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Why South Sudan Needs Federalism – Federalists Chairperson!


July 29, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — According to the Chairperson for federal governance development unit, Timothy Tot Chol, South Sudan needs federalism to resolve the current conflict in the country.

The former acting Chairperson for Defense & Security Committee in the National Legislative Assembly, Timothy Tot, narrates that the current conflict was brewed by a “confused” decentralized system that concentrated powers in the hands of a few elites, who misused their advantage against the civil population.

“I know many people including Kiir and his cohorts will not be prepared to swallow this bitter pill because all the illegal wealth they have collected were done through this confused system of governance called “decentralization”” The Fedalism Committe chairperson said.

“Essentially the decentralization we practice in Juba is meant to centralize, corrupt and marginalize other ethnic groups.” said the former law maker.

The federalists chairperson believes that the convert centralization of powers in the hands of the president gave Salva Kiir and his friends extraordinary powers to enrich themselves and their relatives in the expense of poor populations that are currently fed on foreign aids.

Tot believes that the president has used the national resources to developed his home region in the expense of the wealthiest regions of Greater Upper Nile and Equatoria, most of which are currently devastated by the conflict.

Timothy Tot believes that Salva Kiir, who has concentrated powers in the hands of less qualified military officers, does not only kill the populations but impoverish them while diverting billions of dollars meant for reconstruction into private accounts and military.

“Apart from murdering them, Kiir is also impoverishing them. The people of South Sudan can not imagine their leader and cohorts stealing their money amounting to $4 billion [USD] meant for the reconstruction of their lives.” Tot said.

According to Tot, who has served as a Public Service and Administration under Salva Kiir, federalism is the most appropriate system of governance that will eradicate one-man rule, corruption, tribalism and marginalization of minor tribes in the country.

“federalism as the appropriate system of governance that will minimize authoritarianism, corruption, tribalism and marginalization of other ethnic groups. With federalism, minority interests will be protected at both state and federal levels.” he continued.

Kiir Own Palace Coup and the ICC

President Salva Kiir wipes his face with a pink handkerchief(Photo: supplied)
President Salva Kiir wipes his face with a pink handkerchief(Photo: supplied)

Tot Chol believes that there was no coup in the country instead the president staged a coup on his own palace. The former law maker reiterates how the coup was sequentially planned and implemented, starting from dictatorial tendencies such as “voting by the show of hands” to training of private tribal militia.

“President Kiir’s supporters supported the appointment of the senior SPLM officials by the Chairman of the party- who was Kiir. They also supported that the voting system within the party be by show of hands” Tot said.

“Second, it became clear to many observers in Juba that President Kiir was after something as far back as 10th December his tribal militias were trained armed with brand new rifles that the SPLA had not procured and a battalion was deployed inside and outside JI, the official resident of President Kiir.” Tot continues.

Tot also believes that the Ugandan army was deployed in the country before the conflict erupted among the presidential guards on December 15.

“Third, at the same, a mechanized battalion from the UPDF (Uganda Army) was transported to Juba and deployed at Juba airport, JI and President Kiir resort residence at Luri near Juba.” Tot said.

For these reasons the committee chairperson is surprised that his comrades in the government could preach to the world that a coup, mastered minded by the former vice president, was foiled in the country.

Tot further restated that Salva Kiir’s government has lost its legitimacy because it has killed the civil population that equally elected all the law makers into powers.

“In conclusion, the incident of December 15th and onwards in which thousands of people lost lives is a living proof that President Kiir has lost his legitimacy.”

Tot concludes that president Salva Kiir has to step aside as a precondition for peace to be restored in the country before he[Kiir] faces the ICC.

“As a face saving measure before the ICC could step in, President Kiir should stand down as a precondition for a peaceful resolution of the conflict.” Timothy Tot Chol concludes.

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