinka] of South Sudan.


South Sudan Ecumenical Council of Churches have failed to condemn the crime of genocide… as the gravest and the greatest crime against humanity by UN Prevention and punishment of the Crime of Genocide [UNPPCG]. We will not forget our dead loved ones forever. Surely, no matter the circumstances and no matter how long this war goes on, we are fully and completely committed and we will avenge them at our own chosen time and space. As I see it, South Sudan could not become united state again. It has to be divided into two or tri-states because the Nuer and the Dinka could forever live, work and eat together in the same pallet or dish. If you forced me at gun point as your cousin by blood to drink the blood of my own, forced me to eat the flash of my own, forcefully rapped our daughters, wives and burned them alive after their forceful hazardous sexual harassments and ordeals; silted dead fetuses out of their dead mothers wombs; forcefully committed sodomy or forcefully performed homosexuality as a forbidden sin in the Nuer-Dinka cultures, including other humiliating, degrading and demeaning practices like cannibalism, what or how can we co-exist in less than same roof? We have already put a mortal wedge and partition for ever because there would be no trust and confidence building no matter who comes in to search for a peaceful conflict resolution, there would be no tenable reasonable alternative solution until the ends of the world. We will remain mortal enemies and we cannot co-exist in the same roof and that neither Dinka nor Nuer neither Dinka to visit Nuer nor Nuer to visit Dinka and all other human socializations would also gradually diminish to zero-sum because there would always be hostility, mistrust and lack of confidence building measure. How can we build a state? It’s about time for us all to think about a real imperatively impractical, if not impossible, to attain peaceful and political solution.

Succinctly, we have created mortal enmity. Therefore, the most conceivable solution would be for the Greater Upper exits South Sudan as the UK exits the EU awaiting only the triggering of Article 50 of the 1973 Lisbon Agreement in which the UK was a full pledged founding of the European Union more than forty-three [43] years ago and has quitted it because it has served its intended purpose and the UK has to exit it to seek new ways and means to serve its vital national economic and security national interests. Therefore, the same theory applies to the situation in the Greater Upper Nile region that we together fought the war of liberation or the emancipation or the right to self-determination from the North and we could not afford to live together in peace that breeds justice and justice that breeds peace. So we have to part ways and for each state to fan out for itself and God for all. Because there will never again be no commonality from the beginning when the British colonial government glued and amalgamated the former three (3) Provinces under its 1930 Memorandum of Southern Sudan Policy written by the Civil Secretary [CS] Sir Robert McMichael in Khartoum to the Governors Mogalla, Bahr-el-Ghazaal and Upper Nile, respectively, each region could be fanning out for itself and God for all. We have neither any compact nor agreements or articles to be triggered by the Greater Upper Nile region except the political map that glued and amalgamated the former three (3) weeks Southern Provinces that comprises now the ten (10) states. I have been a pro-federalist of gluing and amalgamating people of diverse cultures, but it would be incumbent me given the present circumstances and what happened to the Nuer people and others to further commit myself as a pro-federalist on the ground in South Sudan. We will put on our ways of life and our desires for peace and justice, but God Almighty will be with be with us and to guide us all until we will decide to reunite again in the foreseeable future or never.

In summation, if any oil companies would venture to move their personnel as per outrageous statements, political gimmicks, groundless and the empty nest statements uttered by the newly appointed inexperienced oil boss who does not even know the area, they would be at their own risks. Furthermore, Taban Deng Gai Promised Khartoum that in three (3) weeks will oil flows, border trade and the river transports would resume. This is also a falsehood premise and a big lie to appease Khartoum. We would like to state it at affront that the above-mentioned sensitive political issues by Taban Deng and Loll Gatkuoth could not be implemented given the obstacles facing both the Paradox of Two Sudans. It would take a pretty long time when the war will be over in the next few years or so, the Nuer nation and the foreign oil companies that would seek operations in the oil production, would have to sit down to write anew contracts and agreements because all previous oil agreements signed by the Chinese Oil Companies and the Government of Sudan [GOS] would be invalidated and to be declared as null and void. We would have to look for new friends and let the Chinese go with Salva Kiir and to meet never again. We surely would like the Chinese Oil Companies to rethink critically about their future investments and to travel to and from Unity State and to re-think critically about their unconditional evacuation. They have become real treasure hunters to steal and exploit African resources and South Sudan resources in particular, for their own benefits rather the benefits of the owners of the black gold.

The Chinese oil companies have already caused serious environmental pollution and they would not get away without a fight in international courts that could cost the Chinese millions to zillions of bucks. We would go elsewhere to shop for friends in the oilfields and gas fields. Most importantly, any contracts initiated and signed by Taban Deng Gai and Loll Gatkuoth would be invalided and to be declared as null and void. The international community should know and underscore that Taban Deng Gai is not recognize by his community as a legitimate body to represent it now and forever. We urge and appeal to all Nuer people in South Sudan and in the Diaspora that we should not recognize Taban Deng Gai’s appointment and to unite around Dr. Machar’s as the legitimate the First Vice President until the war is over. We will later on bring out our dirty laundries to sort them out and to wash them until they become clean again.

Without the shadow of a doubt, that Taban sold and betrayed Dr. Machar with only a few millions of dollars from Salva Kiir. As an above average educated Nuer, I do feel pretty sad and ashamed about the criminal behavior exhibited by the educated Western Nuer from Unity State. There is no different between the educated and un-educated. They have no sense of unity, love, camaraderie and brotherhood. They continued to be ethnocentric (tribalist), sectionalist, including Dr. Riek Machar that prefers only Adok Boys to be around even though they have no single Battalion, companies that could be identified as from Adok compared to Lou and Garwaar Nuers who have been doing the fighting whilst Dr. Machar’s under-represent them in the administration and management nor promoted them to higher ranks of command and control of the Movement and treated them like second class citizens and Skaggs. The Unity State educated and un-educated have become too extremely individualistic and have big appetite for money or what Karl Marx termed as the “Dialectic materialism.” Actually, the level of crimes committed by the educated and the un-educated had expanded their parachutes and expanded above and beyond and the sky is the limit with no safe landing grounds.

Another observation is that amongst the seven tribes or the nine sub-tribes in Unity State they are exceptionally pretty good in killing each other for no apparent good reasons instead of uniting with the east bankers to suck it to Salva Kiir in his fortified Luri’s Fortress southwest of Juba town. The Bull Nuer is the majority of Unity State and they have a moral stand. In fact, in the British colonial history it was called the Bull Nuer” Bentiu District. The Bull still maintain that majoritarism in Unity States and most of the oil and gas and gold, Uranium Ore and others are located in the Bull Nuer country. Perhaps, the poorest of all the groups and sub-groups in Bentiu are Dr. Machar’s people of Adok, the cowards and laziest, backbiters and gossipers amongst all of the Nuer and they love power like the Dinka for the sake of power that they know that corrupts and more power corrupts more. The Adok Nuer should be forcefully recruited for military service in the Movement. Dr. Machar should do this himself because the Lou and the Garwaar Nuer and bull Nuer who have been doing the fighting, they would reserve the right to take over politico-military power by any means necessary whether Machar’s like it or not, they we would do it one way or another.

Taban Deng action was a clear reminder of Judas Escargot who betrayed his master’s the man called Jesus Christ, the King of the Jews, with a pre-arranged only 30 pieces of silver from the Jewish Chief Priest or Rabbi. Judas Escargot betrayed Jesus to his tormentors with a pre-arranged kiss of his master’s cheek in the Garden of Gethsemane would be Jesus, the King of the Jews, the King of the Jews, plotting of trying to overthrow the Roman Empire to become its Emperor as well.

Assuredly, No oil production will resume soon in Unity State. Loll Gathoth has told a big lie to the world and nobody recognizes him as the de jure oil minister because the appointment was illegal and he does not have the qualifications to become the petroleum minister. He’s just himself making as a laughingstock to the Nuer nation, Juba and the world community.

Dr. Machar’s remains as the de jure first Vice President and all his appointments of the cabinet member remained so until further notice when the war will end in the next few years. All non-SPLA-IO rebel forces that have allied themselves with Dr. Machar and legally appointed him to become the head of the rebel forces remained out of the 2015 Peace Agreement. We totally and completely rejected the Arusha Plus Agreement and the failure of Dr. Machar and Taban then to listen to the voices of the majority to create a new movement other than the SPLM/A.

Our goal would be to exit the Great Upper Nile from South Sudan to become a new polity. We do not need Juba, but Juba needs us because of enormous resources. So the war still has more years ahead until it reaches into the Heartland of the Twic Dinka in Warrap State and Aweil State, Northern Bahr-el-Ghazal. We have got the capabilities to get the job done.

Taban has been and still is a member of the G-10 or the disillusioned Garang Boys’ vying for taking over power in Juba. Taban lied to Kiir and Paul Malong Awan that he has got soldiers in Bentiu. Realistically, he does have any soldiers to replace the Mathiang Anyour, Malwal Anyier, Ageng Weng and Bany Adut Twic Special Militias. No Nuer would want to go to Juba to go fight his fellow in and around Juba to preserve and to protect Dinka power for Taban Deng Gai.

Therefore Salva Kiir should be mindful that he has appointed a rattle snake or Africa King’s Copra or Africa Black Mamba Snake in his cabinet that can strike him without any prior notice like he did to his brother-in-law Dr. Riek Machar. The G-10 has no followers anywhere on the ground in South Sudan. Absolutely, Taban does not have any soldiers supporting him in Unity States. So he goofed again and this time around a big goof. [TEXT ENDS]

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