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Africa Centre for Transitional Justice (ACTJ): Calls to stop process of Election in South Sudan!

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Jan, 21/2015 (Nyamilepedia) —- We reject strongly holding of elections in South Sudan before conclusion of peace agreement in Addis – Ababa is put in to force. It’s going to be difficult for elections to be carryout in the entire Greater Upper Nile Region, Lakes State and some parts in Equatoria region respectively.

We do fear that, the outcome of the election might create another war that might take the Republic of South Sudan to square zero again!

We add our sincere voice to United States of America Government position not to support such elections and we call upon International Community and all other peace loving people in the world not to support the process, even not to recognize its outcome at all.

We strongly support the formation of Hybrid Court in South Sudan to trial and held all the culprits who have committed gross human rights violations and atrocities all over South Sudan.

Justice and accountability for war crimes, crimes against humanity should be the first priority before any election is carryout in the Republic of South Sudan. We are aware of the present crippled National Judiciary which has been control by the Executive that do not know the rules and procedures.

We do hereby add our voices to the voices of 29 locals and International Organizations who called for the United Nations arms embargo on South Sudan in order to mitigate further violations of human rights on the people of South Sudan.

Finally, we strongly support IGAD peace mediation process to end this senseless war in South Sudan. We recommend to IGAD in case next round of peace talks fail let the matter be refer to African Union and thereafter to UN Security Council for final resolution of the conflict.

Africa Center for Transitional Justice (ACTJ) was formed basically to deal with the issues of Justice, Rule of Law, Accountability and Transparency, Peace and Reconciliation in order to end the present dominant culture of impunity in South Sudan and Africa accordingly

They can be reach through africanjustice4@gmail.com
Tel. +254-716862359 petergai2006@gmail.com
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totnhialkuol January 21, 2015 at 12:01 pm

I seport that

william Rial January 21, 2015 at 11:04 pm

Imposed Election in South Sudan by Ruling party SPLM in Juba.
We totally rejected the upcoming general election simply because. War was cost by lack of Democratic mentality within the ruling party SPLM how we are today,how will be the war going to cost by all South Sudan stakeholders or political parties there is much possibility to suspend the election till the result of peace comes out . number of reasons for rejecting this process.
1 The schedule time (30)June is a gainst the season of rain full in South Sudan.
2 The all political parties was not done cover nation to elected their leaders.
3 Insecurity and stability was every where in South Sudan.
4. Election will not be fer and fair.
Due to mentioned above there is no justification for conducting the general election since the result would not be credit and not be transparency than it should be a west of money and west of time and create more disadvantaged within the Country we urge and need peace loving international community groups not to participate and not to show and kind of respect,led the ruling SPLM in Juba do unilateral election.
The author senior party member of Democratic Unionist Party DUP of South Sudan . Secretary General.


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