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A Short Respond To Uganda’s Maj Gen. Muhoozi Who Believes That Uganda Has “Accomplished a Mission” In South Sudan!

“History will judge us fairly on S. Sudan” Muhoozi!

By Gatluke Chuol Reat,

Gen Muhoozi addresses UPDF soldiers at Juba Air Force base in South Sudan on Wednesday.(photo: supplied)
Gen Muhoozi addresses UPDF soldiers at Juba Air Force base in South Sudan on Wednesday.(photo: supplied)

Nov 16, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Maj Gen. David Muhoozi said “War is war, we lost soldiers at Palek and a score wounded who were injured. But that’s the results of war, we lost soldiers and we lost them because of Salva Kirr”. As an addition, according to live population counts, Uganda’s population is 41, 520,504 that mean that the exact Uganda’s population is 41 million people.

To respond to this Evil General, you are a liar, a coward, a devil who is only willing to fight for food, that is how history will jugde you on your mission to South Sudan. As a proud son of Lou Nuer to which you describe here, all I can say is how proud I am, how Ngundeng Bong should be proud on this generation of the Nuer people. What else should a man like me see my own people in the history book being the center of Africa’s lose victory by evil’s “Mission Accomplished” How proud I will be knowing my own people were able to stand their ground and defeated the pscho of evilness of greed of Uganda? How proud a man of South Sudan and happens to be from the Nuer people of South Sudan I be seeing this kinds of claims from a Uganda of 41 million society fighting with one family in South Sudan.

Gen. David Muhoozi was ask, that sources in South Sudan’s Salva Kirr government says in that battle you killed so many White Army. In fact, some people called it a massacre? Gen. Muhoozi said, “War is war. It’s so unfortunate that people die” he continue to say that “What happened, happened. But we are happy it ended”. War is War he says, however, Gen. Muhoozi failed miserably to tell his readers the cause of that war.

As Student of Philosophy, St. Thomas Aquinas said, “It must be said that every evil in some way has a cause. For evil is the absence of the good, which is natural and due to a thing. But that anything fail from its natural and due disposition can come only from some cause drawing it out of its proper disposition. For a heavy thing is not moved upwards except by some impelling force; nor does an agent fail in its action except from some impediment. But only good can be a cause; because nothing can be a cause except inasmuch as it is a being, and every being, as such, is good.

I hope this general who seem proudly killed South Sudanese people for unfounded force of evil will be alive one day. When my people are thrive again. The sad part about this General is that Gen. Muhoozi was only a sad liar, who claims Juba’s hypocrisies and nonessential tales of war.

I am personally glad that he admitted the Human Rights Watch’s report that says Uganda Army have indeed used an internationally banned weapons, cluster bombs, on my Nuer people. However, history will never judge you any fairness except dwell to evilness of greed and hopelessness that will be felt by generations to come. May Ngundeng Bong and God in heaven bestowed the Nuer people and people of South Sudan in peace.

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GatNor November 16, 2015 at 4:07 pm

In a sense Uganda’s UPDF soldiers’ use of banned weapons of mass destructions(WMD) against civillians in Jonglei South Sudan is a violation of international treaty on war conducts.Therefore, the sole exsecutioners/owner(s) of current South Sudan civil war on the side of Juba and the allied forces(Uganda) are technically war criminals that need to be brought to court. Mahoozi and his father in this case are not only persons of interest but must be held accountable.

chol y November 16, 2015 at 9:43 pm

You are talking nonsense. Your so called white Army are not civilians.

GatNor November 17, 2015 at 10:26 am

Mad man Chol Y, you make a wicked stalker dude.

United Naath November 16, 2015 at 7:25 pm

The “mission accomplished” however,for “Naath” it’s the begining of long,long rough releationship with uganda as whole. So you came to help to exterminate nuer society on the map of south sudan, but you failed to get any result. Now that you have realised that the real error has been committed by your greedyness,and the pain between uganda and south sudaneses kickin. There will be economic sanction by south sudan people for what you (uganda) did to nuer. We (Naath/Nuer)stood,yet standing up for south sudan as whole not to be colonised by coward, poor people of so called Updf(useless people desperate foolishes) people that never has any natural resources. Unfortunatlly it wasn’t a wise decision by your stupid yuri mseveni to come to this land and kill nuer civilians cattle with the ban chemical weapon. All uganda people must understand what your goverment did to Naath in south sudan. No,” forgive nor forget to goverment of uganada for what it continue doing to nuer people in south sudan.

GatNor November 16, 2015 at 9:41 pm

Mr Nuer Unity just so you know, UGANDAN forces have not completely left South Sudan. They are still present but disguised as migrants wearing civilian clothings. They are on a stand by as reinforcement of Jaang gov in case the war reignites and Jaang are overwhelmed by the Nuers. In any case we should treat every Ugandan in South Sudan or anywhere else for that matter with suspicion that they are up to no good unless otherwise.

United Naath November 16, 2015 at 11:31 pm

Gatnor, thank you for reminding every one that can access this comment,I know, most of us are awared of updf presence in South Sudan after they misled some world leaders that never asked any questions whether updf could be trusted now?

kong November 16, 2015 at 7:33 pm

thank Mr. G. Reat for beautiful words u have told us.

David Wadajebel. November 16, 2015 at 11:40 pm

God has a surprising plans, it has came to our notice that Uganda government intervened in our South Sudan’s internal affairs due to the failure of KIIR’s government. Ugandans now has got power to challenged us believing that we are all like Salva Kiir being dragged into something else, Uganda government/M7 and Jieng Council of Elders are known to be the driving forces of Salva kiir’s Administration since ever.

Uganda’s Maj Gen. Muhoozi has right to say that Uganda Has “Accomplished its Mission” In South Sudan because they already looted resources and they killed innocent civilians in south sudan. Dinkas believed that they had made an achievement as they thought of NUER only in south Sudan without prioritizing the country first. They sold out south Sudan indirectly as they are struggling over resource issues in capital Juba.

Uganda troops being positioned in Jonglei/Bor; has kills our ladies by living them with HIV/AIDS infections and many other diseases which may later be spread to all parts of South Sudan, Kiir and Jieng council of elders are just struggling to defeat Nuer which is already a gone case.


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