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Celebrating The Black History Month


By Simon T. Mach.

Remembering the black history month....
Remembering the black history month….

Feb 24, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– We have arrived in February, a month to remind Africans about success stories of their past and present. Black individuals and families are equal members of the spectrum of “blacks”, whether coming through an “underground railway” from the United States to Canada, or as new Canadians known as immigrants or refugees who choose Canada as their destiny, in their will to live in peace and freedom. Members of both groups remember and celebrate their important historical events in this month.

The memory of black history is very important to both groups of blacks: the black families who traced their roots from Africa, who escaped from slavery and oppression and came to this peaceful land, Canada, seeking freedom and democracy – and in the same way, the African immigrants who escaped persecution and civil unrest due to race, ethnicity, religion, and political opinions.

I would like to encourage the black community to share the responsibility of educating the Canadian diverse civil society, and our global neighbors, about African history and civilization. In doing this, they will both learn and teach about the achievements, cultural diversity, and cultural diversity of various African ethnicities.

Many people know only about the negative things such as civil war, poverty, poor health, and illiteracy. My opinion with regard to black history month would be to encourage recently arrived black Canadians as well as long-established Canadians to learn from each other. It is important to understand your neighbours’ challenges and some of the solutions they have found to their issues.

The black community shall bear the responsibility to educate themselves and their children about their heritage and culture. It is my pleasure to see that the black community is consistently taking steps forward to share their experiences with the world.

Should you be interested in asking questions and expressing opinions, please feel free to connect with Simon T. Mach (Community Social Activist in Hamilton, Ontario): (289) 689-1181, Simontmach@gmail.com.

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