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Sep 19, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — The Gaguang Community around the world received disturbing news of the passing on of late Chief CHUOL KUN THOAL in Maker-Payam, Thorow County on TUESDAY 15TH SEPTEMBER 2020. Late Chuol battled with liver disease for the last 3 Months where he severally came to Addis Ababa for advance treatment. His early departure on earth has left a very huge vacuum. 


In his emotional Condolences message, David Ruach Tang, a PhD student who happened to be a childhood friend to the late Chuol, described him as “a man of people with unwavering commitment to serve our community with distinction”

“This is a very sad and  shocking news to have  learned of the unfortunate and untimely departure of our  brother and  former Maker Payam Head Chief,  Chuol Kun  Thoal Kuach! His premature departure from us left a big hole in our community! He was a man of people with unwavering commitment to serve our community with distinction, no matter what it takes with. I knew Chuol since our years of childhood, he was always a uniting figure in our group whenever we disagree  amongst  ourselves or indeed with other boys from different sections of our community . He will be  dearly missed by many in our community, Eatern- Jikany and beyond”

John Kun Lam, one of the Gaguang Community Activists in the USA, also sent his grieving statement as I quote:

“On behalf of my family and my personal behalf, I would like to share our heartfelt condolences to the family of Kun Thoal Kuach in particular and the entire Gaguang Community in general for the loss of late Chuol Kun Thoal.

“I have known Chuol since late 80s when I was in my uncle’s house in Thaduok (Wicluaak) in Wanthoa. Chuol Kun Thoal was a humble person with great humanity. He is always quiet with a welcoming smile on his face.

“He is a kind of person with a caring heart for the family and community. Our community has lost a great person. The lord gives and the lord takes. May his soul Rest In Peace”

Thorow County Commissioner Honourable Tut Tuach NYAW also sent a Condolences message to Gaguang Community entirely and I quote:

“On behave of the office of the Thorow Area Caretaker Commissioner, and the entire Administrations, we would like to expresses our deepest sorrows and grieves for the lost of our Former Maker Payam Head Chief, Former Thorow County Bench Court Judge and current Sobat State Town Bench Court Judge late Chuol Kun Thoal Kuach;

“Late Chuol served in our society with compassion and integrity, which will be soon missed. He had served the community through his life circles when he still with us, with self dedication and commitment in all aspects of formal helps and volunteer which none other than him could do;

“He will be dearly missed by Gaguang Community, Jikany Nuer, Nuer Nation, and indeed  the South Sudan Nation at large through his unconditional services. His untimely death had left a big gap on our daily prowess when we learned his demise;

Gaguang Community had lost a great warrior, mentor, Head-Chief, father and son, and his contributions on our progress shall be missed.May his precious soul rest in eternal peace!” Statement was delivered by County Press Secretary Lul Simon Kir Meybay “.

Honourable Yien Gach Ruey, MP, Representing Thorow Area in Upper Nile State also issued his Condolences Statement;

“It’s really unfortunate to have lost our former Head -Chief late Chuol Kun Thoal as Gaguang c

ommunity in particular and Ji-Kany Kiir in general and indeed to the entire nation. The former Head Chief had demonstrated a great role in administering our community in a peaceful manner. There’s no doubt that the charismatic leadership style of the former Head Chief acquired that tremendous achievement from his late father, former traditional leader and local spiritual leader, fr Kun Thoal Kuach. My condolences message to his immediate family and entire community at large”


Late Chuol was born in around 1969 to his royal parents, Chekuoch Chuol mother and Kun Thoal Kuach, one of the paramount traditional and spiritual leaders in Eastern Jikany Nuer. A third child to his mother Man, Nyachom Kun Thoal.

Chuol believed to be initiated to manhood in 1983 lineage of (Mawum-bith).

In 2009, Chuol was elected as Maker Payam Head Chief of Nyang-Nyadoor, a position he held for 6 years.

In 2015, Chuol was appointed as Head of Thorow County Town-Bench Court, he occupied this position till the time he was transferred to State Headquarter.

In 2018, Chuol was appointed by the current Sobat State Governor as one of the Sobat State Town-Bench Court Judges. He served in that position till his untimely demise, on 15 September 2020. 

He was survived by several wives and kids. 

May his perfect soul rest in perfect Peace.

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