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IYA Organized Mentorship Training Under The Theme “Understanding In Human Rights In South Sudan”

A training chaired by TITO TER MANYANG GATWECH, the executive director of IYA and attended by  journalist MARTIN MANYIEL, some church leaders, women and mostly the youth. The aim of the training was to make the youth and woman to understand their rights and how they can achieve them.

By Nyalony Gatwang.


May 5th, 2018(Nyamilepedia) — A mentorship workshop, organized by the Intentional Youth for Africa(IYA), successfully concluded on May 4th, 2018 in Kampala, Uganda. The program was organized and chaired by the Executive Director of IYA, Mr. Tito Ter Manyang Gatwech.

To ensure that the program goes on smoothly, Tito invited religious leaders to offer a word of prayer to seek God’s wisdom, knowledge and understanding before anything else.

He then asked for an introduction where different individuals introduced themselves plus their personal expectations. Afterward he elaborated the theme saying that “IYA believes that there is a need to recognize the rights of women in South Sudan. But before we reorganize these rights we must first ask ourselves a few questions and after that then we shall be more than ready to reorganize the rights of women. What is human right? Do you all know your rights? Are you ready to take charge of your rights? Because it’s not until you answer such questions that you will advocate for your rights.”

According to Tito, it is becoming a common knowledge that women rights are violated on daily basis and he believes that such violations are not only common in the country side but also in major cities. He went on to explain that almost all African traditions do not allows women to take part in politics and decision making of important matters.

“As Africans, we used to have gods, this religion brought a lot of things and belief like mistreatment of women and many now stand to defend their say. For this case women are believed to be made for only the kitchen only and no male sex is supposed to cook or do any kitchen related thing.  In addition, woman are believed to be the weaker sex and for that reason advantaged is always got by the men in terms of job opportunity, leadership and decision making this is still being practiced.” Tito said.

In relation to civil wars in countries like South Sudan, Tito believes that women are the major victims of civil war. He explained that women are raped, killed or forced to live in swamps, IDPs and Refugees camps. He said many others have lost their husbands and are left suffering raising children by themselves, however, he offers a message of hopes that women should never give up.

“But we as IYA we as the new South Sudan, we are here to say no and encourage not only women but the youth that there is a place for them in South Sudan for its never too late to make a change, as we leave can we leave with a theme of togetherness to love one another forgive one another let me tell you a sample story about forgiveness” Tito said.

Tito went on to call for forgiveness saying that every person should forgive and start a new life instead of dwelling on the bitter past.

 “NELSON MANDELA once said, when I was walking out the door towards the gate to my freedom, I knew that if I didn’t leave behind my bitterness and hatred I would still be in prison. In the sprite I tell you all today that forgiveness and letting go plus the ability to raise above the challenges that have been caused by others in our life is such an important ability because we need to learn to accept apologies that we never received. I believe that you can’t fix yourself by breaking someone else.” Tito continued.

Calling for change in politics and other decision making chambers, Tito campaigns not just for women rights but equal rights to participate in politics and major decision making.

“Women should be given a chance to take part in politics and decision making in her country. A woman is supposed to choose her own husband but not for her parents to always decide for her who she should marry. Women should not think that politics is the only social point of human rights but they should also focus on other activities like bar soap making and other activities.” Tito said.

“Women should involve in income generating activities that can give them money to keep their children instead of waiting from men. An example about many girls who are stressed out there. They cannot do things of their own needs because their husbands own everything.” He continued.

On empowerment, Tito calls on his fellow men to encourage their women to take education seriously so that they can become women of great honor in their societies.

“I am encouraging men to educate their women because when they study. They can become women of grate honor. Women should not stay at home we should also be able to know our rights and respect our husbands as well. For example from former speaker of South Sudan Student association. She wanted to be the speaker but other south Sudanese did not want her to participate as a speaker but instead they wanted her to contest as Minister of Gender or something else because of the belief that women cannot handle other things, but she said being a woman is so beautiful.” Tito explained.

“In the past we could not control anything and many people did know about human rights issues but now days many are learning some of the human rights and laws that governed human rights.” He continued.

Many participants, especially women believe that it was a great event, and they thank Mr.Tito and his youth organization(IYA) for organizing such a great occasion.

“Everyone that attended this mentorship training didn’t leave the same way they came. Don’t miss out on the next program that will take part on 9/05/2018” he concludes.

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