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Mabaan Community In Diaspora Strongly Warning Governor Chol Thon For Inclusion Of Mabaan In Eastern Nile State Without Consent

By Philemon Daud,

Former Division five commander, Maj. Gen. Chon Thon addressing Salva Kiir in Juba over the incident in Malakal(Photo: file/Nyamilepedia)
Former Division five commander, Maj. Gen. Chon Thon addressing Salva Kiir in Juba over the incident in Malakal(Photo: file/Nyamilepedia)

Feb 25, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— The creation of Eastern Nile state was motivated  by hatred, shallow mentality and  political immaturity of expanding tribal empire that will be able to conquer the existence of any tribes in Upper Nile State. The drama of 28 states was displayed to divide the tribes and apply methods of control socially, economically and politically.

Mabaan community in diaspora believe that Jieng council of elders is an evil organization that destroyed the unity of tribes in Upper Nile state by the creation of unpopular 28 states. The demand of the people is to provide desperately needed  services not to confuse general population by creating more ethnic states which promote tribalism, hatred, political ignorance, land grabbed and violence against other tribes. We are warning the Section of Dinka Pandang in so called East Nile state not to be excited for the demolition of  the upper Nile state into ethnic states but they have to grieve for their evil mentality that encourage hatred, mistrust  and single them out as bad tribe.

Mabaan in diaspora understood about the danger created by 28 states and completely reject the recent claim made by unqualified governor Chol Thon and his group that entire Mabaan is in favor of  the creation of so called Eastern Nile State. It is against the law to use our name without our consent. We are not a confused tribe to accept claim of the governor with tribal mentality neither recognize establishment of the Eastern Nile State. As citizens, we are obligated to respect human values and take the duty of national responsibility to protect our fellow citizens by any cost but not to establish ethnic states that incite violence which jeophedaze the lives of innocent people.

Mabaan as a peaceful tribe among the violence tribes in upper Nile State are willing to coexist with any tribe that love peace and promote national values of being a free Nation South Sudan.  In fact, we are so disappointed as minority tribe happen to share geographical location with tribes that cannot recognize peace and respect of human values, their way of life is so violence that cannot add any values of human dignity. Therefore, we want the people of Upper Nile state to know that Mabaan are not in favor of problematic and controversial establishment of So called 28 states and we are calling for the unity of tribes in Upper Nile state to end the military governor Chol Thon destruction in our beloved State.

The establishment of the East Nile state was the violation of the compromise peace agreement and it will not be supported by mature Mabaan people. We are educating our people in all level of political capacity to reject Mabaan placement in Eastern Nile State. Our message is very clear, if Dinka refuse to live together with Nuer and Colo people than they will not live in peace with Mabaan people because our way of life and culture is completely different than pastoralist  tribes.

We are strongly warning military governor Chol Thon to stay away from Mabaan business and stop dividing our politicians to continue land grab in Ban Ketta Mabaan county which is known as adar where oil is located. The motive behind Dinka placement of Mabaan under Eastern Nile State is to grab more land with no objection but today they have to know that Mabaan in diaspora aware of their motive and very soon  Mabaan will stand up for their right and reclaim their stolen land and share of oil revenue that was corrupted by the minister of petroleum Stephen Dhieu with no question.

The military governor Chol Thon should know that the appointment of Wooyi Koji as deputy governor and Sehiad Tera as peace advisor of Eastern Nile State will not affect Mabaan decision to reject establishment of Eastern Nile State. He appointed them without consultation with Mabaan people and they will not be recognise as mabaan representatives.  They will be remember as traitors who betrayed their tribe like the way they used to do with NCP during first civil war ended 2005.

The people of Upper Nile state will have peace when we accept our diversities as our strength, power and drop the advancement of crazy ideas of building ethnics kingdoms that create more violence and confusion that cannot be handled. As minority tribe in fragile state, we demanded the governor of Upper Nile State must be appointed from minority tribes to build trust and reconcile aggressive tribes during transitional period because the majority tribes completely failed our state.

The article is release by executive of mabaan community in diaspora and they can be reachout by philemondaud84@gamil.com

Gabriel Nyewe ………….Chairman

Jabriel Kauno……………..Deputy

Philemon Daud…………..SG.

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Abiel February 26, 2016 at 6:54 am

Mabaan people in Diaspora please sitdown first and call you brothers and sisters in ground than publishes your useless articles

Sila February 29, 2016 at 4:54 pm

Abiel you got no constructive views to present and by no means you have right with your reckless opinions to say to Mabaan Diaspora however, because you are among Dinka who been using Mabaan to fulfill their satisfaction ,so you have stupidity right to call Mabaan diaspora but bear in mind Abiel it’s NOT Mabaan you (Dinka ) try to manipulate or took the advantage. Dinka took so many advantages from Mabaan but NOT Any more.Abiel (Dinka used Mabaan back than but we have learned so much therefore, Abiel (Dinka ) will not have that privileged they used Mabaan to fulfill their needs. Today, Abiel (Dinka ) are playing a dirty game with current Mabaan. We Mabaan will fight for what is good for South Sudanese NOT self proclamation of Dinka. SPLA – IO will be for the people and will be supported

J Boy February 26, 2016 at 8:06 am

What happen now from Mabaan community they been fight for 2 years to support Kirr Government from and they retake Malakal back from rebel many time this 2 years to fight for behave of the Dinka kingdom and now they talking the Adar State been take from them by the Government killed them to support it. What wrong to our peoples in the country and you died today for your support and tomorrow you died again to depend you from old supporter.
If you seen the all tribes now they been killed by Dinka Government for many years now they said the Government been take theirs land what wrong with as. Shilluks, Murle ,Equatorians and Mabaan community been use like women on street to killed Nuer community for this 2 years and now the been again their own Government who they been support for all mean include the human life.
South Sudan in not a Government it is a Dinka community Who rules by elder tribes of one section of that community if we all southsudanese agree with Dinka to led us that way some of tribes will not except this rule and Jieng Council of Elders can not lead this country by this way we need to come together fight and bring back South sudan to it peoples.

GatNor February 27, 2016 at 12:10 pm

You definitely made a point worth pondering upon J Boy. The very communities of these small tribes many of was early on were lied to by this tribal government and turned them against Nuers in particular. Now that the very beast(tribal government) that been pretending to have gathered these small tribes against Nuers has turn the wrath of the same sword of oppression the Nuers been resisting back against these small tribes. There are a lot of questions these small tribal communities need to ask themselves while they cry that the Jaang government is oppressing them. I couldn’t help but recalled how these small tribes were laughing at Nuers while the Nuers were being selected and targeted for extermination all over South Sudan by Jaang right in the midth of them. What did they do next was aid the Jaang. It is a strategy of every predatory oppressor, once the predator isolate you from your best allies by falsely turning you against them, you become a useless bornable tool to them that they can disposed of at any given time they feel you have out lived your usefulness in their favor. The Jaang government have adopted this strategy down pad. I will give you a few named that that have been use and abused and are now politically dead of just a walking skellotons with little or no relevant value in their own capacity or within their immediate family of communities from which they hails or could even generate support to ever rise to life again.

Few floating name are:

Garhoth Mai
Lul Raey Koang
Buay Malek
Kun Pouc
Mangok Rundial
The Monytuils

That’s just a few amongst many.

On top of this nasty list you, will not find not even a druilling dump Gajak contributing majorly to the destruction of Nuer people. Gaajiok, Lou and Jikuic Ceng need to wake the fuck up.

Bol Gatjang February 27, 2016 at 8:45 pm

You right on target buddy, Salva Kiir was used you as human shields for him and Dinka supporters. All you need to do is to correct him by rejecting his money and fights for own justices.He got so much complacency in his president and planted a devil seed for everyone.

Sila February 29, 2016 at 6:48 pm

Indeed J Boy I totally agree with most your logical arguments nonetheless, this is a horrible political division where by some individuals run for own personal survival , some dont know exactly what is going on and we might not blame them because it’s the nature of human seek surviival mechanism but many us will blame such individuals character because human flash can’t be sold out also, we south Sudanese most of us don’t have self nationalities.

Mabaan must fight this naive and segregative government led y Salva Kiir due to many reasons for instance, Mabaan right has been demolished, military, socially and politically yet Mabaan didn’t learn yet being manipulateed to support Kiir government. Kiir regime has done brutal aspect to Mabaan and Mabaan Must rise to fight the dishonest government; Furthermore, Not only Mabaan been neglected by Kiir regime other corners of South Sudan as well. Most of all Kiir government used Mabaan mainly Militarily . J boy, if not Mabaan forces in Malakal, Upper Nile would been under SPLA – IO. Mabaan supporting the government unknowingly and it’snot for their interest nor the interest of South Sudan but for interest Dinka thus , Mabaan will assure those Dinka that we are in a right era we abided by facts not made up stories as Dinka used Mabaa.

However J Boy, I strongly disagree with you of blaming Mabaan because it’s a political views and every southerners have subjected to their thoughts as southerner split into different groups of politics; Nuer , Mabaan, Dinka, Equatoria and shuluk etc are in both sides some support the government and others support SPLA – IO so we CANNOT only blame Mabaan though you some right to your expression.

Consiquently, Mabaan will fight what is right for South Sudan and recognize the Dead of innocent citizens masscare in Dec 2013.

Bol Gatjang February 26, 2016 at 8:28 am

Yes guys, I expected you to undertaken this initiative against Chol Thon who masquerading himself as an angel of hell. We (Nuer) told you frankly Dinka they are politically incorrect in any steps.Their aims is to stripped off everyone’s clothes and she/he walks naked to get the land and money of the country. They are pessimistic tribes who wants to relying on others as parasites and many need this country to totally crumble since they collected enough money lived in exiled. Let’s together fights this villain until the last breath. Otherwise, South Sudan Will just become a myth land.

Chan February 26, 2016 at 1:28 pm

Well said Mabaan community. If ,”Padang Dinka do not want to stay to gather with Nure and Chollo Community”, than Mabaan community will not want them too. Yes ,you are right again Dinka padang have been very,very excited about East Nile state. Just I can say,they have crazy idea like ISIS Who want to make state in a state. They need to go to Al Bargazal.

Abu gruun February 26, 2016 at 11:39 pm

This government wants to scare everybody in South Sudan therefore they came up with so called 28 states to divide us in way we will not side by side and harmony like we did in many years without out any incidents. The solution is to united against incumbent government to bring peace and prosperity to our communities.


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