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INTELLEAK: The Security Meetings of Salva Kiir To Encounter “Foreign Force Intervention”

Very confidential

The security meeting of Salva Kiir

Date on 22nd July 2016

Subject: The Imminent Forces to Intervene in RoSS.



July 28, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– The Ethiopian forces are spearheading the intervention forces followed by Kenyan force and Sudan force that has selected Paloch to be their area with regards to deployment of intervention forces concerning the protection of installation.

The IGAD intervention force are being supported by America and AU which indicate the invisible hands of TROIKA, UN despite the AU, IGAD shadow being used in the intervention of foreign forces.

The intention of the intervention forces is regime change, the other objective such as creation of buffer zone and protection of civilians are the justification for the invading forces to be legalized.

The Ethiopian forces shall pass through Mayale border and assemble in Lokichogio where they shall be transported with the Kenyan forces using both Air and ground to Juba, while Gulu shall be used as logistic and air force center.

There is no two armies in Juba at the present unless they call in new forces from SPLA/M-IO and deploy them in Juba again to create a buffer zone, while the civilians were in UNMISS protection camp, unless they creates new centers for the civilians which are outside Protection of Civilians (PoC)

Concerning Juba International Airport (JIA) is the responsibility of the Government of South Sudan before and after the independent and nothing has been reported as threats to international and indigenous flights.

Regarding Paloch oil production area has never been threaten by the rebel since fighting erupted in December 2013, and GoSS is capable of protecting it including other important installations.


1- The foreign intervention forces are going for the regime change in South Sudan with or without the consent of GoSS.

2- The diplomacy and military preparation should moves abreast to handle the foreign intervention both militarily and politically.

3- The Juba International Airport and Paloch oil production area should be kept as Redline for the intervention foreign forces.

4- Ethiopia and Sudan should be considered as first enemy, followed by Kenya and GoSS should prioritize the handling of the handling of the intervention forces.

5- The unknown gunmen can engages UNMISS while treating the intervention forces as an isolated case from UNMISS to reduce tension with UNSC.

6- Follow up the movement of the intervention forces where they originates on daily bases.

Subject: The Imminent TORIKA and IGAD Invasion to RoSS, 13th July 2016

The Sudan moved in IGAD is unusual, and RoSS should make a quick alliance with the opposite bloc such as Russia and China, in a shortest time possible before the IGAD,TROIKA invading force block our logistic supplies routes (Gulu-Uganda).

The UNMISS movement should be restricted, and give them exit plan including their relocation outside Juba city, and other towns in South Sudan.

The RoSS should send a joint delegation of military and political elites to Russia and China to make a deal on supplies of military hardware to South Sudan, and to defend our position in UNSC, while we start lobbying in the upcoming AU meeting in Rwanda.

The South Sudan should contact all the negative forces against the IGAD Troop Contributing Countries (Uganda, Sudan, Kenya, Djibouti and Ethiopia) to start fighting within their areas to reverse their decision of invasion.


1- The military and political delegation should visit Russia and China this week, with the seal deals on oil for arms.

2- Field contacts with the negative forces within the region and support them to ignite fire all over South Sudan neighbors.

3- Contacting IO to strike the deal for our survival ,or quit the ToGNU

4- Youth mobilization and training for the protracted war of TROIKA and IGAD invasion.

5- Hostility against UNMISS and other NGOs who are operating under them.

6- Threatening to leave AU, IGAD membership.

7- Sending strong team to New York to protect our interest in UNSC.

8- Exposing TROIKA, IGAD plans of invading South Sudan through Uganda, and RoSS readiness to prevent them.

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Warfive July 28, 2016 at 10:25 am

This is too late for IG to dispatch top delegates to Russia and China forget the UN sanctions that’s impossible wrong move.

Whortti Bor Manza July 28, 2016 at 5:53 pm

This is a day dream. You cannot salvage a poured oil by mere hands.
Where will South Sudan get that oil to bribe Russia after all Russian is the largest producer of oil and gas in Europe.
Poor guy.

Julu lo muludiang July 29, 2016 at 8:07 am

Desperate attempt, too late. Russia wants to sell its oil for money. China is already getting south Sudan’s oil for almost free. Both Russia and China won’t bet on the losing side.


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