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Eastern Jikany Nuer Community Worldwide Condemns Two Governors

Press Release,

Eastern Jikany Nuer Council of Australia, Community of Canada and Nuer Community Development Service of the United States strongly condemn the killing of civilians in Greater Adar State coordinated by fake governors Bol Ruach Rom and Gatkuoth Khor at Dutjiok on 02/05/2017; Pakur on 09/05/2017; Gobach, Nak-manyang and Lanydey on 15 /05/2017; Panomdajop on 29/05/2017; and Machar / Tharyier on 01/06/2017

Eastern Jikany Nuer Council of Australia Inc.
Eastern Jikany Nuer Council of Australia Inc.

June 27, 2017 (Nyamilepedia) —— The Office of Eastern Jikany Nuer Executives Worldwide with their members, supporters and well-wishers strongly condemn the May 02 up to the 1st June 2017 killing of villagers of Greater Adar State, the attack was unprovoked assault by the Terrorist government of South Sudan organized by fake governors Bol Ruach Rom and Gatkuoth Khor who planned and executed the attacks on unarmed Eastern Jikany Nuer Section particularly Gaatjaak to inflict fear and conflicts amongst Gaatkiir which will never happen. It comes to our attention that Bol Ruach Rom and Gatkuoth Khor should directly be held responsible for planning and directing the attack to inflict fear and terror on their own people “Gaatkir/Jikany Doar.”

The result of those attacks has caused the lives of the innocent civilians. And also, the criminals had raided a large number of cattle and other properties in the attacked villages. Furthermore, a huge number of People have been forced out from their village and displaced into swamps and other nearby villages in the area, as their homes were burned down to ashes.

During those incidents, many of the criminals who were captured had revealed to Jikany youths that it was Salva Kiir’s government who sent them to attack the innocent civilians. Some of the perpetrators were believed to be from the rogue regime soldiers but they dressed up with civilians’ clothes to concealed their identities and bond together with few youths they forcefully recruited from the areas they controlled and carried out those attack.

Eastern Jikany community members, who comprise of Gajaak and Gaajiok clans, were appalled and shocked by what had happened as they harmoniously lived for many decades without any attacks between them. However, a genocidal criminal rogue regime led by Salva Kiir and Taban Deng had attempted to incite violence amongst these peaceful communities, but this deadly regime has failed as these communities rejected its criminal activities.

We specifically condemned the fake Eastern Jikany governors and representatives under Salva Kiir failed regime who have intentionally harmed innocents’ youths to carried out destructive criminals’ attack on innocents’ people in the above-mentioned areas.

Once again, Eastern Jikany community members in diaspora deemed the responsibility for these attacks to the following, appointed leaders in Salva Kiir rogue regime of SPLA/IG; these include Bol Ruach Rom, Gatkuoth Khor, Lol Gatkuoth, Gatwech Jock Deng and Dak Tap.

Those mentioned thug’s leaders have heavily armed more than Nine thousand criminals from the Sobat and Adar states within Salva Kiir’s government controls areas. But those armed thugs and criminals were repulsed back by more than fifty thousand Sobat and Adar’s youths as their mothers; sisters, sons, and fathers were killed from their homes.

Based on these pieces of evidence gathered in attacked areas, Salva and his leadership will be charged for ethnic cleansing, systematic raping, killing, looting and torturing against civilians.

The savage and ruthless attacks on Eastern Jikany areas were planned by the below mentioned notorious persons in SPLA/IG, such as Taban Deng Gai, Lol Gatkuoth, Bor Gatwech Kuany, Bol Ruach Rom, Dak Tap, Gatwech Jock, Gatkuoth Khor and David Ruey Gatkuoth who planned, instigated, ordered and financed those criminals to terrorise innocent people, they will be held responsible for the atrocities happened in Adar state.

Both Sobat and Adar civilians also thanked the SPLA-IO leadership under the visionary leader, Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon, in their areas as his leadership maintains peace and stability among the civil population when genocidal regime incites hatreds among the communities.

Despite these bitter incidents, the Eastern Jikany Nuer Community’s Unity will not alter, faltered, or deterred and remains unshaken.

Therefore, the following Eastern Jikany Community Worldwide Leaderships team have endorsed the above document.


  1. Lew Lual Deng Eastern Jikany Chairman in Victoria, Australia
  2. Dak Wal Miyoang Eastern Jikany Chairman in USA
  3. Kir Rik Majiok Eastern Jikany Nuer Council Chairman in Australia
  4. Koang Malual Khor Eastern Jikany Chairman in Western Canada
  5. Nyakuich Puoch Bichiok Eastern Jikany Chairwoman in South Australia
  6. Dobuol Sudan Nyuon Eastern Jikany Chairman in Queensland, Australia
  7. Mayang Gattuor Kuon Eastern Jikany Chairman in Eastern Canada:
  8. Koang Chagor Reath Eastern Jikany Chairman in Kakuma, Kenya.
  9. Peter Pal Kong Eastern Jikany Chairman in Western Australia
  10. Yien Dhuor Bad

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