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Why South Sudan should be under United Nations trusteeship?

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Chief Editor,Nyamilepedia (file photo)
Chief Editor, Nyamilepedia (photo: file)

January 5th, 2015 (Nyamilpedia) — Absolutely, South Sudan as the nation has lost legitimacy in governance, transparency and accountability, respect of the rule of law and human rights worldwide. Surely, Government of South Sudan under the leadership of President Kiir Mayardit, Sudan People Liberation Movement in Opposition (SPLM-IO) under the leadership of Dr Riek Machar and the G11/10 have all failed to bring peace to the South Sudanese since crisis within the party emerged in 2013. The question is; if all the parties failed to resolve the issue; what mechanism should be use to restore peace and harmony in the Country? Is it bad for the United Nations to take leadership for ten (10) years since South Sudanese people have failed to lead themselves democratically?

More so, since the current crisis of the Republic of South Sudan emerged on the 15th of December 2013 in Juba, most of the people thought there might be hope for peaceful resolution of the conflict that has displaced civilians’ population and killed thousands on both sides of the conflict.

Hence, the numbers of the people that got killed in the conflict since 2013 December to date has gone beyond description from both sides of the conflict and parties involve do not compromise among each other. In fact who to blame now since most of the people have low opinion about South Sudan issue?

Furthermore, the two warring parties of the conflict are not agreeing on the peaceful resolution. The current leadership is being control by myopic individuals who emanated from one category of people that are working day and night for the collapse of the government and the State. On the other hand, the Country is now levelled as number one in the whole world as the corrupt, failed and collapse State according to one of the United Kingdom organisation who carryout research about South Sudan in 2014.

Interestingly, South Sudan issue/crisis is being seen by other people in the world as the only way of getting employment opportunity. Some of the international Community like United States of America (USA) is having a big interest in South Sudan problem that is why warring parties of South Sudan conflict are not agreeing on solving the issue. More so, United States is making its own business by not taking a unanimous decision of resolving the conflict. Some group are supporting the government under the leadership of Salva Kiir Mayardit and other groups are supporting Dr Riek Machar insurgencies. Which one is which now in South Sudan context? What is wrong with International Community and Obama Leadership?

Why South Sudan should be under United Nations Control?

Truly speaking, South Sudan as Nation has failed to do the needful to protect the interest of its citizen and integrity of the community at large as well justice, liberty and prosperity. There is no rule of law in place in the Country; which has lead to the current mess going on in the newest state. In summary the current leadership in the Country is being managed by lumpens (thieves) and extractives leaders whose their ideologies is to loot , kill and destroy the destiny of the people of South Sudan in one way or the other.

First of all, the issue of tribalism that is being put in practice by the political sycophants in the Country need good monitoring and evaluation mechanism. Most of the leaders in South Sudan only have ideology of preaching tribalism and nepotism. Each and every one is focusing on stomach not national issues. What a disgrace? All offices in the government of juba are under the control of some tribes and other people in the Country are marginalised due to what is not known to the people in the entire nation. How can South Sudan as the Country prosper when people/citizens are categorized on ethnicity? What can Dinka alone do in South Sudan when Nuer and other tribes are not there? What can Nuer, Murle, Chollo and Anyuak do without Dinka? The answer is no, all the sixty four (64) tribes MUST co-exist together and work for peaceful co-existence of society.

Secondly, politics is being practice based on the geo-political set up of the Republic of South Sudan, which is not absolute enough to be encouraged if people are nationalists. The current mess in the Country is being caused by geo-politics and lack of intellectual dynamism within most of those who claims to be politicians in Juba. The three greater Regions of Upper Nile, Equotoria and Bahr-elgazal region respectively should have not been the dividing factor of the people of South Sudan but rather should be uniting factor. All people in the Country presumed to be politicians in one way or the other which can never happen. Not all people can be politicians accept in a disorganised and failed state like South Sudan. Oh my God help South Sudan!

Thirdly, Country resources are being mismanaged in the hand of very few people /individuals. How can the Country prosper in one way or the other? Is South Sudan as the Country for individuals or it is for sixty four tribes (64)? Resources are taken to other countries for buying houses, buying ladies for sexual intercourse and cars that do not help the people of the newest nation in one way or the other. What a shame? God of heaven must see the evil acts going on in South Sudan!

Fourthly, judicial procedures are not following in the Country. It is the rule of the man verse the rule of law. What a disgrace? Judiciary is run by some primitives and myopic individuals who only focus on their own interests not the national interest. From the top to the bottom, you find only one section of individuals in the judiciary. What kind of Judiciary is that in the all world? World Must see the ongoing mess in Juba by putting hot measures and regulations in place.

More so, Central Bank of South Sudan (CBOSS) is being managed by one group of the people as i speak. From the Governor of the Bank up to cleaners, all are the villages working, that is why nothing is moving well in the Bank. 70% of the Central Bank employees are semi-literate/illiterate. Is South Sudan belonging to only one faction of individuals? All Country resources are in the hand of family members. The allocation of resources and revenues is stagnant based on the individualism, sectarianism, nepotism, corruption and primitives’ ideology. God of heaven must see what is going on in South Sudan!

On the other hand, Immigration Department in the Republic of South Sudan is being managed by people from cattle camps. Most of the staff of immigration don’t do the work professionally but rather do the work based on, what should one get at that particular period of time. All the revenues that are supposed to be collected from all borders and Juba International Air Port (JIAP) are going to the pocket of individuals not to the government. Approximately, each and every one from the Immigration department is having his/her own methodology of doing the work. There is no accountability and transparency put in place. What progress can South Sudan get from such a leadership or regime?

Absolutely, National Security services is being managed by one group in Juba, that is why people always disappeared day and night without proper reason and justification. Most of the intellectuals in South Sudan are being displaced due to the issue of Security threats from within the corridors in Juba the Capital. Last week, there was disappearance of some three intellectuals that, I know and eventually they were killed without any proper reason but to my own investigation as investigative Journalist, I got the information that, their bodies were thrown in to River Nile which is unfortunate.

Justification of facts!

Most people in South Sudan always opposed the idea of United Nations taking the leadership of South Sudan when, people know that, South Sudanese have failed to rule themselves due to tribalism and corruption cases that have become the only principle and mandate of the current regime in the leadership. Due to that fact that, our government have failed, most of the South Sudanese always said, South Sudan as the nation should not be subjected to United Nations trusteeship and people are forgetting that, South Sudanese have been failed by the Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM), a party that really need to be dismantle for good.
Surely, this is the right time for International Community to come in and do the needful for ten (10) years and afterward, may be South Sudanese people will come to their senses and begin advocating for peace and reconciliation processes afterward in the Country.

In conclusion, South Sudanese must admit that they have failed to solve their own problem. Despite the commitment of some people in different parts of the world. It is not good for the fighting to continue at this particular period of time since there is no side that is being defeated in the fighting. The Country has lost thousands and thousands of human beings and resources as well in buying weapons of mass destruction and chemical weapons. If the war will still continue then, most of the youth that are suppose to build the nation will get finish in this senseless war motivated by fools and thieves who are part and parcel of seventy five (75) corrupt officials in South Sudan.

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Gatwal Augustines January 5, 2015 at 12:55 pm

Reblogged this on The Snoop Magazine .

Taban Alfred Kenyi January 6, 2015 at 1:30 am

south Sudan as an independent country and hub of Africa can not go back to modern slavery to loose its territorial integrity through united nation / neocolonialism system,sorry Mr Gatwal Augustine’s i think your educated but you have not learnt the concept of the lovely citizen of this country i would advice you to go back to your roots and counsel the communities whom you fell that they are marginalize of marginalized hence our leaders needs shaping only but not to insult them indeed they are the sons of south Sudan however they are not slave to be sold as you think thank struggle continues.
by Taban Alfred Kenyi
Eastern Equatoria State /Torit

AGUMUT January 6, 2015 at 12:44 pm

That fashion is cool because South Sudan is very hot. Officials can not survived with Air conditions,they need to go out for walk without those expensive suits.


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