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SPLA General Blasts Claims of Defection, Threatens To Attack Longechuk, Upper Nile!

Updated at 6:25Am, Sept 25, 2014(PST).

Gen. Siddam Chayot Manyang leading his forces in Upper Nile(Photo: Gaajaak/Nyamilepedia)
Gen. Siddam Chayot Manyang leading his forces in Upper Nile(Photo: Gaajaak/Nyamilepedia)

Sept 25, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Following a televised defection of 8 civilians of Nuer Ethnicity from Ethiopia, an SPLA veteran, Gen. Saddam Chayot Manyang, who has been alleged to have defected to Salva Kiir regime has blasted at Yiey Puoch Lur, the leader of the 8 civilians for misleading the nation.

Gen. Saddam Chayot, who is currently leading SPLA forces against Salva Kiir regime in hostile region of Upper, was contacted through a Satellite phone by Gajaak intellectuals in Diaspora following a trending news of his alleged defection.

According to hon. Yiey Puoch Lur, who is reportedly contacting his Gaajaak Nuer tribe to join Salva Kiir’s regime, Gen. Saddam Chayot and others generals from Gaajaak are alleged to be defecting SPLA – IO to SPLA-Juba.

Gen. Chayot, however, denies the allegations. He assures the South Sudanese, in the strongest terms possible, that if he has to defect to the same government, which has massacred civilians in the country’s capital city, he would never defect with civilians, while referring to Yiey Puoch Lur.

“I am a South Sudanese trained army General and if I decided to defect to Juba government who massacred Nuer Civilians in thousands during Juba Nuer Massacred, I cannot defect with civilians”. Gen. Saddam said.

Angered by the news, the general warns that such allegations are a violation of Cease Fire Agreement and for such he will attack the loyalists at Longechuk county.

General Saddam reveals that, he is on his way to Longechuk County “to face the enemies of the nation.”

Saddam further affirms that the war has nothing to do with bringing Dr.Riek Machar to power; instead he reiterates that he finds himself fighting alongside Riek Machar in a war that was imposed on the Nuer nation.

“Salva Kiir trained his militia to kill all of us, our children and mothers alike, just because we are Nuer like Riek Machar. The few Nuer who are alive in Juba is because the dictator felt ashamed and fear more defections from Nuer who are keeping him in power” He reiterated.

Gen. Chayot reiterates that him and his 8 sons are on duty in Upper Nile region to defend the nation from tyranny like he did in the past against the Arab North.

On the phone, Chayot reveals that one of his sons was shot last week in Renk while battling the loyal forces but he believes that the struggle must continue until dictators are remove from power.

“Tell those cowards in Juba that Chayot will fight for regime change until Salva Kiir is removed from power”. Gen. Chayot said.

“The war is imposed on the Nuer and other South Sudanese tribes by the dictator [Kiir Mayardiit] who resists reforms and as such, Nuer and the people of South Sudan must fight this war till the last person or Kiir removed” the General continued.

General Saddam reiterates that, the Nuer civilians who recently joined “Juba rotten government” did because they “never experienced a bush life as some of them came from Western world”(America)

Gen. Saddam believes that Yiey Puoch Lur and his seven friends are job seekers who never join the SPLA in Opposition but were hiding in refugee camps in East Africa to protect their lives and should never have been reported as “rebel generals and politicians”

The veteran warns that “ the 8 Nuer civilians have betrayed the innocent blood of a generation for money to pay their house rents in East Africa and America”

“How can I join Juba government while my 8 boys are in the front lines fighting Juba rotten government? They [8 defectors] must keep their mouths shut and continue to betray our struggle” Said Gen. Siddam.

“I cannot tell my sons to go and fight Juba government while on other hand going in opposite direction and join the enemy, that would be a curse in our traditions” General Chayot continued.

In other reports, during the phone conference, it was revealed that, Yiey Puoch’s sister and her six children were killed in Malakal by Juba government forces and Monyjiak Kaukau’s brother in-law, Engineer Kate Tuach Nyaw was also murdered by Juba government in Malakal.

  • Nyang Gajaak, in Maiwut County, Upper Nile contributed to this report.

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David Gatkek Tap Shang September 26, 2014 at 10:41 pm

Job well done General Saddam aka Chayout Manyang for rejection, denounced, slammed,and denied such a serious allegation, baseless lies, and fabrication reports concocted by those sell out Nuer boys,betrayers, traitors, food lovers,gluttonous individuals, job seekers for exchange of their relatives blood and blood money hunters who lost their political weights,characters,Personalities dignities among the Nuer nation. It is shame before God and man to sell your fellow men and women alive to enemies in exchange of food, fake ranks, marginalized posts and job protections. March! march! General We mighty Nuer warriors, entire South Sudanese peace lovers and good faith group are rally behind you sir till dictator Salva Kiir quit his brutal regime or got kill in action. No more no least.


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