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Reacting To Jieng Council Of Elders Led Government’s New Referendum Proposal Over 28 States

Kutei Jnr,

Members of Dinka Council of Elders meet with President Salva Kiir(Photo: file)
Members of Dinka Council of Elders meet with President Salva Kiir(Photo: file)

Feb 24, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- I was highly amused by a story I read on Sudan Tribune insinuating the possibility of allowing the nation its right by letting South Sudanese exercise their constitutional rights to say yes or no to the unilateral decision creating 28 unconstitutional states through a referendum. The move is so excellent and could be democratic had it been properly planned, however, the JCE led cabinet has gotten it all wrong yet again on few grounds.

Firstly, even as the move looks more reasonable than the decree they made, the move is not enshrined as such in the peace agreement signed by both parties.

Secondly, this is what they should have done before greenlighting their senior most member (Salva Kiir) decreed the Establishment Order 36/2015 and the eventual appointment of the so called 28 governors to subsequently establish their unconstitutional state governments.

Thirdly, our country does not need to be rushed into any form of electoral moods as elections in Africa are known to be so chaotic due to campaign trails while we’re just getting out of the currently ending violent.

Furthermore, the new JCE referendum proposal is the most needed decision as they are slowly coming to their senses, I am pretty sure that I am not the only citizen who is in support of this new proposal, however, the JCE cabinet needs to understand that we are just emerging from a destructive armed conflict, I know the conflict has not affected some of your home states hence, you people are not even aware of the level of destruction our country has reached since the war broke out in 2013.

It has therefore come to my concrete understanding that the JCE government has learnt beyond doubt that their move has fallen short of national glory, which has now resulted in an extreme shame on them as it is slowly diminishing despite the extensive campaign on the government led SSTV showing organized groups of few people here and there under the pretext of show of popularity for the newly forged states.

As I, among many others welcome the proposal, equally call on the same JCE cabinet to immediately suspend the operationalization of the order and reverse the 28 state until constitutional grounds facilitating the plebiscite on whether or not to create more states are made.


The most urgent thing we (citizens) want is seeing you (government) fulfil your commitment to implementing peace agreement to the letter and as it is, let the constitutional amendment committee get back to amending the constitution in line with the agreement and they must be reminded that this constitution belongs to South Sudanese, they should stop impeding the amendment process as well as seeing themselves as permanent enemies.

The people of South Sudan need actualized peace and not repeated empty words of commitment to peace by some JCE ministers on the gallery which is not the case when they are behind the cameras. We want to see what you (gov’t) tell us in front of the camera implemented to the spirit behind the cameras or in another word, we want practical implementation of peace agreement and that must be felt in the whole country.

Killings of innocent population in Greater Upper Nile, Greater Equatoria and parts of Greater Bahr el Ghazel regions must stop, this is no longer a war between the Arabs and South Sudanese, it is simply a clash between South Sudanese themselves. We are enemies today but anytime soon, we will revert back to our brotherhood and will laugh together, so JCE must cease setting this tribe against the other as means of extending their tenure at the helm of the nation.

God bless South Sudan.

Gatwech Kutei, simply known as Kutei Jnr, is the author and can be reached through kutei201@gmail.com

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Bol Gatjang February 24, 2016 at 3:02 pm

The message is legible but the author’s name is seem contradictory to me because “Gatwech” is not Dinka’s name .You are not supposed to justify their JCE decision unless you pledged your allegiance to Dinka. Please leaves the Dinka to address their own concern to Kiir since they are one causing this atrocities to the country . All these mess and turmoil had been created by Jieng council with much discrepancies.

GatNor February 24, 2016 at 7:11 pm

Too much confusion these days. Referendum should only be welcome after the suspension from implimentation the so called 28 states. While the government of the so called 28 state is being form through appointment of governors and commissioners, it is not rather a sheer insult to those who have clearly rejected the decree of more states or those whose land been illegally annexed to the newly formed states. Either way referandum is at this point far from being a part of s sincere dialogue moving forward. Jaang are so testy playing with fire, everyday is a nasty surprise while their government is working on ethnic population reduction and more ways of setting other communities further back where progress itself will be near impossible.

GatNor February 24, 2016 at 3:11 pm

After following the recent events in the country, the current trends is obvious. Juba demilitarized, formation of transitional government is pushing through in talking points, the 28 states rethoric is toning down corrupt individual in Juba are being rounded up like herds and Dr Machar suddenly is the most awaited man on earth to come to Juba. Usually in situations like this Jaang are in the kitchens putting together a receipie for a surprise disaster. I will give you two to three weeks top and you will experience disappointment coming from juba direction. Nuers should be ready for a total destructive war coming at them from all corners including the border of Ethiopia. Something fishy is going on would be a understament.

DINGIT NA TUGGÖ February 24, 2016 at 10:06 pm

For sure there is a total mess in Juba as GatNor put it. But yet I believe the jenge are afraid to carry another massive killing like the one of 2013. If they do, then this country will be handed to the UN rule immediately. What I know, the jenge might be busy stealling every DOLLAR. The jenge know this very well that things are not good for them.

Let us not forget that we are heading for elections, this is what we have to focus right now. We need to make sure that the thieves must not be allowed to the kitchen again.

Wut Kel February 25, 2016 at 6:37 am

Just wait my dear. Jaang will see what will be open to them.

Bol Gatjang February 25, 2016 at 1:11 pm

They will probably attempted to create a counterfeit coup again because those JCE think exterminate Nuer. They have allowed Kiir to masquerade himself as a rajah in politics of South Sudan.Most of Dinka hope to unfold the truth when it comes to political views.They are craving for more money that is why Jaang hold on to that dreadful and dogma of the country by bolster 28 villages or States ,as Nuer we still need to more in order to eradicate this wrong ideology.

Beek February 26, 2016 at 2:11 pm

Nothing is going to happen in your life time.

DINGIT NA TUGGÖ February 25, 2016 at 11:43 am

This Peace is going to be followed by accountability of the Juba massacre. The weeping jenge is on the way. No any hole for them to hide their ass. Every where will be fire for them.


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