Kenyan Government Takes Initiative To Resolve Intra-Tribal Feuds In Kakuma Refugee Camps

Kakuma entrance gate (Photo credit: LWF/James Macharia)
Kakuma entrance gate (Photo credit: LWF/James Macharia)

May 30th 2018 (Nyamilepedia) – Kenyan government have initiated to resolve the conflict between rival clans of Bul and Dok communities which fought over a bloody conflict that stated between young boys over football feud last month.

“Today at 11:48 am a five-hours meeting between the two warring communities of Dok and Bul-Nuer was held in Kakuma Refugees camp in North Western Kenya,” a source told the Nyamilepedia.

The source said the meeting aimed at resolving the feud between the two Nuer clans.

“The aim of the meeting was to resolve the deadly feud between the two Nuer sub-tribes, the Dok and Bul communities, which fought in the camp a few days ago,” the source said.

The meeting was shared by the Deputy County commissioner of Turkana-West and attended by many Kenyan government officials including the Officer in Charge of the Police Administration/Officer in Charge of Police  Station (OCS), representatives from the Nairobi City County Assembly, County representatives in the Parliament, Camp Manager, Head of of the Refugee Affairs Secretariat-RAS, Divisional Criminal Investigation Officer [DCIO], Safety & Security Officer and the organisation of Lutheran World Federation.

A Nyamilepedia correspondent in Kakuma said the concerned authorities which initiated the dialogue also invited youths and Council of Elders from other clans of the Nuer tribe.

Speaking to the Nyamilepedia after the meeting, the camp Manager regrets the two lives which were lost in the intra-tribal conflict that lasted for weeks in a on and off occurrence and pledged to prevent such conflicts from happening again under his leadership in the future.

“It’s unfortunate that two lives have been lost during my tenure and I don’t want more deaths to happen, our laws are very clear that’s if you kill you will also be killed” he said.
The camp manager said the refugee camp will want UNHCR to withdraw refugee status from criminals destabilizing the camp.
“To those who have been engaging in violence or other related activities, we are going to rebuke your Refugee status” he threatened.
The camp manager also appeals to South Sudanese in Kakuma to refrain from engaging on social media,
“South Sudanese youths make up to 70% of the population in the Camp. As we leave this place [venue of the meeting], we don’t want to hear any negative social media messages being sent, to provoke the situation,” he said.
He said that the criminals who caused the fighting early this month will have their refugee status withdrawn and be held accountable.

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