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Civil Society Organisations In The Diaspora Petition UN To Impose Arms Embargo On South Sudan

Civil Society Organisations in the diaspora petition UN to impose arms embargo on S. Sudan to sanction and penalize any state involved in arms trade or as a vessel for arms into South Sudan.

May 19, 2017 (Nyamilepedia) —— 18th May 2017 (Kampala)- Over 14 civil society organizations from diaspora have petitioned the United Nations Security Council to impose arms embargo on South Sudan. The Civil Society Organizations in the diaspora call on  United Nations Security Council (UNSC), African Union(AU), and IGAD to stop those supplying South Sudan with deadly weapons. The Government of South Sudan has been of recent sited in the acquisition of weapons as reported in media from Ukraine. This indeed calls for speedy action by the UN Security Council on the situation of South Sudan.

The saying says “where two elephants fight the grass suffers”, indeed the saying is true as regards the two rivals groups of SPLM-IG and SPLM-IO. It has been reported that Ukraine breaks the arms embargo imposed on the warring South Sudan. See May 14, 2017 (Nyamilepedia) —— Reported by Joseph Oduha of nation.co.ke

The contract for the SPLM-IG covered a large quantity of weapons and ammunition.

“Among the items are 30 T-55 tanks, 20 ZU-23 anti-aircraft weapons, 5,000 rounds of T-55 tank ammunition, 10 BM-21 “Grad” rocket systems, 10,000 122-mm M21OF rockets, 3,000 S8 rockets for Russian-made Mi-24 attack helicopters, 20 million rounds of 7.62X39mm ammunition, 50, 000 AK-47 assault rifles and 12,000 RPG-7 rounds.

The experts said they interviewed one Pierre Dadak, a jailed polish arms dealer who said between January and June 2014, the Sudan Peoples’ Liberation Army-In Opposition, under Riek SMachar approached him seeking 40,000 AK-47 rifles, 200,000 boxes of ammunition, 30,000 PKM machine guns, 3,000 anti-tank rounds, 300 anti-tank guns and 300 anti-aircraft guns. This dates way back.

The United Nations chief Ban Ki-moon July 11, 2016 and the USA had called for an imposition of an arms embargo on S. Sudan state and this had been welcomed by member states even Russia which was a breath for us members of CSOs and an indication of light towards the involvement in the end of the conflict in the young state but being let down by the other state representatives on the UN Security council.

This war has left many S. Sudanese citizens either dead, displaced either within or taken refuge in the neighboring states especially Uganda. So hunger/ malnourishment or disease, drop out of education and loss of business are some of the consequences of this civil war. This has caused the diversion of the government coffers into purchase of military equipment which should have been put into proper development.

“As human rights, humanitarian, and peace-building organizations, we call on the UN Security Council to effect the imposed an immediate arms embargo on South Sudan to save the population. Let the UN Security Council to adhere to the Code of Conduct, endorsed by 112 governments, which calls upon all members of the Council not to vote against a credible draft resolution aimed at preventing or halting mass atrocities which we see taking in S. South and exacerbated by more sophisticated arms acquisition.  Let us speak peace, talk peace and go for peace.

According to the U.N, the situation in war-torn South Sudan continues worsening, with a combination of conflict, drought, and famine leading to further displacement and a rapid exodus of people fleeing one of the world’s most severe crises.

South Sudan has reportedly now become the world’s fastest growing refugee crisis with more than 1.8 million refugees, including one million children, having sought safety in Uganda, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and the Central African Republic (CAR).

Our recommendations are:

  1. Arms embargo
  2. Individual sanctions on those implicated
  3. Demilitarization of Juba city
  4. Establishment of Hybrid Court for S. Sudan by AU.
  5. Both parties should allow humanitarian access to the civilians
  6. The agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in the Republic of S. Sudan, 2015 should be revised to pay way for PEACE in S. Sudan.

Below are the signatures of the petition.

  1. African Youth Action Network (AYAN)
  2. Centre for Peace and Justice (CPJ)
  3. International Youth for Africa (IYA)
  4. Nile Centre for Human Rights (NCHR)
  5. Nuer Women for Peace and Development (NWPD)
  6. South Sudan Christian Community Agency (SSCCA)
  7. South Sudan Christian International Fund for Refugee (SSCIFR)
  8. South Sudan Martyrs Organization (SSMO)
  9. Universal Network for Child Defence Rights (UNCDR)
  10. Foundation People for Peace and Defense of Human Rights (FPPDHR)
  11. Orphans Care Organization Agency(OCOA)
  12. Good hearted Orphans Disabled Organization(GODO)
  13. Women Organization Conflict Resolution in South Sudan (WOCRSS)
  14. Victims for Justice (VJ)

Contact: termanyang24@gmail.com

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