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Declaration: Joining the SPLM in Opposition

SPLM-IO,  Canberra Chapter


October 30, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — The SPLM in Opposition supporters residing in Canberra, the Australian national capital also famous as ‘bush capital’ or ‘ the heart of the nation’ can no longer tolerate the tribally motivated conflict that is overturning South Sudan into rivers of blood. We have taken, as from today, this bold and historical step of joining the Sudan Peoples’ Liberation Movement in Opposition (SPLM-IO) which is fighting to end the outlawed regime of General Salva Kiir Mayardit and his cult ministers. Kiir and his ‘’yes men” have since December disappointed us. Our dreams for a peaceful country with a flourishing democracy were ruined by them but we could not rush because we thought the regime would change its negative attitude toward civilians. Furthermore, we have been frustrated by how the regime is still footing foreign fighters and mistreating civilians.

Our defection to SPLM-IO under the leadership of Dr Riek Machar and the formation of (SPLM-IO) Chapter in Canberra is a result of a failed administration in Juba which claims to be democratically elected and yet continues to carry out the worse war crimes the world has ever witnessed. As started on December 15th, Salva Kiir and his armed 15,000 Dinka militiamen (called DootKu Beny which means help the president in Dinka) mainly from Dinka youths collected from his own region of Bhar el Ghazal without the knowledge of General Chief of Staff, General James Hoth. In addition, Tiger Battalion under General Marial Chinuong, including the (SPLA), under General James Hoth Mai, and Ugandan Peoples’ Defence Forces (UPDF) have carried out civilians targeted killing based on their ethnicity. Nuer civilians, who bear no connection to Dr Machar’s advocacy for political reforms, were tribally butchered in residential areas of Manga, Guedele, Khoor-Walliam among others in Juba and elsewhere in South Sudan.

Outrageously, the death of 300 Nuer men collected from their homes on December 15-20 around Juba and massacred in a Police Station in Guedele, has convinced us beyond reasonable doubt that this pitiless regime is not for the unity South Sudanese. Apart from over 4,000 unarmed Nuer civilians who were instantly killed in cold-blood in other parts of Juba. The same ethnic targeted killing was also coordinated in Bentiu, Mayom, Leer, Mapel, Paloich, Gerger, Ulang and Malakal where more than 25,000 people believed to have been executed by the regime’s troops who murdered civilians only to retain a self-ruling and hegemony of one ethnic group. These killings have been carried out because the government of South Sudan has turned tribal, and with such government, South Sudan as a young nation with many opportunities and prosperities will never be a free, prosperous and democratic country.

We have also noticed that the leadership under General Salva Kiir have been evil way back prior to 2013 genocide. On December 9th, 2012 this same regime has ordered its armed SPLA to use excessive force to breakdown a peaceful demonstration in Wau, where more than 10 protesters were instantly shot dead with many injuries sustained. So if General Salva Kiir and his ministers were democratically elected as they claimed, how come they used force on innocent civilians? Certainly, using excessive force against civilians is by itself a crime against humanity, crime against freedom of speech, a perfect sign of dictatorship and a clear violation of the transitional constitution of South Sudan. Therefore, it is wise to understand that South Sudan is politically monopolised by a single person, Salva Kiir, who has no interest in reforming government structures by introducing a federal system of governance which is publically supported by many South Sudanese to accelerate development.

South Sudan under his leadership is heading nowhere. Since 2006 after President Kiir took power as a result of the unfortunate death of Dr John Garang in a helicopter crash, our nation has never witnessed any sign of peace and progress due to corruption, nepotism and lack of good governance. Ministers were busy misappropriating public funds. High unemployment and crime rates have also  been seen rising as Salva Kiir and his ministers lack the vision to lead our country forward in spite of huge oil revenues sufficient to address such deficits. Simple issues such as Land-grabbing in Equatoria region, cattle raids between Lou-Nuer and Murle and tribal feuds in Lakes State which continue until present days are left unaddressed.

Of course, such madmen are not for freedom as their job is to steal public funds and using them to enrich themselves and also pulling our country backward by building their tribal Empire in South Sudan. Seemingly their dream of setting us up, inviting foreign muggers and failing our nation is coming to reality, as from now every tribe is fully armed by Kiir and his madcap friend ‘Museveni of Uganda’, whose hand is stained with innocent blood, to only fight one tribe, the Nuer which is by all means is part and parcel of South Sudan. As we all know there is no nation without diverse cultures, Salva Kiir cannot run South Sudan without “Naath”, the Nuer people. Therefore, South Sudanese must be reoriented to adopt a culture of peace and tolerance through a fair and transparent leadership of Dr Riek Machar whose dream is to promote democracy and the rule of law where our rich and multi-ethnic cultures will live in harmony.

Our decision for switching allegiance to SPLM in Opposition is to condemn his brutal leadership which massacred innocent civilians, and a call for a federal system of governance, national unity, equality, nation building, and freedom of speech where every tribe and individual will be equally respected in a Federal Republic of South Sudan. Our bold move will also pave ways to those who are yet in doubt on who to support in this current turmoil. As concerned citizens and executive members of the SPLM-IO, Canberra Chapter, our message is: “wake up and fight not only for your freedom and that of your children but also for the freedom of your grand-children”. Freedom is not free but is attained by sacrificing lives. South Sudan is not Salva Kiir’s personal asset, and thus his regime must be ousted either peacefully or coercively, especially when it is using excessive force against innocent civilians in their respected geographical locations.

May God bless you and bless South Sudan

Signed by:

Gak Woul, Chairperson of the SPLM-IO, Canberra.
Gattuak Guek, Secretary General of the SPLM-IO, Canberra.
Stephen Jovensio, Treasurer, SPLM-IO-, Canberra.
James Lokudu, Information Secretary, SPLM-IO, Canberra.
Manyuon Kuel, Welfare Co-ordinator, SPLM-IO, Canberra.

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chidong26 October 30, 2014 at 11:16 am

wow, this proves the failure of kiir s goverment, mr president must remember the way he got the presidency, he must know that he was just an elected president., and in that same way , south Sudan civilians have the right to bring some one else who will engulf the country in democratic and fundamental transformation in order to restore peace in south sudan because kiir has already lost legitimacy.


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