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Tribal Politics is What Destroying Our Social Fabrics

“The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”― Albert Einstein 

Photo of Malek Cook-Dwach, the author of this article
Photo of Malek Cook-Dwach, the author of this article

Nov 16, 2015 (Nyamilepedia) — In the paradox of human evolution we learnt to love one another in the family relations or friendship and hate one another in pretext of antagonism which is necessitated by worldly material needs.

The political environment and family set-up in which we are exposed influence and constitute the formation of our mental compositions and determine the texture in which one is being positive or negative toward other.

The major fundamental factors which are contributing to our set-backs are ignorance and illiteracy. Nonexistence of the two derails our advancement to affluence.

This gap is constantly utilized by politicians as divisive policy to achieve their political gains whereby the youth remain as mere supportive by glorifying their god-fathers for employments instead of acting as driving engine behind social change and future betterment.

The useful information which is meant for public consumption is always distorted and politicize in favor of politicians or ruling junta as the adopted strategy to silence the communities by employing military violence, including demonstration killings and ethnic cleaning.

This culture of violence is used to engage and cow populations by denying them their rights through threats in order to remain quiet on national matters and keep them on a low profile by telling them “minding one’s own business” for an essential survival.

That kind of divide and rule attitude is very dangerous because it undermine the communal co-existence who supposed to enjoy freedom to life and their alienable rights.

In the context of current situation, the damages inflicted by this war will have long-term impact as for the youth recovery to return to their normal will be critical due to the economies lost; lack of education, physical and psychological trauma will hinder nation productivity.

I am holding politicians responsibility for their dirty games of spoiling the youth future who can hypothetical engage in their academics studies because lack of education is the common disease which is being fight world over.

Educated person is one who knows how to acquire everything needed in the fulfillment of their tenacity in life without violating the rights of others.

When ninety percent of the entire population are illiterate, the stability of that nation is under question due to the fact that the typical occupants in the decision-making will be overwhelmed by those illiterate.

The culture of god-father need to be put on hold or buried for good-by potential youths who have an independent ideas and remain befuddled by mere praises or glorification of personality to rescue our broken society.

The culture that we learnt to love one another in the family relations or friendship and hate one could be transformed to development for our country to prosper.

Mr. Malek Cook-Dwach, the Author is Parliamentarian Affairs Minister of South Sudanese Students’ Union in Uganda, Researcher, media commentator and Student at Uganda Christian University; pursuing Bachelor of Science in Oil and Gas Management. He can be reached at malekcook75@gmail.com

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