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An open letter to H.E. Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit The President of the Republic of South Sudan-Juba

Republic of South Sudan Central Upper Nile State

Southern Padang Jieng Community

Your Excellency,

Malakal Location Map, Upper Nile, South Sudan(Photo: Weatherforcast.com)
Malakal Location Map, Upper Nile, South Sudan(Photo: Weatherforcast.com)

Jan 28, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —— With due respect and honor, we undersigned elders, politicians, Chiefs, women, Youth and intellectuals of Akoka, Baliet and Pigi Counties of the newly established Central Upper Nile State met on Monday January 16th 2017 to analyze in details the Presidential decree issued on 14th Jan. 2017. The Presidential decree among others established Central Upper Nile State comprising Akoka, Baliet, Pigi, and Panyikang Counties with Malakal being its capital as per 1/1/1956 colonial boundaries, in the light of the above we Southern Padang Jieng community reject your decision of annexation of Panyikang county to Central Upper Nile State which doesn’t complied with colonial boundaries of 1/1/1956.

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Mr. President; we have faced serious reactions from our community of Southern Padang about the recent presidential decree that ignored our several letters of rejecting the annexation of Panyikang County to Central Upper State. Our concern is fact based on boundaries of 01/01/1956 that clearly indicates Panyikang was a small village in Tonga of Kodok District in the present Shilluk Kingdom. During the first SPLM Convention in 1994 at Chukudum, members of Collo from Panyikang and Tonga were represented in Kodok district while Late Hon. Dok Machar Chol and Hon. Cdr. John Lem Chol were representing Sobat / Malakal district that include Malakal town Council, Baliet Court and Akoka Court. The claims of Malakal ownership between the two Communities of Collo and Padang started in 2004 following Dr. John Garang’s radio message to all units on the annexation of Malakal town to Panyikang as part of favoring Dr. Lam Akol to join peace in South Sudan. The presidential Order No. 36/2015 for establishment of 28 states was 100% acceptable and appreciated by South Sudanese in general and Padang community in particular as mean of ending disputes between Padang and Collo by separating them with two states of Eastern Nile and Western Nile states that reduced the continued and unnecessary blood feud. Southern Padang Jieng community was sad with sudden Presidential decree issued on dated 14th Jan. 2017 that may have negative impacts in the co- existence and harmony of the two Communities and re- introduce more violence conflicts.

Mr. President, we Southern Padang Community leaders of Central Upper Nile State assure you our commitments to:

  1. Defend and uphold the constitution of the Republic of South Sudan as supreme law of the land. This position is a self explanatory of the event of 2013 to date when our youth selflessly defended the constitution and elected president of the Republic.
  2. Reiterate our commitment to peace and peaceful co-existence and advised proper methodologies and implementations institutions as stipulated in agreement to avoid future and recurrent conflict in Malakal and its surrounding.
  3. Hold responsibility of the presidential decree negative impact to 1st Vice President of the Republic, General Taban Deng Gai Chairman of SPLM – IO for ignoring objectives points raised by Padang Community to annexation of Panyikang County to Central Upper Nile State as quote “Position paper of Eastern Nile State dated Oct 24th, 2016 regarding attempt to repeal Presidential order No. 36/2015, Press release dated December13, 2016 for the rejecting annexation of Panyikang County of Pashoda State to Eastern Nile State and the letter dated 7/12/2016 to President of the RSS on rejecting annexation of Panyikang to Malakal”.

In conclusion, we the Southern Padang Community of Central Upper Nile State reject the annexation of Panyikang County of Pashoda State (Collo Kingdom) to any part of Central Upper Nile State Malakal.

Reiterate our commitment to peace and peaceful co- existence and call upon the Collo who have resorted to use of violence of claiming Padang land, to immediately renounce violence in order to create a conducive atmosphere to allow a meaningful dialogue on contentious issues.

Recognize the rights of the Collo Community residing on the Eastern bank of the River Nile ( Dolieb Hill and Malakal) just like any other South Sudanese citizens right to reside and right to employment in any part of the Country without discrimination.

Rebuke the detractors of peace to refrain from engaging in hate speeches, spreading of wild rumors and false claims about Padang acceptance and approval of Panyikang County of Collo Kingdom to be part of Central Upper Nile. Such vices undermine peace–building and fostering of trust.

Acknowledge that the Collo Council of Elders under the leadership of Hon. Samson Oyay and Collo Intellectuals led by Prof. Joshua Otor Akol, (Collo MPs), in the Transitional National Legislative Assembly (TNLA) and other members raised their case to various regional and international bodies appealing for arbitration/hearing. Other appeals were also submitted to the President of the Republic of South Sudan, the Chairperson of JMEC, and the UN Secretary General regarding the land dispute between the Padang and Collo Kingdom. As such, Southern Padang Community expects a fair hearing to be conducted in-front of a nationally recognized and impartial body/institution such as Commission of Truth, Reconciliation and Healing, Hybrid Court, Established National Border Commission, and National dialogue Committee before any political settlement is imposed to favor certain SPLM – IO members who have taken up arms against the state.



Name of Signatory County Position Signature
Hon. Chol Kerweth Anyang Akoka Community MP, ENS  
Angelo Thon Pal Akoka Community Secretary General  
Ador Achuil Ador Akoka Community Representative  
Chuli Guot Ajak Akoka Community Paramount Chief  
Dr. Joseph Nyok Abiel Ngok L. Yak Chairperson  
Hon. Juach Deng Abur Ngok L. Yak Elder  
Sultan Bol Awol Ngok L. Yak Chief  
Gon Monyluak Biliu Ngok L. Yak Member  
Peter Miyom Pur Ngok L. yak Member  
Daniel Aguek Kon Ngok L. Yak Member  
Kuol Deng Aguer Ngokk L. Yak Paramount Chief  
Hon. Wilson Awol Gajang Atar Community MP, ENS  
Hon. Rebecca Arop Chuang Atar Community MP, ENS  
Molana Gabriel Mijak Abui Atar Community intellectual  
Sultan Wuor Miyar Mijok Atar Community Chief  
Hon. James Aleu Mijak Atar Community Member  
Sultan Kenga Kuol Atar Community Chief  
Hon. Kuol Lual Khorfulus Community MP, NLA  
Hon. Elizabeth John Kuol Khorfulus Community MP,NLA  
Hon. Peter Chol Wal Khorfulus Community MP,ENS  
Hon. John Antipas Ayiei Khorfulus Community Former Min. JS  
Tong Joshua Dau Khorfulus Community Chairperson  
Sultan Agok Lem Deng Khorfulus Community Chief  

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An open letter to H.E. Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit The President of the Republic of South Sudan-Juba – Nyamilepedia


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