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Chinese Company, HUAWEI Technologies, Apologizes for “Malicious Practices” In South Sudan!


October 29, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — The Chinese Company, Huawei Technologies, deeply regrets the inappropriate email incident of 3rd October, 2014.

On October 17th, 2014, the South Sudan’s foreign affairs Minister, Dr. Marial Benjamin wrote a concern letter to Chinese ambassador to South Sudan over a list of inappropriate incidents that involve Huawei Technologies.

According to Dr. Marial Benjamin, the company, Huawei Technologies, attempted to send a forged document to the President of Export-Import Bank of China, Hon. Li Ruogu, requesting him to postpone the agreed funding of the Digital Migration TV project for South Sudan.

The forged document explains, on behaved of South Sudan, that Huawei has, allegedly, been investigating the Digital TV project in Africa and discovered what they termed as “ the big problems” with the contract price of the agreed South Sudan Digital TV project.

According to the forged document of Huawei technologies, the company allegedly discovered a better price of $20 Million USD instead of the agreed $51 millions USD for phase one of the Digital TV project, and for such the South Sudan’s Minister of Information and Broadcasting, allegedly, postponed the agreed funding of the Digital TV project.

The forged letter was emailed to Mr. Paul Jacob Kumbo, the South Sudan’s Ag. Director of Information, in the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, by Mr. Sullivan Chen (aka Chen Nan) of Huawei Technologies to be printed on a letter head, signed and stamped, according to Dr. Marial Benjamin.

Dr. Marial believes that this was his second letter this year to the ambassador reporting what he terms as “over competitive behavior” of Huawei Technologies following the earlier incident in May.

The Foreign Affairs minister also decried that the Director of Huawei failed to response or meet the Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Hon. Makuei Lueth, who summoned the director or a representative to see him within 24 hours to explain the “malicious practices.”

“After such a malicious practice was revealed, the Hon. Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Mr. Michael Makui Lueth, summoned the Managing Director or any other senior staff in Huawei Company on Thursday 9th October 2014, to see him on Friday 10th October 2014, in order to explain their intention, but to our surprise, the Hon. Minister’s summon was ignored and no one reported to him” Dr. Marial Benjamin explains in his letter to Ambassador.

In their response, after the company was contacted by the Chinese Ambassador to South Sudan, Huawei Technologies internally investigated the case and discovered that Mr.Chen Nan (Sullivan Chen), an employee, sent the email at 10:48 Am, October 3rd, 2014. However, the company regrets that Mr. Chen Nan never consulted the company over his intention.

“Mr. Chen has neither reported to the Management of Huawei in regards of the email nor mentioned the summon notice from the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting after the incident occur” The feedback letter reads.

“Moreover he is not even the authorized account person responsible for the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting at all. Huawei would like to express the deep regret for any inconvenience it may occur to you” Huawei’s letter continued.

Huawei confesses that the email is “purely individual behavior” that remains under thorough internal investigation, pending legal implications.

The company commits to friendly cooperation with the government of South Sudan, and to follow the principles of “Fairness. Justice, legality” in business.

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