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SPLM/A-IO Kampala Branch Disowns Group Of Individuals Acting As Party Officials

Press Statement, Ref: OC/NCER/SPLM/A LOKLA/00


September 29, 2016(Nyamilepedia) ——This is to inform the public that SPLM/A-IO Uganda Liaison office has disowned individuals who claim to be Party officials or representatives of SPLM/A-IO in Uganda. These individuals are not and have never been part of SPLM-IO office in Kampala nor part of it in entire Uganda.

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This group of individuals are known to be South Sudanese Students who are in Uganda for study and shouldn’t dip their dripping noses into SPLM/A-IO leadership in Uganda. And on the legal basis, we are going to use any possible legal procedure against them for their continuous defamation of SPLM/A-IO to which they claim to be party to it in Uganda.

The SPLM/A-IO Liaison Office in Kampala would like to send this notice as a warning so they refrain from any SPLM/A-IO name and activities. Because we don’t want to ruin their studies in Uganda, this office has been humble enough to serve them first with notice of warning before filing a legal complaint against them.

How They Came About:

They came to form this individual grouping in Kampala when Bor Gatwech, Party Member joined SPLM-Crown Hotel in Juba, and his friend jetted into Kampala with 5,000 USD and called these individuals for a drink and refreshment in a certain Bar in Kampala. Because Bor Gatwech knew them as weak wine entertainers, he easily swayed them to his camp. After brain-washing them so cheap, Bor gave them a few Ugandan Shillings for public transport to get back to their dorms.

Motive Behind Their Behaviours:

Because US dollars become rare commodity to all students in Uganda, these individual students in Uganda decided to fabricate a claim that they are SPLM/A-IO leaders and supporters so that they would pledge their allegiance to Taban Deng Gai in an intention to be integrated into South Sudanese Embassy in Kampala.  If they are integrated into South Sudan embassy, they would get a few dollars that would maintain their studies in Kampala.

If Taban – Kiir’s teams want to consider them, they should be observed by them as individuals who have nothing to do with SPLM/A-IO affairs, they have never held SPLM-IO positions.

The SPLM/A-IO Liaison Office in Kampala is fully behind the able, visionary and legitimate FVP Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon , this office will continue to further the aims and objectives of SPLM-IO under Machar’s wise leadership. The SPLM/A-IO Kampala branch has endorsed SPLM/A-IO resolution passed in Khartoum conference. It’s now the time to let the freedom reign in the entire South Sudan.

Kiir Must Go!!!


Viva Freedom Fighters

Viva Dr. Machar

Viva Federal Republic of South Sudan

SPLM/A-IO Representative

Liaison Office, Kapmpal.


Ph: +256-777-010399

E-mail: klaliaison@gmail.com

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