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Dear Good Loving People of South Sudan.

By Sophia Gai,

Children holding guns in South Sudan (Photo: Josphat Kasire)
Children holding guns in South Sudan (Photo: Josphat Kasire)

Jan 18, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — It is very unfortunate that the people of the Republic of South Sudan are now seeing another tragic assassination of two businessmen from Amaadi Community of Nimule in Eastern Equatoria State. A few days ago the government of Juba conducted house to house arrest and snatched over 200 civilians with some children as young as 13 years old. Today the same community witnessed a killing of two businessmen in cold blood by the same regime.

With this horrific terror, Salva Kiir regime has proven to have lost hope of gaining trust and confidence of the people of South Sudan and therefore has decided to cowardly act by killing innocent people in cold blood, remember it was the Dinka Ngok of Piggi who were first killed by the Regime in 2010 then followed with killings of innocent ethnic communities in this order, the Chollo, the Murle, the Feritit, the Nuer and of late the Amaadi.

Survivals of these communities and others who are silently bearing the pain, harassment, torture under Kiir’s regime MUST stand up and join the rebellion to save the country from thugs who are anti people and democratic transformation.

This government have proven to have deadly plans of eliminations against the people of South Sudan, the more we keep quite the more they will continue to eliminate members of the community based on their ethnicity until we are all finished.

It is now high time for the people of South Sudan to unity and rise up above their tribal line to resist this corrupt genocidal regime.

Down down Salva kiir, the people’s enemy.

By Hon. Sophia P. Gai


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Nyaluak Lual January 19, 2015 at 8:33 pm

Really Sophia? How nice! Have you and your friend Nyanath really divorce from Salva Kiir? He brought you from no where and became SPLM Secretary for Administration in Juba. Then from No where to become a National MP. He brought Nyanath from No where to be a Minister in Upper Nile. Then from no where Nyanath rebelled against SPLM and ran as independent candidate for governor of Upper Nile under the illusion that she became Minister because she qualified. When she failed, she hated Kiir. Now my sisters, Nyie_kiir, have you ever asked yourselves this question: What qualifications do you have that made kiir to appoint you in positions for which you were not qualified? The answer is that you were pretty girls and Bhar Al Ghazal boys like women. Now, you are getting older and there are young girls from Kiir coming up…your boxes are no longer useful and attractive. You better find other jobs now. We are not sympathetic with you because when you were up there, you thought that the Dinkas were your Gods and you never look us your own people as relevant. Go back to school and gain respect in the community. Prostitution is not a good politics! Nyaluak


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