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IGAD Interests and JMEC Failed South Sudan: Imposing Kiir on People

JMEC Chairman, Festus Mogae meets Salva Kiir at his Palace(Photo: JMEC)
JMEC Chairman, Festus Mogae meets Salva Kiir at his Palace(Photo: JMEC)

April 02, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —— It has been so clear that there is no peace interest in Salva Kiir and Dinka Council of Elders/JCE since the signing of the agreement on resolution of the conflict in South Sudan on the 17th and 26th August 2015 by SPLM-IO and SPLM/A-Dinka Council of Elders (JCE), respectively, to restore stability after years of imposed civil war devastation caused by SPLM/A-Dinka Council of Elders/JCE’s coordinated ethnic cleansing state policy in Juba and elsewhere in the country.

It is important to mention that SPLM/A-JCE had signed the agreement in 2015 unwillingly after placing many point of reservations while describing the agreement as “it’s not a Bible or Quran,” meaning that SPLM/A-JCE can violates it any time as JCE reservations require.

The JCE Presidential Order No. 36/2015 for creation of illegal 28 to recent 32 States in the Republic of South Sudan replacing existing legal 10 states was against the spirit and letter of Peace agreement – a clear violation to the Constitution and agreement but IGAD and JMEC yapping – see no problem; only looking after hatred on SPLM/A-IO comrades, putting SPLM/A-IO and Dr. Machar’s life on fire forcing him returning to Juba in 2016.

In the present of silent self-interesting world leaders, JMEC, IGAD, Troika and UN, the SPLM/A-JCE, after Dr. Machar landed Juba, placed lot of obstacles to peace agreement as:

  1. Refusal to reverse illegal tribal 28 states to original legal 10 states;
  2. Re-militarizing instead of demilitarizing Juba as per the agreement;
  3. Refusal of cantonment areas for SPLA-IO in Equatoria & Bahrelghazal region;
  4. Blocking TGoNU’s transitional constitutional making process;
  5. Rejection of reconstitution of Transitional National Legislative Assembly;
  6. Unilateral appointment of 10 presidential advisers from SPLM/A-JCE;
  7. SPLA-JCE intensified its brutal war in Wau & Raja, Equatoria region (Mundri, Ezo, Yambio) and attacks SPLA-IO positions in Greater Upper Nile in a clear violation of the peace agreement;
  8. Denying office for the First Vice President to carry out his duties.
  9. Finally, concluded with 8th July 2016 assassination attempt on the life of Dr. Machar and SPLM/A-IO.

During all those violations to the agreement, IGAD and JMEC continue dancing with Dinka domination policy’s music; IGAD’s Museveni, Kiir and Kenyata telling them there is no wrong with JCE in South Sudan – oil is flowing – money is coming.

The mission lauded Dr. Machar for holding President Mogae responsible for Genocide committed on his watch; ÀRCISS and TGoNU collapsed on his watch; War escalated on his watch; Famine struck on his watch, with 100,000 people are facing starvation and 1 million people classified being on the brink of famine in Unity State; Catastrophic killing of tens of thousands and internal displacement of 2 million people with over 223, 994 living in six Protection of Civilians (PoC) sites across the country and externally an influx of 1.6 million refugees settling in the neighbouring countries: CAR, DRC, Ethiopia, Sudan, Kenya and Uganda. Meanwhile United Nations has declared famine in parts of South Sudan, with 7.5 million people in need of humanitarian assistance and fear of genocide, whereas JCE Government forces supported by UPDF weapons supply continue killing aid workers, killed 79 aid workers since December 2013, meant to starve to death the non-Dinka ethnics opposing to JCE President Kiir and his ethnic Dinka domination.

SPLM/SPLA (IO) is on self-defense. Has nothing violence to denounce or ceasefire. JMEC’s Mogae cannot go to ask Dr. Machar in South Africa to denounce staying in South Africa leaving Kiir in uniform with guns shooting, killings, displacing and starving civilians in South Sudan.

Mogae should, instead demanding Machar denounce violence, offer or accepts initiation of a political forum for the parties to engage on peaceful settlement of the conflict, resuscitate and review the ARCISS where Cessation of hostilities should be negotiated in the said forum.

Now, it’s up to Mogae and IGAD to continues dinning with Kiir’s Dinka domination TGoNU or buy Dr. Machar peace opinions. SPLM/A-IO Chairman and C-in-C cannot be threaten for being in South Africa.  SPLA-IO is in South Sudan, no matter how strong is IGAD/Museveni and Kiir.

More importantly, it’s apparent that IGAD loses Creditability to mediate South Sudan conflict. IGAD members set South Sudan on fire, continuously fueling and stewing toward imminent disintegration.  It’s better IGAD (JMEC) handover South Sudan peace to AU, EU or UN since:

  1. IGAD abandoned 2015 peace agreement;
  2. IGAD is indifference with President Museveni (Uganda), Kiir (South Sudan), Kenyata (Kenya) + … the key war players in South Sudan. Can a warring party be a negotiator of itself with her opposing party? That is definitely injustice to the other party, the SPLM/A-IO.
  3. IGAD engineered South Sudan conflict through President Museveni, who gave Dr. Machar 4 days only to surrender or be capture alive, in January 2014 IGAD meeting in Nairobi;
  4. IGAD member, Museveni, army bombarded South Sudanese with cluster bombs and used all types of artillery against South Sudanese in defense of Salva Kiir & JCE regime;
  5. IGAD’s Uganda provides weapons and air jets to Kiir’s Dinka militia to kills more South Sudanese of other ethnicity;
  6. IGAD intentionally lured Dr. Machar to Juba in 2016 to finish him and his SPLM/A-IO;
  7. IGAD accomplice the assassination attempt on the life of SPLM/A-IO Chairman Dr. Machar in July 2016 J1 and 40 days’ hot pursuits to DRC – not condemned though violate world law;
  8. IGAD’s Kenya has become Jieng Council of Elders’ hall for abduction of South Sudanese who are deemed threaten and anti-Dinka domination, e.g. Dong Luak, Aggrey Idri and James Gatdet;
  9. Therefore, IGAD is identical as Kiir as Museveni;
  10. IGAD pursues Dinka Domination – Kiir’s permanent Life-Presidency.
  11. To their end, IGAD/JMEC Mogae is acting in attempt to sway AU, EU and UN from taking a right track against Salva Kiir and JCE anti-peace policy – violations of international law.

Considering the above facts, IGAD is not Neutral = illegible to negotiate South Sudanese. The people are left to decide themselves; whether to surrender and go to bed with or resist Dinka domination, fight until disintegration of South Sudan into Islands or till IGAD behind Salva Kiir regretted their pass of forcing other to accept illegal divisive tribal agenda.

However, in this unjust world, Mogae or IGAD can make impossible possible, could take Dr. Machar to hell since IGAD & Troika grounded him in South Africa, but we will continue the good fight of freedom and equality. Also, we, this generation can be taken hostage in South Africa or to hell as Dr. Machar as Hon. Henry Odwar again, our next generations and children will continue the fight against Dinka domination & foreigners or they will be force to form their own nation states out of Mogae and IGAD behind Salva Kiir’s Dinka domination.

IGAD must be informed well, that, Kiir slaves – Taban Deng Gai & supporters, those are being used to kill their own parents for money and slave-fame have no support in their constituencies. That, South Sudan conflict is no more between Machar and Kiir; it’s between South Sudanese versus Jieng Council of Elders and SPLA–JCE militia. IGAD can today hung Kiir or Dr. Machar, we the people will continue fighting until no one tribe dominates other majority tribes; the day equality and respect for dignity of every tribe in South Sudan is uphold.

The SPLM/A-IO, and all 64 tribes have decided, not fear whoever may use forces to enforce JCE and Kiir’s ethnic domination on the majority South Sudanese, to fight and liberate their children and future generations from York of Dinka domination and IGAD colonization.

For any good peace; only the UN that timely response establishing displaced people’s protection sites in UNMISS bases, managing sites in Juba, Malakal, Bor, Bentiu, Wau, Yambio, Yei and Melut, providing funding, food, nutrition, protection, health, shelter and NFI, water, sanitation and hygiene to IDPs can be the only right institution that can bring peace to South Sudanese. Not money taker that can make a good peace; business group only make money on human blood.

I therefore call up on UN, EU and AU to intervene to imposes peace on JCE forces (IGAD) that have pillaged and destroyed civilian lives, properties & humanitarian infrastructures, e.g. offices, food aid, medical facilities, targeting places of refuge, e.g. hospital, churches and UN bases and brought famine and starvation, starving non-Dinka to achieve JCE objective tribal domination.

Kuajien Lual Wechtuor

SPLM/SPLA-IO Representative,

German Mission

Cc: UN Secretary General

Cc: AU Commission

Cc: EU


JMEC Chairman, Festus Mogae meets Salva Kiir at his Palace(Photo: JMEC)
JMEC Chairman, Festus Mogae meets Salva Kiir at his Palace(Photo: JMEC)

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