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A Response to Jieng (Dinka) Council of Elders over additional UNMISS troops.

By James Bitoro,

James Bitoro...
James Bitoro…..

July 22, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– The head of Dinka Council of Elders, Mr. Ambrose Riiny Thiik said that any attempt by the international community to send additional foreign troops to South Sudan would not be allowed by the Government. He stated that, this would mean declaration of war.

Well, the Jieng Council of Elders and the Dinka Government of Salvar Kiir would not be in power today if it was not for foreign intervention by Uganda. It is a known fact that Dinkas cannot fight, let alone defend themselves. Who is Mr. Ambrose really kidding?

Ambrose went on to say that, foreign powers want to invade the country to take our resources under the cover of protecting civilian from harm. Oh, this Dinka man is unbelievable.

Again, this is really ludicrous. When they begged Uganda to come and rescue them, they gave away all our resources to these foreigners. Uganda being a poor country, Foxy Yoweri Museveni took full advantage of their weakness and, he used our money to pay the entire salaries of UPDF and Government officials for two years. The South Sudanese soldiers were left to starve and fend for themselves. When Museveni realised that, there was no more money for him, he decided that the war was over and, pulled out his troops. In this second incident, he sent UPDF back just to take home some of the scavengers he had left behind.

The Jieng Council of Elders was clearly rattled by this proposal of additional UNMISS troops. Ambrose further went on to appeal to the people of South Sudan to stand with the Government and resist any such action by international community.

This was just getting bizarre. Which people did he mean, the Dinka? Because the rest of the people of South Sudan are either in UNMISS camps or in neighbouring countries as refugees. People are fleeing from the terror unleashed on them by the bloody Government. Those who took to the streets of Juba to show support were only youths from the Dinka tribe. Similar demonstrations were done in Rumbek and Bor, no wonder.

South Sudan today does not have a functional national Government, army or Parliament for the following reasons:

  • The tribal Government of Salvar Kiir is past its mandate to rule, it is illegitimate.
  • The army is now the Mathiang Anyoor, composed of bandits, criminals, looters and rapists headed by Paul Malong Awan.
  • The parliament is the Jieng Council of Elders of which their Speaker of the house is Mr. Ambrose Riiny Thiik.

These three departments make decisions for the benefit of Dinka only. They strategise plans to inoculate Dinka agenda in other states so as to maintain their dominance over them. The plan is to portray the Nuer tribe as bad people and, to stop Dr. Riek Machar ever becoming President of South Sudan.

Salvar Kiir once alluded to the SPLA/IO in Equatoria as bandits and, that they would be hunted down like rats. We are used to this sabre-rattling from a man who is losing grip on power and, actually this is reminiscent to the last days of Idi Amin, when he was about to flee Uganda. There is a popular revolt in the whole country against the regime. Fighting is spreading like bush fire and soon the Dinkas will not be able to contain it and, guess who will be hunted down like rats in Equatoria.

No one should take the politics going on in Juba at the moment too seriously, whether it is from the Elders of Nuer, Shilluk, Bari, Lotuka, Acholi, Moru , etc. These people found themselves hostage in Juba through no fault of theirs. When they are paraded on television to swear allegiance to Salvar Kiir as the sole President of the Republic of South Sudan, you can see their body language is one of resignation. First, they have to look at the sinister eyes of the illegitimate President and, after words read a letter confirming they stand by every word they said, under the watchful eyes of Ateny Wek Ateny or Michael Makuai Lueth. Let us have mercy on them because they are not themselves right now.

Last but not least, here is the good news to other 63 tribes of South Sudan. Recall in Rwanda, when the Hutus (largest tribe) were in power, they behaved exactly like the Dinkas. They believed that because of numerical advantage in population, they were invincible and born to rule forever. Today they are all refugees in neighbouring countries like Tanzania, DR Congo, Burundi and Uganda. Dinka domination is coming to an end, they too will end up in Sudan as refugees.

I therefore appeal to you all not to lose hope but, to work hard and consolidate our unity so as to face this monster (black Jalaba). Until we do that we will never be free to enjoy our life. Divided we fall, united we stand strong. Remember, Dinkas are not born to rule but, to cause chaos.

The author can be reached at bitoroj@yahoo.com

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warfive July 22, 2016 at 7:27 pm


Whortti Bor Manza July 22, 2016 at 7:30 pm

Oh God save South Sudan from these monsters called Jienge or Dinkas

John Kijana July 23, 2016 at 2:50 am

Whortti Bor Manza,

The Jienge Congregation of Evilmen (JCE) is there to kill you, if you stand on their way of owning the South. What should happen, is that you should be prepared to kill, liquidate any of them by all means. They live, roam and move freely in Juba. It should not be difficult to even poison, assassinate any of them. You just need proper coordination. These JCE are a legitamte target. They are the serpent, which must be decapitated

Gat Deng July 23, 2016 at 6:34 am

Since Kiir Malong and Lueth claim to love peace, why are they so terribly scared of an international peace keeping force. Authorized to shoot at and kill any force threatening civilians.
And shoot down any helicopters and tanks attacking civilians. Could it be that these three and Ambrose want tobe able to attack and kill South Sudanese st will as they have for the last 2 years?


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