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Governor Of Sobat State Sworn In New State Officials

Governor Duer Tut Duer post for a picture with the Secretariat of Sobat State.(Photo: supplied/Nyamilepedia)
Governor Duer Tut Duer post for a picture with the Secretariat of Sobat State.(Photo: supplied/Nyamilepedia)
Oct 18, 2015(Nyamilepedia)Hundreds of people gather in Mandeng of what would be the largest gathering in the State of Sobat since Duer Tut Duer was appointed more than eight months ago as the Governor. Primary school children, churches choirs, villages’ elders, women league, and with estimate 5,000 White Army attended the swearing in ceremony of the newly state officials which were appointed last month by the Governor. He surprised the crowd by revealing the names of his Advisory and they immediately took the oath.
David B.Monydet Advisor, and Chairman of Local Government Board, Doluony Deng Dayom Advisor of Food Security. Joseph Moyong Zoar Legal Advisor for Religious Affairs, Sobat State is one of the most resourceful with untapped oil reserved beneath. Largely swampy and crossed by rivers from Ethiopia, one would thought, it is this land prophesied by the biblical prophet, Isaiah more than forty centuries ago. Sobat State has been in full control of the Opposition forces since December 2013. Fifty miles a way from the borders of Ethiopia, security in the State have been stable since Governor Duer Tut Duer took the office.
Law and orders in place, commissioners functioning well in their counties and now the State officials took their oath to further the services to the people. This also marked the State prayer day organized by churches leaders as a welcoming ceremony for the return of the People’s leader, the heavy weight and visionary Opposition Chairman, the first vice president designate Dr Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon from New York. Sobat State citizens are highly convinced and in the look, pretty much satisfied with the leadership of Dr. Riek Machar. They talks much of Dr. Riek to lead the nation, expressing their overwhelming support to make sure the vision of federal system in south Sudan is realized.
In description on how they perceived Dr. Riek Machar. An elderly man probably a village head chief announced.
“Sobat State people said, “we are proud of Dr. Machar and we promised as people at our state we will work hard and will never lead down the movement’s leadership”. Our problems will finally erase when Dr. Machar becomes the head of state no matter what it will take”. With a light stick on his hand shaking heavily signifying a sigh of braveness, nothing is impossible for State of Sobat citizens in supports to Dr. Riek Machar’s leadership, the giant diplomatic Opposition Chairman.
His Excellency, Duer Tut Duer the governor, as many identify him in several meeting conducted for the last three weeks. He is a man with a tone of command displaying respect. Like many other leaders ever came to power, he knows what he is doing and does things exactly as expected. Since he assumed the office, security in the state is calms, normal life among the civil population back to reality. He is one of the leaders who is highly commanding the interest of his people, and through his hard work and equality, he is now the darling of elderly people, and the youth. He knows, unlike the former governor, Duer Tut Duer have been roaming the entire Sobat State conquering the extent of his power. Every village he passes, he spends a night there; people never let him go. They called him “choatnyang” a nickname he came into power with, advancing like a wild fire.
According to the governor,
“You take this oath today to service the people of Sobat. For whatsoever motive, I want you here to set up your offices and begin the work”. He stated flashing the white paper in his left hand through the air, as a sight of empowerment and giving them the authority. Governor Duer believed,
“We must implement federal system even if the peace will be successful next month or whenever.  Federalism is a vision and it must begin in Nasir, Sobat State.”
 He warns Salva Kiir,
“Salva Kiir doesn’t want this peace to be successful. In that case, we the people of Sobat will not tolerate such kind of manner. If peace is not implemented it will not go well with Juba regime considering their protectors are leaving the country”.  He further warned.
However, Governor Duer asked the concern citizens to pray for peace because Salva Kiir want to continue fighting a senseless war which should not had happens if the country was runs by a wise leader.
“And for that peace is important for the country’s stability and development. It is our collective responsibility to implement this peace process. Let us prays for peace”. He criticized and dismissed Gen. Gathoth’s claims of capturing Mandeng. 
“It is unfortunate to keep hearing Gathoth preaching lies. Mandeng is fully under Opposition control. Our people should stop listening to lies anymore. Gathoth last month declared to be in full control of Pagak, but we held the conference in Pagak. Today he talks of controlling Mandeng and I am now addressing you here in Mandeng. Just ignore him and tell him Sobat sons and daughters refused to dies for selfish interest of the few.”
Situation in Sobat is calms and the airspace too is being monitor. Expecting the best from the newly appointed Secretaries for Sobat State, Duer Tut in his leadership have proven that Federal system can be functional and his state is the only one so far rapidly implementing the system of federalism.
In a move that sees the following to a new responsibility, Hoth Nyuon Hoth as the Executive Secretary. Pal Ruach Doap Secretary of Local Government and Traditional leadership. Hon. Pal was the former Local Government in Upper Nile a position he held until Dec 15 of 2013. Gadoar Got Thoan was given the Secretary of Law Enforcement, Justice and Accountability, a position he firmly believed he will performance his best to service the people of Sobat State. Awadh Chuol Monyluk is now the Secretary of Public Relation, Mobilization and Corporation. Chan Chuol Lam walked away with the Secretary of Agriculture.
Hon. Chan in separate interview stated that he will improve agricultural activities in order to improve food security situation and livelihood of the Sobat people and the rest of South Sudanese people. Hon. Chan stressed that,
“Agriculture is the primary source of the national economy, livelihood and employments for the majority of the people to reduce food insecurity and poverty.”
He vowed to do something about livestock problems and possibly plants more trees and encourages the local to oversee seasonal change for crop production.
Jock Dei Deng will oversee the Secretary of Education and Human Resource Development. Yien Thiang Luony is the Secretary of (Finance) Resource Mobilization and Management. Dr. Duol Tut Gor the Secretary of Health..Hon Dr Duol said, Healthy People is Wealthy Nation and therefore health is a top priority for the prosperity of our young Sobat State .he also congratulates the governor for appointing his cabinet based on the merits and the technical expertise. Am very confident to handles this task because it is my area in the field of study. Kech Nguoth Tiem the energetic young Honorable is given the Secretary of Information, Orientation and Documentation. A position many declared he is capable.
The governor further appoints SPLM Secretaries. Cde. Koang Thomas Tut Ruei appoints as the Secretary of SPLM Administration and Organization, Cde. Tap Chuol Nhail for the Secretary of Political Mobilization, Cde. Dukhan Jundit Both secured the position of Secretary of Information and Media, and Cde. Nhail Kun Gogok appoints as the Secretary of Research and Training.
Governor Duer Tut Duer apologized for there are no women who shown interest and he is in consultation to appoint females in some other remaining Secretaries.
“We need more women to show interest and capability. The system needs women and the appointment is on the way”. Duer declared.
Koang Thiyang Nyoak is given the Secretary of Commerce, Investment and Development of Local Free Enterprise and Projects. Geng Duol Monydet appointed as the Secretary in the office of the Governor.
Speaking to the Secretary for Information, Orientation and Documentation, Hon. Kech Nguoth Tiem in separate interviews, the highly excited Honorable is confident that, the responsibility given will be returned to the people in excellence manner.
“I personally praise the youth for firm protection they give to their people in depend of their land from the aggressors’ regime. I believe in youth very much and hope they will assist the leaders in solving the country problems through their commitment. We shall give our best require from us by the governor and the people of this great state.” I call upon all the Sobat State intellectuals’ youth to cooperate with me and help in providing better services to our grassroots people.
He blames Salva Kiir for the death of thousands who died in Dec 15 of 2013 and asked the Nuer to unite together with the other tribes in south Sudan and face their challenges while united.
And for this reason, “I finally thank the governor for recognizing us and we promised to do our best.” The audible Kech announced.
The citizens gathered for the inauguration ceremony welcomed the appointments of the state secretary by the governor, and appreciated the officials who voluntarily decided to render free services with out expecting being pay for. They referred to the proverb that said;”friend in need is a friend indeed, “standing with us will never be forgotten.

Complied by Elbow Chuol, Nyamilepedia Correspondent in South Sudan’s Mandeng, Sobat State.

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Deng II October 18, 2015 at 2:57 pm

So Dr.Machar with 21 States and President Kiir with 28 States, each of them will appoints their governors to their own created States? Let wait to see what going to work between the two.

GatNor October 18, 2015 at 9:14 pm

Well gathered compilations Mr. Elbow Chuol.

Congratulations to the Sobat leaders & citizens.


The whole process is peaceful, democratic. Why don’t you please F-off and go fight over the illegal & never will be implemented 28 so called Jaang states. Or you can join in a congratulate the process.

GatNor October 20, 2015 at 9:46 am

You critics might prefere the name Latjor a name most if not all Jikany can identify with. So be it. Unlike the dictator’s daily decrees, the suggested names for that state has been in consultations amongst the citizens. Sobat or Latjor are neither foreign and bring no quarrel.

Goweng Torbaar October 18, 2015 at 10:39 pm

Congratulation Hon.Duer Tut. I wish you to conduct next meeting in Nasir town. I thanks you for appointment to many youth graduate.

Abiel October 19, 2015 at 6:23 am

Just keep dreaming in the bush and things have been changed in cities there is not so called Sobat state there are Latjor state .Eastern Nile state and Western Nile state rethinking you last your way brothers.

AMEN October 19, 2015 at 9:51 am

HaHaHa…. Where will the Governor WORK? Riek Machar always misleaded innocent citizen A man with no reasoning ability. instead of focus on peace implementation he is talking of nonsense. you cannot select a governor when you don,t know where BUDGET is and where will the governor work and there is no Sobat state in south sudan.


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