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The first vice president of South Sudan, Dr. Riek Machar Teny(Photo: Reuters)
The first vice president of South Sudan, Dr. Riek Machar Teny(Photo: Reuters)


July 8, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Like Nelson Mandela who lived in the memory of everyone in South Africa. Dr. Riek Machar Teny is an icon in the story of the then Sudan, now South Sudan will NEVER be FORGOTTEN.

Until 1956 Sudan was jointly ruled by Egypt and Britain as a single unit. In 1972 southerners submitted a letter to the authority requesting Semi- Autonomy, Sudan decreed the Semi-Autonomy but that was for short time because in 1983 the North reclaimed the South which provoked the war until 2005 when the comprehensive Peace Agreement [CPA] was signed offering southerners semi-autonomy for another six years to referendum to determine the future of the now Republic of South Sudan, South Sudanese Voted for secession for over 99.98%.

Significant Changes Made by Dr. Riek to Sudan/South Sudanese fitting my opinion

Dr. Riek Machar after successful graduation from University joints the SPLA/M as a gorilla and was given a high command because he was highly educated among the commanding gorilla leaders who can speak,

When the structuring of the government started Dr. Garang led the movement and he became the second in the ranking.

Machar and Dr. Lam Akol Ajawin proposed the secession of the South from Sudan once it was presented during the SPLA high command it was rejected, the rejection forced Machar to split and advocate for referendum.

He then traveled to Adis Ababa and signed the 1972 Peace Agreement with the objective of splitting the South from Sudan.

During the struggle for independence Machar was leading an army unit called Koryom which was progressing in fighting Machar was in charge of Upper Nile region.

He against disagreed with Dr. John Garang in the year 1991 when Garang called for the liberation of the whole Sudan a dream which can never be achieved, he against formed another gorilla and fought Sudan people Liberation army/movement [SPLA]with his independence army he called South Sudan independence Army/movement [SSIM/A] until 2000 when they merged together with Garang after Garang accepted his idea of independent South Sudan.

Machar became vice president after the death of Garrang in 2005, while in that position

He has been moving to and from Khartoum to encourage people to reconcile, he reconcile the LRA leader Joseph Kony and the Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni and pushed them to signed the document which was known as the [Juba peace Agreement] JPA which ended the suffering of the people in Northern Uganda.

Machar in 2011 raised the South Sudan nation flag on 14th July at the united nation general assembly in New York as the 193rd flag.

While serving as the vice president he form a commission called the National Reconciliation commission with the aim of re – unification and reconciliation South Sudanese who hart themselves during the 2010 general election.

Machar when to join the people of Unity state during their difficult time when there was heavy fighting with Sudan over the issue of border in Egilig while there was heavy bombardment in Bentiu.

Dr. Machar not a tribalist rebel leader but democratic fighter.           

Machar from the school in the westerns world was seen as an obstacle to the dictatorial believed of many high commanders,

A planned was drafted in Yei by a group of people on December 03rd– 2002 to eliminate.

The title of the plan was “thirty nine laws” which were to be revised every year whether they are working or not. These were a laws made to deal with the Nuer people in South Sudan.

The current president and his vice where among the people drafting the laws.

President Kiir said during that drafting of the law “ the Nuer are becoming incurable disease in this country, before this disease spread further to other part we will get someone from them [Nuer] to be paid to implement our interest and if he realize and refuse to implement, we will remove him and bring another one.

Wani Igga was quoted as saying “am more persuasive than any of the Nuer. We shall scattered them everywhere and they will find themselves where they will never see their tribe mate”

One of the participant in the group said “we will used the Nuer to destroyed their own Land especial Bentiu the home of Riek Machar and if that person realized we will change and bring another person who will obeyed us” said in Yei in the year 2002.

Dr. Machar for All People

The recent declaration by MPs and other top politicians in Juba as caused concerned among the international observers on the ability of Salva Kiir.

Dr. Riek Machar drafted a constitutional proposal for a two term for each president of the country in 2011 but it was voted out in the SPLM, parliament and in the cabinet on the basis that he was to replace Salva Kiir. Mr. Kiir reacted negatively on his draft proposal and said “ this show that there is a parallelism you cannot identify, you cannot really say. Is there one government or are there more than one government?” Kiir continued “there is no country that can be run by more than one government” added Kiir on June 07 2011 while concerning about the term limit that was proposed by Dr. Machar for all people.

War broke out in Juba in 2013 Salva Kiir said Machar planned a coup but Machar denied and instead said Kiir was just trying to get rid of political reformists. he escaped his dear life in Juba.

Upon reaching outside Juba successfully the SPLA which is around 140,000 troops according to the Geneva small arm control, clashes continues among themselves and 75 – 80 % [about 112,000]of that troops joint Machar after one month survey among the army barracks across the country despite the difficulty in the gorilla. Which prompted the government to invited more foreign troops and rebel to fight alongside them.

There have been several rebellions in South Sudan but there had never been any record of capturing the main town like a state capital, closure of the oil facility, creation of the displacement camps or even the involvement of the foreign forces. This show that without that figure [Dr. Riek Machar] in the nation like south Sudan nothing can go on smoothly.

Machar is mentally active and physically fit to Leads the New Republic.

Unlike other people who you can be tempted to ask yourself who created them, do they look like or even behave like God. Dr. Machar is academically serious, mentally active and physically fit to leads South Sudanese the way they feel and wants, this can be verified by his daily behaviors and the way he handle public material during his mandatory periods in office as the vice president, no one complained that he has done anything bad to him / her unless for political reasons.

The federalism campaign the cause lives and daily confiscation of the main news papers’ publication in Juba and calling almost everyone a rebel when they say anything positive about this is a great example to convince that he is able to reform the rotten story of South Sudan.

George W. Mut is a South Sudanese Journalist currently Base in the Unmiss Protection Site – Bentiu. And can be reached at mutgeorge8@gmail.com

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