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Mr. Telar Ring Deng – The Most Corrupt and Mastermind of 2013 South Sudan Political Crisis is Back!

By Andrew Mabor Clement,

Telar Ring Deng shakes hands with Russia Premier (Photo/Scoopnest)
Telar Ring Deng shakes hands with Russia’s Premier Vladmir Putin (Photo/Scoopnest)

April 02, 2017(Nyamilepedia) ——There is a growing feeling of frustration and confusion emerging in South Sudan. It appears majority of the people do not know exactly what they really want. Meaningless brawls are turned into battles; opportunists with no political or development agenda are decorated into heroes and allowed state to be held hostage by people who have little regard to progress of South Sudan.

One of such characters is Mr. Telar Ring Deng, the man who has been a symbol of hate and corruption is actively fighting his way back into the corridors of power in J-1. Mr. Deng is the current Ambassador of South Sudan to Russia, a position he was appointed to by the President for the mere reason of accommodation in October 2014 after he was overwhelmingly rejected by the National Parliament to become the Minister of Justice due to some dubious financial scandal he was associated with and lack of requisite academic qualification after it emerged that the Law Degree which he claimed to have obtained from a certain University in the United Kingdom (UK) was found to be fake.

Mr. Deng records in South Sudan political arena have never been clean, he joined the SPLA-Nasir faction of the SPLA when the rebel movement split in 1991. While in SPLA-Nasir faction, he vigorously fought against SPLA Mainstream for more than two years before he finally abandoned the faction after realizing that their defeat was imminent.

In 2013, Mr. Telar managed to manipulate and dismantle the SPLM just out of hate and desire to revenge against the liberation cadres; the likes of Pagan Amum and Deng Alor whom he believed were behind his political dismissal from the SPLM in 2007. He thought his conflict with Pagan was personal and instead he established tentacles to control President Kiir Mayardit’s machineries and decision-making at the expenses of the former SPLM cadres now turned FDs. He made sure he painted black this hypothetical power bloc and subsequently tried to appoint himself as Justice Minister with intention to jail them once and for all forgetting that he is more cynical than people he planned to witch-hunt. This sinister motive was realized and his appointment was blocked in the parliament. The President was left with no option but to discard him as he had become a political liability.

Although he was reinstated as Presidential advisor on legal affairs after he was rejected by the parliament, President Kiir was once again forced to relent to pressure from oppositions who demanded Telar’s removal at Arusha intra-SPLM party Dialogue. President Kiir finally dismissed and relegated him to the Embassy in Moscow given that he had become a thorny obstacle at the talks. Telar was consoled out of J-1 like a small kid trying to protest the separation from a mother but for him, it was lucrative seat of power where he had been a sole and unchallengeable political broker. The Executive office of the President made sure that Telar was escorted out with sum of $500,000 – just to spice up his departure. The political consequence of Telar Ring Deng’s friendship with president Salva was the 2013 mayhem that rocked the country. The SPLM exploded at unprecedented violence and death. All of it was Telar Ring Deng’s making.

In this regard, it is to be noted by the readers that the dubious financial transaction which the parliament was referring to was the letter he wrote in the name of office of the President when he was the Presidential Advisor on Legal Affairs sometimes back in 2012 to Mr. Kornelio Koriom Mayik, the then Governor of the Bank of South Sudan threatening him that he would be fired if he did not approve the payment of USD 7 Million Dollars to his associate Mr. Garang Deng Aguer for a small plot hosting a petrol station in Hai Jalaba near the bank of South Sudan. The real value of this plot was estimated to cost around 1.2 million US dollars or less.

The Bank Governor at the time out of fear that he would lose his position, succumbed to Mr. Telar’s pressure and approved the payment in its totality, a deal which costed our beloved Country a loss of about 5.8 million US Dollars to Mr. Telar’s private account.

As if the money that he stole from the bank of South Sudan in 2012 through dubious deal wasn’t enough loss to the Republic of South Sudan, Mr. Telar decided to go some extra miles to mastermind yet another financial scam.

This latest scam took place in 2016, when he without a shame or remorse for humanity decided to divert USD 6 Million dollars which was meant for compensation for the Russian soldiers who died in the UN Helicopter that was mistakenly shot down by the SPLA in August 2014.

An official who was involved in the negotiation process but declined to be named due to the sensitivity of the matter narrated to me that Mr. Telar tricked the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Justice and Office of the President into believing that transferring the funds directly to the Russian government would be complicated since it is under strict economic sanctions from the EU and US governments. He advised the above offices that the money be transferred to the South Sudan Embassy’s Account in Moscow under the pretext that it was going to be used for construction of the embassy premises in Moscow and thereafter the original purpose can be settled. This money ended up with shameless Telar and Russians are still complaining as I write this piece.

As if Ambassador Telar’s manipulation in 2013 was not enough, he has now deserted his duty station in Russia and permanently back in Juba to solicit for ministerial appointment despite the above image damaging scandals. He is currently scheming for not only one ministry but four of them. He is now eyeing at ministry of Foreign Affairs and International cooperation, Ministry of cabinet Affairs, ministry in the office of the President and the ministry of Justice praying this time that his appointment should not go through the parliament given that the current government is a coalition government that does not require parliamentary vetting.

Mr. Telar alleged that the Transitional Government of National Unity (TGoNU) has too much of people he does not want in control. He believes that the President is being excessively controlled by the First Vice President. The aim of Mr. Telar is to sabotage the Agreement on the Resolution of the conflict in the Republic of South Sudan (ARCISS).

In order to achieve favorable outcomes of his campaign, Mr. Telar held series of indoor meetings at his house as well as at residences of some of J.C.E. members. He is relentlessly lobbying members of J.C.E. to convince the President to appoint him as minister in the office of the president not knowing that the goal of Mr. Telar is to destroy working relations between him and the First Vice President and create another rift similar to 2013 scenario.

Over a week ago, Mr. Telar and his political cronies convened a meeting at his house to discuss strategies on how to mobilize political power brokers. The meeting was attended by; Cde Angui Diing Ding, the failed and incompetent SPLM Secretary for foreign relations, Cde Nyuol Justin Yac, Cde Kuel Aguer, a junior employee in the Office of the President, Gen. Deng Maniin, a general whose time has been consumed by excessive drinking leaving him with little to his personal hygiene and Cde Machar Aciek Ader, former NILEPET Managing Director but actively up fighting for another portfolio. Mr. Telar told his illegal gathering that he has been promised by the President that the Minister of Trade and Industry Hon. Moses Hassan Ayet who is also his cousin will be fired within 90 days so as to make way for him. He seriously bragged in front of young and inexperienced cronies that he has a trust of the President and assured them that all what they are strategizing on would be implemented. He bluntly told them the President is someone who can’t withstand the pressure and that he (President) would soon give in to his demand. He said he did the same with him when he demanded the President to sack the former Governor of Eastern Lakes State, Hon. Rin Tueny Mabor.

The resolutions adopted in the meeting include; working tirelessly to convince the President to remove Mr. Mayik Deng, the current minister in the office of the President or remove Deng Alor from his current docket and transfer him to ministry of Trade and Industry and appoint Mr. Telar as his replacement in Foreign Affairs/office of the president depending on outcome of his engagement with the president. The second resolution was to devise strategies of approaching members of J.C.E to persuade the President to appoint Mr. Telar to the cabinet. He promised the group that he would fight hard once he get in to replace Minister of Finance Hon. Stephen Dhieu with Yel Akol Tiit and General Akol Kor to be replaced with Ambassador Bol Wek Agoth, the current Chief Administrator in President’s office.

In conclusion, I want to inform the people of South Sudan and those in power that allowing Mr. Telar back to the cabinet will be catastrophic given his dirty political history. If there is anyone to refute facts outlined here, it would be of great justice to the men and women of this country to come forward. I am soon going to release additional evidence including the details about his $4.5 million house sold to NILEPET in Thongpiny neighborhood.

The author is a concerned South Sudanese living in Juba, South Sudan and can be reached at adrewmabor444@gmail.com

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Peacemaker April 2, 2017 at 11:44 pm

Bravo Mr. Andrew for exposing corruption. I’m interested in that part of the plot on which there was a fuel station( near the Central Bank). to set record right, that plot is a government property which belonged to the ” Fuel Supply Project” under the then Regional Ministry of Commerce and Supply- SR/ Juba. I was once the manager in that station from 1981 – 1983 before South Sudan was subdivided into 3 sub regions by President Nimeiri. Buluk Service Station is another govt property had been newly built to meet then Juba demands of petroleum products. I had previously provided a comprehensive report to the MPM which resulted in the recovery of TOTAL OIL DEPOT in Gabat neigbourhood and its subsequent transfer to Nile Pet. The station in question was known as Ex- Total Service Station after it was renovated by PISCO, a contractor Co. awarded the contract by the Ministry of Commerce to construct petroleum storage facilities in the 3 Southern Sudan Provinces.

pat lam April 4, 2017 at 5:59 am

time for accusation is over let us seek help from good friends who share our suffering always like the usa uk and euopeans countries


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