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Jagei Community Around The Globe Extends Its Communal Position Which Is Not In Consensus With Taban Deng Gai’s Traitorous Defection To Salva Kiir Mayar’s Ethnocentric Splm/Spla-In Govrernment.

By the Jagei Community’s Global leadership.

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Logo of Jagei Community…

August 6, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– We, the Jagei Community around the globe, are communally informing the South Sudanese people and international media observers that we are not in consensus with Taban Deng Gai’s traitorous decision to join Salva Kiir’s ethnocentric regime. President Salva kiir Mayar has lost our support since he allegedly shifted his given national powers into ethnocentric perspective on 15 December, 2013 up to now. Our opposing decision has to follow our societal conformity from the grassroots level of intellectuals to the hierarchical politicians and the military Generals.

We, communally ruled out that Taban Deng’s heinous defection from the SPLM/A-IO to SPLM/A-IG and thereafter unilaterally replaced Dr Machar as FVP of the Republic of South Sudan, has not convinced our societal conscience.

We would however assure the general public that our societal rejection against Taban’s defection and replacement of Dr Riek Machar has not being motivated by the nature of self-seeking positions as it has been the case for many defectors encompassing Gen Taban Deng. Our community has neither represented in the SPLM-IO national members of parliament nor in the SPLM-IO ministerial positions in the TGoNU. We are not fighting for those deadly positions but for the principles of a political democracy and human right for all South Sudanese.

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The few SPLM/A-IO members who were gathering in Crown Hotel had to attend because they feared for their lives to be infected by the SPLM-Virus if they had resisted Taban’s and Kiir’s oppressive orders at that day.

We believe that those SPLM/A-IO senior officials have been in political hostage from both Taban Deng and Salva Kiir in associating with their Chief of Staff Gen Paul Malong Awan who has been the main barrier of the signed ARCSS.

Salva Kiir was forcibly suppressed these SPLM-IO officials in order to use them for the media purposes and thought this would politically give a national and international leverage behind Taban Deng’s traitorous disloyalty and conspiracy against Dr Riek Machar and the entire SPLM/A-IO leadership.

We call upon our neighbouring counties of Lich State not to make another clannish mistake which could be synonymous to the unthinkable mistake made by the other group in the state. It would be a further cursed and a societal embarrassment to follow defector after defector in our military and political history in South Sudan.

Taban Deng has been in a societal conspiracy against Machar since he instigated the 1997-Nuer internal confrontation. He traitorously defected from Riek Machar’s political camp which fought for the demand of “Self Determination” of South Sudan. Insofar as he had joined John Garang who fought for the “United Sudan” in 1999-2000s.

The former Unity State Governor Taban Deng had physically and financially tortured the citizens of Lich State during his brutal State Governorship between 2005 and 2013. Taban Deng Gai was responsible for the murder of the heroic Col Gatluak Gai Gtawech whom he lured in for a fake peace in Parkur Payam of Koch county in 2011.

He was therefore responsible for the July,2015 defections of the SPLM-IO military Generals and political elders in Pagak. Some of those elders’ names are now looming to be appeared on his erroneously appointed ministers under Salva President Kiir’s deleterious regime. Taban Deng has been a political virus who politically chased away Dr Riek Machar’s powerful followers so that he could topple him easily with less resistance.

Taban had almost achieved his political conspiracy against Machar as he almost assassinated him during J1 planned attack in violation of the signed ARCSS.

We comprehensively convinced that Taban Deng Gai is a meretricious deadly-nightshade politician in our political and military history since 1997 until now. His murderous wisdom only defends on his political casuistry among the people of Lich State in various occasions from yesteryears until today. However, his long political conspiracy has satisfied almost everyone if not all in our territorial grassroots in South Sudan.

As one of the Lich State communities, we fully pledged our withstanding support behind our FVP of the Republic of South Sudan, the Chairman and Commander-in-Chief of SPLM/A-IO Dr Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon in accordance with the IGAD’s singed Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict of South Sudan (ARCSS).

We further called upon the UN, AU, US and IGAD to urgently dispatch the promised regional third party forces to bifurcate the rival forces to secure capital Juba. Prior to their mandated arrivals, the TGoNU will be comprehensively implemented and the national reconciliation would be oriented among the divided citizens across South Sudan.

SPLM/A-IO Viva!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dr Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon Viva!!!!!

Simon Gatwech Dual, Viva!!!!

Lt Gen Koang Chuol Ranley, Viva!!!

SPLA-IO Freedom Fighters Viva!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SPLM/A-IO Mass Media Fighters, Viva!!!!!!!!!

This communal statement is globally Singed by the following Jagei Community leaders.

  1. Hon Nhial Kam Both, Commissioner of Koch County, Lich State, South Sudan
  1. Malual Jal Bentim, Chairman of Jagei Community of North America.
  1. Maley K Wawudit, Acting Chairman of Jagei Community in Australia and, Mass Media Coordinator for Australia and New Zealand.
  1. Mawich Chuol Wuor, Chairman of Jagei Community in Uganda.
  1. Manong Mathol Biel, Chairman of Jagei Community in Sudan.

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James gatmai lok August 6, 2016 at 7:01 am

Our bros and sisters peace is the prorioty 4 us all.what we w,do only to prays to God.divided citizens cannot able to develop and educated their kids.let us forget this let us all put our kids to school weather under trees where.i always ask people to preaching only peace not war.this is my advice to you all.thanks


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