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Leer Community in Juba Demands their Politicians Leave Kiir’s Government.

Destoyed city of Leer in South Sudan's Unity State(Photo: small arms survey)
Destoyed city of Leer in South Sudan’s Unity State(Photo: small arms survey)

August 22, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— The Dok community Association in the UNMISS protection camp in Juba have written a letter to the media demanding that their sons who are part of Kiir administration surrender their power and joint Machar SPLM-IO or stay away from Politic saying Kiir government, which they are serving in has committed unforgettable crimes, some if which include castrating of boys, raping girls and burning men in the containers in Leer in 2015 alone.

The Chairperson of the Dok Community Association in Juba PoC3, the largest camp in Juba, Lawrence Stephen Buom, in a letter signed by his deputy and the secretary general say the reason for demanding their sons to leave is because the Kiir administration is being run by the Jeing Council of Elders whom they said are the think-tank to the current above atrocities.

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Those who are asked to leave Kiir administration include:

  1. Riaw Gatlit Gai the Deputy Minister of Interior in the TGoNU formed by FVP Taban Deng
  2. Makuach Teny Yuok former Minister of Youth and sport in Juba
  3. John Yak Jany former advisor to Taban Deng when a state governor
  4. Stephen Taker Riak the governor of proposed Southern Liech
  5. Wal Yach Gatkuoth minister of Infrastructure in the proposed Southern Liech
  6. Franco Duoth Diu commissioner of Leer County

Some of the sons they asked to leave are army general who are currently in their deployment sites in Barelgazal, they are:

  1. Peter Phar Jiek battalion commander in Wau
  2. Kuol Tap Gai battalion commander in Wanyjok
  3. Samuel Tet Machar who is currently deployed in Juba to mobilize Dok youth to joint Taban Deng

The association says they are still collecting more name of those who work under president Kiir administration and asked all of them to leave power for their own good and the good of the community, saying each of those people is given a task by president Kiir to deny the Killing in Leer, Mobilized the IDPs to leave the PoCs yet they are not able to protect the women and girls who were raped in front of them by the SPLA in Juba in July.

The group also says they are also being used by the Jeing Council of Elders denied the establishment of the Hybrid court

Dok Community Association welcome the UNSC resolution approving the deployment of regional protection forces saying this will guarantee the full security of the IPDs and the civil population in Juba.

On 5th July 2016 in Juba, Makuach Teny Youk one of the Dok members allied to president Kiir and former Minister of Youth in Juba said during memorial service in Gudele that empowering Riek Machar is nothing. He added Riek Machar can be killed by someone from Leer and all of us can still live together in Leer “ we have differences yes I recognized we have but nothing will stop our differences but remember when Jesus was killed! Was he not God who was to be honored? He was killed by enemy who

“ we have differences yes I recognized we have but nothing will stop our differences but remember when Jesus was killed! Was he not God who was to be honored? He was killed by enemy who are still living up to now or you don’t know the jews who killed him are still there” he said.

He added that people should stay calm and see how the whole game will end. He was speaking at the funeral service for late John Yar Ley in Juba on 5th of July two days before the fighting start at the presidential palace which was attended by Nadia Arop who is Kiir nominated Minister in the transitional government of National Unity and many dignitaries from the SPLM – IO who organized it.

This report was submitted by Nyamilepedia Correspondent George in Juba on behave of the mentioned parties, South Sudan.

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Deng Matot August 22, 2016 at 4:39 pm

this a good time to see who to trust and who not to trus. the wew clearly visible.
Kiir kills your kin, women and children and you eat at his table?
what will it take for you to see? malong raping your mother?

lueth killing your father? and still you dont care…..
what sort of people are these men?
so blinded by greed and wickedness.

Taban the ultimate Judas. Sticking the knife in his brothers back.
no honor there. Machar should degrade him to Corpral. Corpral Taban, king of the loosers, without soldiers


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