Peace Process Press Release South Sudan

Condemnation Statement of Collo Community Leaders in Diasporas against the barbaric and heartless killing and series of human rights violations carried out by Padang militias in Upper Nile State.

To: The president of South Sudan, Salva Kiir, Dr. Riek Machar, the first Vice President and the chairman of Sudan People Liberation Movement in Opposition (SPLM-IO) and Hon. Obuthok Ayang Kur, the Upper Nile State Governor.

Condolences to fallen heroes and heroines,

By Chollo Leaders,

South Sudan Women burying the deads in Malakal, South Sudan(Photo: file)Women burying the deads in Malakal, South Sudan(Photo: file)
South Sudan Women burying the deads in Malakal, South Sudan(Photo: file)

March 29, 2021(Nyamilepedia)We are so empathetic for the fallen heroes and heroines and for the unimaginable suffering endure by the families of fallen martyrs killed by barbaric-heartless Padang militias on March 27th , 2021 in Makal, the capital city of Upper Nile State, South Sudan. Giving their life for their country is the highest act of patriotism. 

The murdered people in Malakal were vulnerable, defenseless and unarmed citizens who had the courage to come out from UNMISS Protection of Civilians site to receive the governor of Upper Nile in search for peace and coexistence in the state capital.

 Such patriotic stance is proved by their conviction and determination to go out in the militarized and mined Makal town. Makal once known as a city of welcoming, peace, love, hospitality, tranquility and morality, but all are gone and turned into a cemetery and hell  under the control of heartless Abu Shoq and Matholum militias. They did not die in vain. Their death will be remembered as an ultimate sacrifice in defense of the Collo kingdom, Upper Nile State and South Sudan in large. We pray for quick recovery of injured people. 

Dismissal of deputy governor of Upper Nile State: We call for replacement of James Tor Monybuny, deputy governor of Upper Nile State for his internal adversarial stance, for using the strategies of stealth to obstruct peace implementation and for his failure to fulfill his constitutional obligations. 

We urge the president Salva Kiir and first vice president, Dr. Riek Machar to replace him with another figure capable to work as team member with the governor to implement the Revitalized Agreement on the resolution of the conflict in the Republic of South Sudan (R-ARCSS).

Disbandment of Padang militias:  We call upon the government of South Sudan and the Upper Nile State government, IGAD and International Community to disband, sanction and enlist the Padang militias known as Mathloum and Abu Shoq as the terrorist militias and spoilers of peace for their arbitrarily ethical killing, serious human rights violations and abuses which violates the international humanitarian law and their negative influence to impede process of peace implementation.

Apprehending and bringing the perpetrators to face justice: We strongly call upon the government of Upper Nile State and the National government of South Sudan in Juba to apprehend and prosecute the perpetrators and the main architects who plan, incite and execute such barbaric and inhumanely arbitrarily killing and disappearance of innocent and vulnerable citizens. 

Filing lawsuits: We urge all citizens of the Upper Nile State to come in solidarity to file lawsuits with regional, federal and international court of justice against the culprits for damages caused in the commission of human rights violations.  We urge all citizens of Upper Nile to list their grievances and share them with their community leader for use during hearing.

Long live the people of Upper Nile

Long live the Collo people 

Long live the people of South Sudan

God bless Collo kingdom and the Republic of South Sudan 

Sign by: 

Paramount Chiefs of Collo communities in Diasporas in coordination with the Chieftaincy leaders of Collo kingdom in South Sudan and Sudan.

  1. Aban Akwoch Kur, Chairman, Collo Community in Egypt
  2. Nyibil Amum Okiech, Chairman, Collo Community in Australia
  3. William Dak Goldiet, Chairman, Collo Community in Canada

Contact Email: hopeful.nyibil@yahoo.com;

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