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SPLM Youth in Ethiopia Reject Juba Contingent Election!

South Sudan election to be imposed in June (Photo: file)

Jan 18, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — It is with heartfelt we the SPLM Youth in Ethiopia came recently to term with the fact that the terroristic Juba government is planning to conduct an illegal election as part of her miss-ill advise from other East Africa dictators. Probably from Yoweri of Uganda to conduct an election while the entire country is in turmoil and only J1 in Juba is safe.

Election in June is just a merely dream and we are warning Juba regime to be very careful instead of talking of an election should focus her affords to find peaceful solution to the problem it invented in the country year ago. Our strong organization will bring down this kind of uncertainty being plan by Juba regime. We are not threatening anybody but if any person finds it difficult to perceive this truth let there be light. It is important to remember also, we have a capacity to mobilized thousands of thousands of our civil defense and newly trained soldiers to pluck an all out war which we see is not advisable for our nation since it result will be death of many south Sudanese persons. Juba seems to be making this crisis as something funny and this madness and fantasy should immediately come to an end. This is time for reality and not for joke. Thousands of thousands are suffering in our nation and Juba seems to be enjoying some pretty ill-advised from her friends which we see unfortunate.

One important thing Juba regime should realized up to this point of the year is the fact that, we have been taking their offensives into custody of peaceful realization of our country’s problem through different means and not wars which we simply learn they seem to be very fond of. This is a great mistake and unfortunate. Well, our cup of patient and endurance is filling out. And through this we the Youth in Ethiopia will be left with no options but declares total war to defense our territory from foreigners’ invasion and from a government which kills her citizens based on their ethnicity. This day is not very far and when we finally come to the spot, this nation which we perceived as great is going down completely into drainage and nothing will save it until we see the evil out from the control. At this point we have means and capacity to defense and even topple dictatorship but our people look for peace because this crisis gone too far with the lives of thousands of our beloved citizens.

This dreamless plan to held election in June will not work because of the following:

First, we will not allow it to happen by all means either through barrels or whatever will sound well into the ears of those who hear with their eyes.

Secondly, third of the country is in turmoil unless someone is telling me only the capitol Juba will votes and the president’s home state, Warrap.

Third, more the 1.5 millions of the citizens are living in UNMISS across the country. This is an insult to the dignity of our people who’s their loved ones were systematically murdered in Juba Dec 15 2013 by the same man talking of an election. Kiir should feel ashamed and resigned to give peace a chance.

Fourth, millions are outside the country to the neighboring countries seeking refugee. What exactly is going and really is an illegitimate president like Salva Kiir Mayardit is thinking? Something is completely wrong with Juba regime because they don’t perceived reality only fantasy.

5th, Is Juba sure if it already controls the entire country? A blind that follow a blind all fall into the same pit. Juba regime is blind which follows some blind people like those of Uganda leader who have no idea who are south Sudanese actually.

We also extend our called upon Opposition Politicians which seems to be busy running up in hotels in Addis Ababa forgetting what plugged this country into turmoil. The roots cause of this crisis is no SPLM Party because if the party didn’t killed innocents Nuer civilians nobody at this could be fighting and so forgetting this important point is a disaster. If the party believed caused this crisis will the party compensate thousands who were killed and their properties destroy both in the capitol and other three states? It is already a national issue and not SPLM Party issue. So, we called upon our leaders and IGAD to sort out the root of this problem instead of stranding because her major shareholder is fighting and mediating at the same time. We need to know why Nuer innocents civilians were killed and if so why the man killing them is still being grooms as the president while he turned against the persons who elected him into the office. Otherwise we will not tolerate people who denied killing that took place in Juba Dec 15 2013.

Anybody else has more and better reasons to offer but our stand is this, we finally came to realized that Juba is not for peace and we shall do our best to save this country from Juba to fulfill the hopes of millions of south Sudanese looking upon us. We are currently consulting each others for ways to bring this Juba madness to an end. My people killer Salva Kiir Mayardit will be out through what he is seeking and that is a bullet.

The cup of endurance is filling out.

Resistance Army Oyeeeeeee,

Freedom fighters Oyeee

South Sudan Oyeeee

Cde. Riek Zong Riek

Splm-Youth Chairperson in Ethiopia

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Mayian rut January 21, 2015 at 1:58 am

Freedom fighters oyeeeeee kiir n her husband yoweri must have suffering whenever they fail to implemented this election n i have fulhopes we are not be fear in our ways


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