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Breaking: South Sudan Government Delegation To Washington Stranded In Nairobi!

Reports from Nairobi Kenya allege that members of government delegation are denied visas in Kenya. (Photo: Antony Njuguna (KENYA))
Reports from Nairobi Kenya allege that members of government delegation are denied visas in Kenya. (Photo: Antony Njuguna (KENYA))

August 3, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Latest reports from the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, allege that the government delegation, led by Salva Kiir Mayardit, may not travel to Washington as scheduled.

The source alleges that the huge delegation, with exception of president Kiir and the minister of foreign affairs, Benjamin Marial, has been denied officials visas to the United States.

The report, extended to Nyamilepedia, confirms that with exception of presidency minister Awan Guol Riak, who may travel on Canadian passport, the rest of the delegation may not secure visas in the very last minute on Monday.

A call from Nani Wanini, at the Intercontinental hotel in Nairobi, confirms to Nyamilepedia’s correspondent that the delegation may spend the weekend at the Intercontinental Hotel.

“The American only granted Salva Kiir and Mariel Benjamin visas, the entire entourage were denied visas, so Kiir and his Co are now at Intercontinental Hotel.” Wanini said.

According to security reports, obtained earlier by the Editorial Team on the ground, the heavily staffed delegation was expected to travel to Washington, DC, tomorrow to attend the US-African presidents submit on Wednesday next week.

Although it is yet to be verified, the affected members include Dr. John Adwok, the president’s special doctor, Brig. Gen. Akook Noon, the chief A.D.C, Lt. Col. Albino Akuei, the assistance A.D.C, among other essential staffs.

President Salva Kiir is expected to attend the submit and meet with members of Obama Administration, however, the South Sudanese leader may not meet president Barack Obama other than in the summit.

South Sudan is seen by the West to be closing ties with China and Russia in expense of the America’s grand contributions to independent of the country and their positive roles in ending the current conflict.

The American tax payers have contributed more than $456 millions in humanitarian assistance from the 2014 fiscal year budget to support the vulnerable populations in South Sudan, however, the South Sudanese government does not appreciate the fact that America does provide the war-torn nation with big guns like China.

The country’s minister of defense, Gen. Kuol Manyang Juuk, explains that his country has to depend on China for weapons because America does not give his country “lethal assistance”.

“If they called me now to give me weapons I will go to America,” The former Jonglei state governor said.

“Please tell them, if they want me now I will go today.” Kuol added.

Salva Kiir’s regime continues to blame the United States for wanting the country’s resources or “compensations” yet “support the rebel” under the former vice president, Dr. Riek Machar Teny.

“People have come to fight us indirectly by saying they haven’t had a slice of the profits yet they “brought the independence” while the South Sudanese actually fought for and got their independence,”Kiir said.

“They are backing the rebellion we are fighting now,” Kiir added.

“we thought we had friends in the west but after 15th we learned they’re friends only to certain sections.” Kiir said in Juba.

A meeting with Obama’s administration would provide a chance to restore the flaring bilateral relations. However, the local communities of South Sudanese-Americans in US may protest at the backyard of White House.

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