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The Post SPLM IO Ministerial portfolios Allocation

The truth you need to know.
By  Hon. Nguen Riek Yaht,
Leaders of SPLM/SPLA(IO) meeting British Ambassador to South Sudan. From left to right: British Ambassador to South Sudan Christopher Trott, SPLM-IO leader Dr. Riek Machar Teny, deputy SPLM-IO leader Hendry Odwar and SPLM-IO chairperson of security and defense Angelina Teny (Photo credit: supplied)
Leaders of SPLM/SPLA(IO) meeting British Ambassador to South Sudan. From left to right: British Ambassador to South Sudan Christopher Trott, SPLM-IO leader Dr. Riek Machar Teny, deputy SPLM-IO leader Hendry Odwar and SPLM-IO chairperson of security and defense Angelina Teny (Photo credit: supplied)

May 1, 2020(Nyamilepedia) —-  The Revitalized Transitional Government of National Unity (RTGoNU) was formed on March 12th, 2020 by the multiparties of the Khartoum-Addis Ababa, September 12 2018,  Peace Agreement. The RTGoNU is supposed to be a fulfilment of the promised by the parties if it is implemented in letter and spirit. This agreement defines the roles, ratios and responsibilities of each player and borders are set clear.

In line with SPLM IO positions, the head of the movement is responsible for the national business that fall under his jurisdiction. Something exactly like the one he just did recently; the nominations and appointments of political and military leaders.

Well, since the formation of the above mentioned coalition government, social media has been flooded with messages, some sound relevant and others not. 

A few individuals or so have declared their defections and allegiance to SPLM IG in pretext of the SPLM IO ratio allocation and procedural appointment.

This motivated defections from some generals and lousy politicians were centered on criticism of the ministry of Defense and Petroleum;  two ministries that are allocated to Upper Nile and Unity State, respectively.

To shed light on this, the Chairman of the SPLM/A-IO on his part staged nomination processes with much wider consultations seemingly in Community-party level.  I was a witness to this process in my constituency Fangak as State (Phow) and as community too. 

In fact, no body amongst the current ministers with ticket of SPLM IO won the trust of Chairman who did not discussed his or he candidacy in his or her particular constituency. 

In the same token, disgruntle defected folks and loser individuals have also witnessed the nomination processes in their respective communities (constituencies). 

If you can talk of Upper Nile or narrow it to Eastern Nuer community, losers and winners had enough serious negotiations amongst themselves to the point of their last breathe. It was really genuine process we ever seen. These dudes left with nothing then part of Almighty God and that of Chairman in his prerogative sense. 

If I could turn to western Upper Nile or western Nuer community, universal briefing and wonderful debate had undergone significance stages and the question of how many ministries they shall have and the category of their ministers did ensued. All the attendees in the venue got it clear they have only one ministry and should be headed by the female in character. 

It took them no minute to know who is this female in personality. In the course of discussion, Hon. Angelina Teny in her personal courage asked Chairman to inform the gathering for the next event, sensibly the name of female who shall head the ministry. 

Down to the truth, Hon. Angelina Teny in a silence voice of the Chairman informed the gathering that she was informed by the Chairman she would be the one to head the ministry. There then, debate of choice ranged right way among the attendees and this debate ended peacefully in her favor.

Why Hon. Angelina Teny, Hon. Puot Kang Chol and other ministers to serve in RTGoNU:

To roughly lay it here, we would better think deep on matters necessitated truth. 

The appointment of the duo has nothing to do with particular relations as many nonessential records registered then that they have got appointed to continue with implementation of the agreement which they, like other Cdes have been entrusted by the leadership of movement.

SPLM/A IO is an organization serves by two sides, individual and community. Can we acknowledge individual contributions in trial of national struggle? Yes we can! Well, comrade Puot Kang and Hon. Angelina Teny like many other comrades have done their part and had been in front line of negotiations during the first and second phase of negotiations with regime. 

Hon. Puot in his personal capacity as youth chairman played a great role representing the youth throughout this tragic journey until his appointment as minister in this RTGoNU. He has played the role we all expect; a person in his or her limit capacity could play. That earns him big appreciation and too, earns him the chance to have him as minsiter of petroleum of the day. 

The responsibility which a movement entrusted to Cde Puot as youth leader; he kept and used it to intended end and therefore any criticism must be made by scoring the both sides; positive and negative.

The loose language which people say the “Youth and Young hood” factor could bare him a chance for such ministry is plainly naive and severely malnourish justification. 

There are reasons we can agree on why Hon. Puot is fit to head the ministry. Cde Puot was assigned by the leadership of SPLM IO as immediate person behind DC, Hon. Henry Odwar, a huge responsibility to implement pre-transitional arrangements with regime. 

What is this mean to you then, it is that, this comrade has zeal to serve the common purpose of great mass.

Same to that line, ministerial portfolios are all political duty which technocrats are implementers of the policy designed and direct by the minister in question. In that fact, throughout my knowledge in South Sudan and beyond, ministerial portfolios have never have defining age to head it. And if am not wrong Cde Puot is on his late thirtieth (30) of age. 

Hon. Puot his ever keen in any business entrusted to him by the leadership and with that, I believe he has all relevance qualities do his assignment satisfactorily. If need be to deny him a chance of this ministerial hive, must be reason beyond the current language people are dwelling on.

I also need to deconstruct the little-worth arguments over appointment of Hon. Angelina Teny as minister of defense. Far more of the time, the appointment of Hon. Angelina Teny was truly anticipated to happen and indeed waited with much anxiety among SPLM IO members and particularly much more amongst the Nuers. 

Right down to the announcement of the ministers, castigation on Machar he appointed his wife and that she is woman who occupied military post cannot become a fashion of the day all over the world. In their naivety and selfish exaggerations, none of complainer all around could genuinely come to flourish and furnish the media why exactly she could not head the ministry of Defense. That is placing the logical balancing argument.

The version that she is wife of Dr Riek is less attractive and earn a complainer less attention. Why, simply Angelina knows what is needed to be done in making our national army a perfect institution. By the time competent team of SPLM/A IO dispatched to Juba to implement security arrangements with the regime, Hon.  Angelina was heading security arrangements committee on our side. Frequently or on and off, she has been unavoided member of security arrangements discussions in this agreement. And over last six years she serves the same position in political Bureau. There was no day if am not wrong a complaint staged because of her incompetence and, or why she should occupy the post while Riek Machar heading the movement. Moreover, her vigor efforts have on appreciations and if happen she receives the same criticism like any other comrades in the movement. 

Angelina Teny in a plain truth has made contributions that a person could be rewarded by the institution working with. 

I have a lot to say though. The only value in arguments why she should not been appointed as minister of Defense rest on the social balancing contemplation in the Western Upper Nile. Meaning giving this ministerial position to any other county in Unity State except Leer. The gist of this is social-community perspective.

Can any cadre fails to hold a post because of her or his marital status with the head in institution? I believe not. 

Many people who are loading criticism, rush to cite the defected Koang Chuol, Gen. Gatwech Dual and many others would have been the ones to occupy the post.  Yes they deserve because of their military skills and professionalism as officers in the army. But can they not organize the arms in their current positions, of course they can if they are up to their business. Again, the appointed ministers are subjected to reshuffling which none of them is immune; a culture of political systems.

The reality which we should know and those disgruntled members should also know too, all our comrades whom were entrusted by the leadership for implementation of pre-transitional period arrangements deserve comeback for second time. This is because the due work wasn’t at all implemented. I guessed this have landed in our hearts and grasped as matter lay in our general understanding. The task of implementing agreement was not achieved we all know and many issues left untouched and now carried over to the transitional period we are in.

What is that then? That is great responsibility that Hon. Puot, Angelina Teny and other comrades must by all counts should comeback to continue the fight. 

All our comrades who have been appointed to ministerial portfolios have some things we owe them. They are individuals with particular traits and we should appreciate them for their commitment they have shown in this journey of struggle. 

It was sensible action from Chairman having appointed them because they know best what is accomplished, what is not and which issues hindrance the implementation process.

Some fair share in ministerial portfolios:

The allocation of ministerial portfolios met what we some time call equitable and genius allocation. Or else though, categorically, if we reason out on tribal basis, Nuer and Dinka have taken lion share unlike other nationalities groups which represented in regional perspective. This is clear fact!

Each minister participation in his or her constituency:

With no hesitation, whether Hon. Puot Kang, Angelina Teny or any other new appointed ministers under SPLM IO banner all have done their personal contributions both in the community and movement level where each deserve to be reward if that is the case in hand. However, my real reason never hint the losers or any comrade at margin not qualified for granted chance.

What do we need from Chairman of SPLM/A IO;

My limited understanding of circumstances revolving around appointed ministers is only for the Chairman to squelch off those unnecessary noises by elucidating the truth of why former comrades of NPTC from SPLM IO accorded another more chance. In such, the wider leadership should be made responsible to quench the public out of their ignorance about this visible fact. Or otherwise there is no other justification thereafter wards for anyone to reprove the Chairman and, or so the outstanding grievances could mount to the defection.

Chairman has prerogative to appoint who here and there and when to terminate the trust with individuals’ minister in question. 

Meaning Chairman can appoint you today and remove you tomorrow. Those who have sense could know this.

The constant versions of hopeless   defectors:

The point I want to paint first is that any institution administer by human being begin with family institution has infinite issues that undergoing formal and informal remedy. 

No one that could think SPLM IO as movement is immune from multi-issues that demand greater attention in resolving them. 

However, the remediation of matter arise is process that require great patient and unwavering loyalty towards the national cause. There are enormous challenges and issues daunting the leadership and they are genuine concerns to be address. However, they are what the management is meant for.

So recently, media has been flooded by the defectors propagations with their new terms which all prod to the Chairman and his family. The terms are “family enterprise or family dynasty.” Well, all these terms are used by senseless, disheartened, slaves mentally captivate and politically motivated individuals to defect and hurt his own cause. 

What is the prove of their claim? The only prove is they have not secure the anticipated positions to quench out thier thirst after six (6) years of bush live. Some defectors whom were entrusted with public duty have badly exhausted the movement of resources to the point of no recovery. The best example you can cite are the former Generals that were assigned here for security implementation arrangements, they offloaded and sold out Greater Equatoria logistics. 

Selfless is rewarded at the end. We can sometime classify those defectors. Fishing hooks the like of Dak Dup Bichok and those who made their decisions under the influence of money paroxysm are treated as hopeless in fine categories in our live time.

As they are most retarded groups all together; you can understand in their shallow statements, SPLM IO deviated from its vision, mission and objectives, that the Chairman took the ownership of the movement, that we switched our allegiance to Salva Kiir, that he Salva Kiir will implement the peace and particularly security arrangements. That is in it totality absurd! All this deployment and chronological disorder of the peace and whole agreement in the country is oversees by him and his sycophants or cohorts.

Yes, the movement has no resources to make itself alike with government so that those whose mission was search for self-satisfaction at the expense of movement will quenched their need over.

How SPLM/A IO come to existence

The existence of this movement is clear and it should be burdensome to narrate it here. In a nutshell, after expulsion as ordinary citizens of this country we were forced to response and form a movement that will organize ourselves for our continued survival. Across this country all nationalities including the nationality fall under Salva Kiir and JCE have experienced injustice and absence of rule law.  

Partially none of nationalities has escape the burden of Salva Kiir and his associates ruthless rule. 

Then what is that there are these wolves who escaped Juba by God mercy could today exhorting Salva Kiir as peace-loving leader. We can label them as dog-sloop individuals having no independent hope only counting the day for immediate survival. 


Whatever season in it quality placed against leadership of SPLM IO has lost it virginity once you declared your allegiance to JCE under reign of Salva Kiir. 

It should be known that the formation of this movement was not about self-service but walk the walk for national cause. 

With all humility, we accepted in principle each entity has issues need to be attended to by it leadership and yet we have to stand enduring our differences while trialling the bigger cause taken up our own life. It could be better for anyone disheartened to call for leadership reconsideration then joining Salva Kiir that have so much wounded this country. 

Therefore, having hopes, determinations and challenging ourselves within the movement yield wonderful outcomes for us this generation and next generation in South Sudan.

For more information, you can reach the author through his email at gairiekyat@gmail.com

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