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Bul Intellectual Forum in SPLM-IO Reject Creation of 28 States and Condemn Annexation of Northern Part of Mayom to Abiemnom

The 28 States of Mr. Salva Kiir....
The 28 States of Mr. Salva Kiir….

Oct 24, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — We Bul intellectual forum in SPLM-IO condemn in stronger term possible the unilateral decision of comrade president Salva Kir for illegally annexed part of Mayom land to Abiemnom with out proper consultation from the native.This will not only amounted to future conflict but it would  encourage tribal hatred to the two neighboring counties.We urge Mr, president to revers is decision of creating 28 states and heed to the call of SPLM-IO for establishing the 21 state which base on defined border line as per British colonial system.

Bul Intellectaul forum in SPLM-IO learn with dismay that,the new map release took large potion of land and surrendered  to Abiemnom as per presidential decree.We in contemporary Mayom the borderline are well defined according to British colonial map, in actual sense there is no border between Abiemnom and Parieng, any attempt to link the two counties, these will not work, because it will encroach deep inside the territory of Mayom.

We reject any divisive act, and request Mr president to relocated Dinka Abiemnom and settle them in any area of his choice, whether in Parieng or any Dinka inhabited territory and leave the land to their right full owner because if its’ would have not been our mercy, than we would have not allow them to settle in our land for all these years.The story will not be rewrite again, Abiemnom land is hundred percent belong to Mayom therefore, there is no need to look through magnifying glass to prove the reality behind the scene

The period of policy of rule and divide is gone, the idea of federal systems has been south Sudanese idea championed by the SPLM-IO. We therefore request Mr. President not to wasted is precious time by created tribal states,  rather to focus on peace agreement sign recently in addis- abba. We are much aware that the recent comment uttered by Salva kir in the eve of signing peace agreement and quoted ” Neither Bible nor Quran can be change, this clear indication of lack of political will of Mr President to implement the peace in spirit and letter. Bull intellectual forum in SPLM- IO is behind the leadership of  Comrade Chairman Dr Riek Machar Teny and call for quick implementation of peace agreement.

Office of information
Secretary; Kalany mamuon Biem

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Deng II October 25, 2015 at 12:14 pm

“in actual sense there is no border between Abiemnom and Parieng”.
Nuer; why are keeping lying all over the internet? What made Ngol de Awet and Ngol de Alor in the north of Bull Nuer disappeared? Keeps making noisy all over the internet Nuer, you are not going to win the fight. The times changes significantly, Dinka this times around united and they will never lost any an inches to Nuer. Alor know perfectly where they stop making road manually during the United Sudan, the same thing with Panaruu where they stop making road manually during the United Sudan and Miakuei de Bilkuei setup border with Nuer. Awet, Alor, and bull in 1950s,1960s, 1970s used to shared Ngol River on dry season, where Alor and Awet own north part of River Ngol and the Bull Nuer on south part of River Ngol. The Bull cows, Awet cows, and Alor cows used to mixed on grazing areas, until they sort them out peacefully. Now if Nuer creating pretexts to fight Dinka because President created 28 States and break them up in what is called Stupid Unity State, then be it. Dinka have so many means to apply and get ride of Nuer on the north sides of river Nile or Kiir or Ngol river. We Dinka can bride Miseriya, felita, Nuba with some land to get ride of Nuer on the North Side of River Nile or Ngol River.

Mawien Magol October 25, 2015 at 7:51 pm


I think this such Idea will lead us to nowhere in the world. The rebels were fighting to change government and replacing with their own tribal leader but now the mission shifting agenda to fights for land how many wars do you guys wanted to continued? Think about what you can do for your own life apart from government issue. Remember one thing, the government is not the answer for individuals need. You have Gabriel ChangSon Lew, gen, Peter Gatdet Yaka, gen, Gatkouth and Dr. David de Chand are looking for reforms on Dr. Riek Machar and Juba’s government while, the former vice president is also looking for reforms on Salve Kiir what a nation such to happen? Just wait, the generals who were promoted recently by rebels leader will soon defected to formed their own new movements or rejoin Gabriel ChangSon Lew and others generals. According to hearsay, the general JohnSon Olony is planning to separate his own fighters, also the four generals to whom gets promotion recently and they are from Lou Nuer have send letters to government of Juba asking them to supporting them if they decide to surrender sooner or later. You got general Oyai Deng Ajak told JohnSon Olony to separated themselves from Riek Machar Teny claiming that, you were being fool by Nuers to join them which puts Shilluk tribe in a hot position for now. The message is only peace in the Local people’s hands and I think you will soon coming back to rebuilding young nation base on my view.

Gatdarwich October 25, 2015 at 4:31 pm

Bul Intellectuals in SPLA-IO, the olds of preventing the annexation of Mayom to Abiemnom are against you because the Minytuil sons and Fooljang have already Killer Kiir’s plan of doing so. The incompetent, tribal warlord, traitorous, Killer Kiir, and Mabek Lang are hell-bent of colonizing you period. You must unreservedly, aggressively, decisively, and catastrophically invade Pariang, Abiemnom, and Warrap period.

gatdarwich October 25, 2015 at 5:09 pm

Dinka of Mabek lang,

Keep barking for now. It is natural for the cowards, traitors, and greedy sub-humans of your likes, to celebrates and dances over the annexation of another man’s land without pondering the eminent repercussions and catastrophic results of evicting the owner of the land. It is without a shadow of a doubt that, the incompetent, tribal warlord, power-hungry-greedy, and traitorous, Killer kiir, and Mabek Lang, have unwisely & unintentionally unplugged the life support on you fools. Bul Chol Gek sons (excluding Minytuil sons and FoolJangs) will and shall eminently and catastrophically launch an EFE (EYE for an EYE) operations on your treacherous butts period

Gatdarwich October 25, 2015 at 5:15 pm

Correction of error on my first remarks:

Bul Intellectuals in SPLA-IO, the olds of preventing the annexation of Mayom to Abiemnom are against you because the Minytuil sons and Fooljang have already accepted Killer Kiir’s plan of doing so. The incompetent, tribal warlord, traitorous, Killer Kiir, and Mabek Lang are hell-bent of colonizing you period. You must unreservedly, aggressively, decisively, and catastrophically invade Pariang, Abiemnom, and Warrap period.


Mawien Magol October 25, 2015 at 7:07 pm

Mr. Kayany Mamuon Biem.
I think you guys are confused on what to do otherwise, you can not against the propose which most of the Nuers of rebels supporters have been shouting for 21 Months. First of all, the first people to make demanding to president Salve Kiir were people from Mayom county in the former Unity State, following Murle Militias let by the Daivid Yau Yau and the Equatorians politicians and the Dinkas were the last to demand more States. I don’t think the creation on 28 States was a tribal-line rather than saying, this is a policy of taking towns in to the people as it was promising by late Chairman Dr. John Garang. By giving Nuers, Shilluk, Murle, Dinka,Nam-Nam/ Equatorians to have their own States rather than sharing the State with other was not a tribal-line because it will created more and more opportunities special, the Local people. Also there was incident happened during conflict on December 15/2013, in Akobo, all Dinkas who were there neither police, SPLA and civilians were all killed even the Indian Peacekeepers force who were trying to protect these were also killed by Nuers defectors militias. That incidents was happened in all Locations including Nasir county, Fangak county, Yirol county of Lou Nuer, Malakal town and in Bentiu town therefore, the none Nuers people in Upper Nile regions have the rights to not mixing again with Nuers in the State’s government because of that event which we have experience.

In addition to the above mentions, the government want to see exactly who doesn't want to have the development and who will need development to continued, because we can not afford such violence to continues for years while, others African nations are growing in term of economic and technology. For those who opposed the creation of 18 New States plus existing 10 States, they are joking and deceiving themselves, most people have been singing about Federal System in the Republic of South South Sudan including the former vice president who probably become a first vice president on December 1st / 2015, if you say the creation was not a good one then, you are absolutely confusing yourself. On question of isolated each tribe and let them rule themselves eventually, it was only South Sudan's government who want to promoted unity among Southern Sudanese by mixing all different tribes in to one State unfortunately, the event which we have seen on the above mentions locations was very stunning and it will be meaningless to combined again when the none Nuers were pick up and killed in present of UNMISS Peacekeepers forces. If you go to Kenya country then, you might find that, the Turkana tribe, Kikuyu tribe, Pokomo tribe, Meru tribe, Kamba tribe and the Kalenjin tribe have been giving their own regions to rule themselves than mixing up with others different and the Uganda are doing same thing as well as Ethiopian so why not South Sudan? One of the Equatorian politician who is now supporting former vice president said, he doesn't understand why the Nuers people are seemingly not to rule themselves adding, why seeking to become a president of South Sudan he said. The Equatorian politician man don't like to be name for unknown reason but he felt sorry for supporting the people who are movable in politics. Another one from none government Agency who run away in Leer county after when the county was been attacked by pro rebels leader Dr. Riek Machar Teny, he wrote the letter to UN, telling them to support government because the rebels are lacking vision as their things were loots at Leer county when they recapture county's headquarter from government while, they were serving their own people, he and his staffs lost trust on the rebels saying, they loots towns and destroying all foundation and left towns as a ghos place. I think the only way for all of us to move forward in South Sudan is to avoid violence, rebellions, racist, hatred and try to works very hard to make sure the dirty politics must not be allowed to divided us. If others people managed to rule themselves why it is too difficult for Southern Sudanese people to sitting and have resettle any complains for good understanding. Put in minds that, the Nuers and Dinkas are sharing same mentality, cultures and they are the top largest tribes in the young nation thus, both sides need each other so it is better for us to works so hard to make sure we must reunited than working to supports tribal conflict, please be advice not be seen as a people of anti-anything and don't let yourself to be view negatively by others Southern Sudanese people. President Salve Kiir Mayardit is not going to become a King of South Sudan, he will go if we avoiding violence, we can vote him out in the office and elected new president that will reunited than divided Nuers and Dinkas.

Thank anyway.


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