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Can We Topple Ourselves?

By Dak Buoth,

South Sudan's President Salva Kiir at a news conference in Juba. Kiir's $1 billion investment in military to crash rebellion failed Kiir bought 1000 tractors hoping to restore the collapsing economy but experts say it is just too late(Photograph: Goran Tomasevic/Reuters)
South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir at a news conference in Juba. Kiir’s $1 billion investment in military to crash rebellion failed Kiir bought 1000 tractors hoping to restore the collapsing economy but experts say it is just too late(Photograph: Goran Tomasevic/Reuters)

24th October, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — In some political discourses, it is said when you find someone demolishing his house, you can watch quietly as he does so or you can either help him complete the task. The first time I heard of this, I became a little aghast for I could not exactly comprehend or distinguish the contrast between the two approaches. I hold that the two will ultimately amount to one similar outcome, which is destruction of that house. In any event, if one decides to just watch the act quietly as it is being done, the Actor or Destroyer will certainly complete the job no matter how long it will take; and if he opted to aid in the process of demolishing, then of course, the process now become easier, quicker and more successful.

Unless or until one make a comments on the same. For instance, there was a story told by Ugandan Comedian at ‘’the night of thousand laughs’’ He said, he once found a man who wanted to hang himself, a man had a rope in his hand ready to trigger his own demise, when he was about to tie the rope on his neck, he look down and saw him standing under the tree, then he asked him angrily, what are you doing here? He replied mockingly and said, sir, I’m just waiting for your shoes. On hearing that, the guy stared up and laughs; eventually he rescinded the plan to hang himself. you can imagine in this case, if this comedian didn’t utter this funny statement, perhaps the guy could have executed his cowardice plan to hang himself.

The idea to either watch quietly or help the person who is destroying his house is likened to situation where a leader is surrounded by sycophants and false friends who have inculcated a traits characterized by leadership worshiping and court jesters, self-seekers and political opportunists who forged a kind of relationship that bring them very closed to the leader and eventually make their way to highest position of authority through deception, flattery, disinformation, trickery, treachery, blackmail, conspiracy, double-talking and all sort of slicks.

More often than seldom, sycophants and true enemies are two sides of the same relationship. The borderline between sycophants and true enemies is so faint that it may not really exist in the realm; and this is because their work in the political and power contest is interchangeable in practice.

At times, the leader act or operate at the behest of this sycophants, they tell him or her what to do, what to eat, where to go, or where not to go, what to eat, who to meet and not who to meet even among his colleagues and compatriots; where to sleep and when to go to bed. It is widely believed, that sometime they even frightened the leader with horrible stories of impending or foiled coups or assassination attempts on his life, and they do this to instill fear in the mind of leader; they create fictitious enemies with aim of eliminating those who are willing to tell the truth about the going-ons around throne. In the end, the leader find himself striped of all hi private and rights and about the information about the truth.

It is for this reason that president’s motorcades normally pass swiftly on the roads so as to prevent him from seeing or witnessing the impact of his bad policies. Sycophants acted in manner that leads the leader to his self-destruction,later on when the house collapse, some began to say mockingly, you see I told him and he did not heed my advice as pack and run away. It has been proven right that this situation become worse or more complicated when these sycophants or false friends happened to have blood relations with the leader that they pretend to worship.

It is very unfortunately, that this kind of archaic political culture and unruliness is so prevalent in our country South Sudan, and the worse is that it is being exercise and experience across south Sudanese political divides, and it is this ineptitude kind of behavior that always breeds corruption, impunity, bad governance and dictatorship because it deny or prevents the citizenry from exercising the principle of check and balance;

Whereas a good friend or loyal and honest supporter is s/he who is able to courageously tell a bitter truth and take responsibility for it; a good friends will always try to restrain his colleague from committing mistakes, and he will give applause and offer credit to his leader were deemed fit. He tells the leader where s/he dismally performs and suggests alternative to curb any recurrence of the same.

In relation to the title of this excerpt, I’m not however alluding that south Sudan is an individual’s house which should be destroys at whim. Never and ever. It is communal or public property, in other word it belong to us all, and if we find a need to destroy it completely as wished for by so many south Sudanese, it will required the indigenous occupants of the land to build a consensus on how that process can be expedited and concluded successfully.

Destroying a country doesn’t require a special training or skills. One just needs knowledge of the oppressive schemes that have put out against him by those in position of power; from there one can develop a will and commitment to act accordingly. We’re all blessed with tongues and indefatigable physic to facilitate the job. Once we all arrived to that decision and agree, I tell you, we shall disseminate the message across all the territories at our reach, and it will be done. It does not matter who become underdog in that race.

Having a consensus in destroying a country does not need a formal meeting, no. one just need to be good observant of the daily actions that are being decreed without considering who and where those decision are made, the moment these actions are received with jubilation and euphoria in some quarters by considerable number of people by their own volition, whether bad or good. You can conclude the finding and know that the country is on a verge of total collapse.

Nearly a decade ago, during Kenya post-election violent of 2007//8, one Kenya police constable asked some youth who were armed to the teeth with all kind of crude weapons, when he realized that he could not repulse or block them, he stood and asked them politely, ”Jamini, hi Ichi yetu, enye tumejenga kwa muda mrepu, sasa tunataka kumwaripu kwa siku moja?” Can we now destroy this Kenya that we have built for so many years in one day? This cop was pleading helplessly to the youth who were ready for the worse. Upon hearing that wisdom, some youth wailed in regret, they put their weapons down and went back homes right away. It appeared they were heading for war which they hadn’t prepare for; they were just being used by the self-seeking political cabals to act on their behave, but if the answer was positive that they wanted to destroy their country Kenya, perhaps they could have match ahead with plan.

In view of the foregoing examples, it is however necessary sometime to ask the assailants if time allows, because the confronters might be assaulting you under duress or under the influence of unseen forces. with the continuous horror that continue to reign in our land in the hands of our very people who should be protecting us. I think this is an opportune time to ask ourselves simple question, have you agreed with sane minds, and have you find it best that we shall topple ourselves now and forever? I think the answer is yes.

As I have said before, and will continue to reiterate, that there is wide elaborate plan to destroyed south Sudan. And if this be the case, be it, no one should complain, instead it should be appreciated though begrudgingly. In Naath mythology, they say ambiguously and philosophically, Biramo Tir Nyade Ngeny Ngwak… meaning in, everyone should wear his daughter’s Vagina on his neck, meaning everyone for what he likes.This is to say the matter has reached a point of no return; it has reached a man-to- man stage or eye for an eye.

The writer lives in Kenya, he can be reached for comments via eligodakb@yahoo.com

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Gatdarwich October 25, 2015 at 4:00 pm

The incompetent, tribal warlord, power-hungry-greedy, traitorous, Killer Kiir, Malong Awan, Kuol Manyany, and JCE(Dinka council of national resources looters-Ambrose Riiny, Bona Malual-Makuei Liar), have already declared war on all the patriots-Naath Nation period. So, the only viable option for the Naath Nation and for all the patriots South Sudanese is to unreservedly accept the challenge, launch decisive and catastrophic EFE(EYE for an EYE) operations on Bhar El Ghazale, Bor, Pariang, and in wherever these traitorous sub-humans resides period


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