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We should learn that we committed some unspeakable mistakes 

By Peter Adwok Nyaba


Dr. Peter Adwok Nyaba, former Minister of High Education, Science and Technology(Photo: profile)
Dr. Peter Adwok Nyaba, former Minister of High Education, Science and Technology(Photo: profile)

April 4rd 2019 (Nyamilepedia) – It has become almost impossible to have an intellectual debate about anything as long as it bears on ethnic community; people will jump in solidarity to close their backs.

In this world of revolution in science and technology, particularly information and communication technology it would be cheer stupidity to hope that the bad things done on one part of the world would remain hidden there.

I am referring to the paper authored by Dr. Carol Berger on ethnocide as tool of state engineering in South Sudan and the amount of dust it has stirred.

One compatriot allayed my worries when he said “ if we don’t raise and condemn it ourselves, others will do it.

Demographic weight cannot be used to justify the dispossession and occupation of other people’s ancestral lands. Indeed, it should never be used for negative socioeconomic and political engineering in a country like South Sudan.

One of the arguments used by secularists against the Islamists’ imposition of Islamic constitution in the Sudan in 1968 was Gandhi’s famous dictum that “if the Hindus are the majority they should not have fear as to be only govern in accordance with Hindus religion”.

Some Jieng political elite think in the same outmoded manner as the Hindus or Muslim fundamentalist. While Indian remained a strong bastion of democracy, Sudan degenerated in conflicts and wars to the point of partition.

South Sudan is in danger of disintegration before it celebrated the 10th anniversary simply by being to the contextual reality.

The revitalized agreement on the resolution of the conflict in South Sudan is our only remaining hope and option for keeping our people and the country together.

We must begin to think and act critically about what went wrong and accept our individual and collective responsibilities in it. That is what will bail us out of this avalanche.

However, if some of us persist in retaining the false narrative created since 2013, we may as well have to view other possibilities.

I am convinced the majority of our people in their socially and economically neglected villages are fed up with war and desire peace. This is only option in front us.

Regarding the paper referred to above, we should also learn that we commit mistakes, some of the unspeakable; while we criticize other people for unearthing our iniquities, we should also self-criticize, even bitterly.

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