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Mabaan community Of North America Condemns The Killing of Aid Workers In South Sudan!

Updated at 2:45Am, August 11, 2014(PST).

El-Bounj town, the capital of Maban County(Photo: supplied)
El-Bounj town, the capital of Maban County(Photo: supplied)

August 11, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — According to the latest report signed by Mark Eisa, the chairperson for Maaban Community of North America,  the elites community condemns the recent killing of aid workers and civilians, targeted based on their ethnicity in Mabaan County, South Sudan.

The community condemns the attack in the strongest terms possible and urge urgent investigations to bring the perpetrators to account.

“The recent killing of aid workers in Mabaan County is an act of evil and should not be tolerated. We Mabaan community in North America are alarm about the killing of aid workers in our county and condemning the government sponsored militia activities in a stronger term.” reads a report signed by Mabaan’s North America Executive Committee

The executive committee calls upon the leaders and local population in Mabaan county to cooperate with all possible investigations.

“We are calling our people and local leaders to cooperate with investigation and to make sure those who committed these crimes should be brought to justice and held accountable for their wrong deeds.” said the committee.

The executive committee condemns the South Sudan government for polarizing the good relationship between the communities living in the county for political gain. The elites urge the local populations to stay away from Salva Kiir’s regime.

“Targeting people based on their ethnicity in Mabaan land is an unacceptable attitude and should not be compromised. The government of Salva Kiir is known as killer, murder of its own people and we are advising Mabaan people not to associate themselves with this kind of satanic system.”the report continued.

The committee reiterated that Mabaan community never has militia and any such initiative is aimed to disintegrate the country into tribal units that the government can easily manipulate and fit against one another.

“Mabaan never been a militia and will not be a militia in any forms. So called Mabaan Defense Force is an evil work of the government of Juba to localize the war.” the committee said.

“The MDF are sponsored by Juba under assassination project planned by governor Simon Kun Pouch to get rid of anybody who supports SPLM in opposition including daughters and sons of Mabaan throughout Mabaan County.” the report continue.

Mabaan community condemns the troubled governments in Juba and Malakal for arming and inciting the local youth to fight the “senseless war”.

“We are blaming the government of Juba and the Upper Nile State governor Simon Kun Pouch successfully arming government militia to carry out random killing of innocent humanitarians’ workers in Mabaan land.” Said the Maaban community of North America.

The committee, nevertheless, urge the people of Mabaan and other minority groups to distance themselves from “Kiir-Kun programs of blood shedding” allegedly because “they are killers”.

“they are killers and their plan is to divide people of South Sudan based on their ethnic lines to meet their selfish interest. South Sudan is not belong to any special tribe but it does belong to all of us and we must fight to save South Sudan from blood thirsty leaders.” Said the committee.

The intellectuals, who have keenly followed the disintegration of the country, remind their people that the Nuer tribe is not their enemy but a scapegoat coined by the same government that has marginalized the people of Mabaan.

“Mabaan should know that Nuer is not their enemy but dictatorial regime led by Kiir and his agencies is the enemy of peace and development of South Sudan. Our people have been marginalized, killed in Adar and denied 2% of oil revenue constitutionally granted to Mabaan people.” the community said.

The community of North America urges Maaban population to join hands with SPLM/SPLA(in opposition) to fight for regime change in the country.

“Why not we join our hand together with our freedom fighters to end dictatorial regime run by incompetent president Salva Kiir? Whoever kills people for unknown reason is a murder and should be held accountable.” the statements read.

Maaban community blames the Upper Nile state governor for dividing the people of Mabaan and instigating wars among themselves and against the Nuer population in the county.

“Instability in Mabaan County is created by the governor of Upper Nile State Simon Kun Pouch. He became successfully of dividing Mabaan people and changing commissioners in every two months which is not happen anywhere else in South Sudan.” the committee reiterated.

“Kun Pouch will not have good live in Nuer land if he continues to use other tribe’s militias to kill Nuer people. He will be remembered as killer governor in the history of upper Nile State.” the report concludes.


The statement is signed and released to media by:

The Mabaan Community in North America Executive Committee.

Mark Eisa Chairperson

Gabrial Dole Deputy Chairperson

Phil B. Dan SG.

Email: philemondaud@ymail.com

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Nyaluak Lual February 2, 2015 at 12:39 am

People of Mabaan,
Where have you been? You are condemning the killing of Nuer by your militia now? Why is this sudden change of heart? Your MP Mun Paan was the one who formed the militia which was then armed and kill the Nuer. Mun Paan will pay for this. We know where he is and he knows that we hold him responsible for the killings. Stay tuned. Nyaluak


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