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News of military coup in Khartoum turns out to be hoax

Sudanese president Omar Al-Bashir (File photo)
Sudanese president Omar Al-Bashir (File photo)

May 30th 2018 (Nyamilepedia) – A video circulation on the social media which purported to be broadcasting a military coup in the Sudanese capital Khartoum turned out to be fake after the Nyamilepedia contacted residents in the most populated Sudanese town.

The news, which the Sudanese military spokesman Ahmed Khalifa said was a ploy by the opposition to divert the Sudanese people in light of the current economic hardship faced by the country, was first aired on the social media from unknown location and was recorded as if it was the Sudan TV broadcasting it.

The fake news said the Sudanese Artillery Infantry in Sudan supported an initiative by a number of military officers which purportedly put Al-Bashir under house arrest.

“We now have a news from the presidency from former government officials that a group of military officers took control of military installations in the capital and that the president has been put under house arrest,” the fake news said

The false news anchor which broadcast the fake news have never work with the Sudan TV.

In contrast, residents in Khartoum this evening said there were no sign of military coup in the Sudanese capital and that the residents said they were caring out their normal daily act.

“There is no any sign of military coup in Khartoum. We are caring out our activities normally,” one resident said.

The Nyamilepedia has learned that the Sudanese president was in Khartoum as of this afternoon and there were no signs that a military coup took place in the Sudanese capital.

SAF (Sudan Armed Forces) spokesman blamed the fabrication on the Sudanese opposition.

“This is a fake news by the opposition to divert the attention of the Sudanese people. They want to take advantage of the current economic hardship face by the country. The government has nothing to do with this economic crisis,” he said.

Sudanese president Omar Al-Bashir came in to power in a bloodless military coup in June 1989 after successfully hosting the civilian government of Sadig Al Maahdi who was democratically elected. The coup was supported by most of the Sudanese people which easily made it succeed.

Islamist leader of the Popular Congress Party, Hassan Al Turabi who died in December 2016 was among the most important Sudanese political figures who helped Bashir come to power.



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