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Criminals are Criminals: Yel Lool Koor,the Executive Director, Office of the President and Mayen Wol Jong, the Chief Administrator in the Office of the President

A response to Dr. Anguie Anguie (John Agou Wuoi)

By Dr Thon Awan


July 24, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — On the 17th, July, 2014, precisely ten days after I first published an article titled, “corruption in the office of the president,” in the venerated website Nyamilpaedia, John Agou Wuoi, a key figure within the racketeering cartel, under the pseudonym Dr. Anguie Anguie responded to my initial article in which he ascertains and terms himself as “an adverse party to antagonize people who call themselves whistleblowers.” He then goes on to refute and dispute the blatant and crude corruption being orchestrated by Yel Luol and his cohorts, by predicating his argument along three parameters.

Before responding to those three points Dr. Anguie Anguie alludes to, I would like to inform the writer—wherever he may be—that the only sure way to eradicate the massive corruption that has blighted our young nation is by talking about it; thus, you are not “antagonizing me,” my brother, you are in fact furthering and stirring up a debate on corruption, which is a cause we surely and desperately need to open up about, and because of that, I greatly admire your courage to contribute to a debate on corruption— a taboo—in our country. For that I give you my utmost respect.

In his first point, Dr. Anguie Anguie incoherently fails to articulate his position of “blackmailing and failing for authentication” by straddling between not being able to justify how the money was shared by the co-corruptees and the money transfer not yet making it to its preferred destination: the personal accounts of the crime syndicate. Well, because of the voluminous dossier which is in our custody and the web of corruption that was, and still is, ongoing in the office of the president by this duo-poly, we have serialized the articles in four parts and us we unveil each of them evidences, including cheques from the Ministry of Finance will be produced in those subsequent articles. But for whatever it is, the question isn’t whether the twelve million dollars was cashed or not, the issue is one of ethics and abuse of powers.  In Short who authorized Yel Luol, the Executive Director in the office of the President to be writing to the Ministry of Finance or any other institution in the name of “security equipment” when there is a Minister for National Security in the Office of the President. The only logical explanation for this masquerading is because Yel Luol knows too well that anything under the name of security in this country is sacrosanct and unaudited.

Secondly, Dr. Anguie sarcastically and ironically insinuates that there is no correlation between the corruptess and the document. This I find fascinating, because, Dr. Awan reproduces the request document which we had earlier attached to the previous article, but smartly copies only half of it, which is a deliberate attempt to hide the signature of Yel Luol the author of the letter which was at the bottom and of course the where he had CCed Mayen Wol. That Dr. Anguie is called academic dishonesty. Unless you are trying to say, Yel and Mayen are the people whose signatures appear on the actual document and therefore distancing John Agou and Kondok Aguek from fault and blame.

Finally, Dr. Anguie seems to be aghast by how the document was even attained in the first place by posing a rhetorical question, How did Dr. Thon attain the documents? Well, Dr. Anguie as you will be told by those who are familiar with crime investigation: the culprit will always leave behind some form, even if a shred of evidence. So as long as the cohorts are doing illegal things at the expense of the country, they need not worry about the illegality of attaining facts.

In conclusion, Dr. Aguie, passly says, I seemed to be a man who is frustrated, deprived and denied access to resources. Unsurprisingly, how could I not be left out of the national cake if four people could squander 12 million of public funds that belong to the citizens, myself included, in one deal. There is only so much that can pass around to the 8 million South Sudanese.

Just to inform the readers and the public, I was able to receive a plethora of dossier implicating the four individuals mentioned in the previous article on corruption on a grand scale. And in order to allow the public to know how their funds are being squandered, I have decided to unleash the torrent of evidences in fours publications which will be done weekly. In the first publication we will lucidly document some scam between the four culprits and a lady—named withheld for now—who works in the office of the president. The name will however be unveiled in the article itself, and as usual all the documentary evidences will be attached.

In the second edition, we will strive to piece together, a duplicated transfer of 230, 000, 000 SSP between Lou General trading and the same culprits and then go on to collate the connection between Yel Luol, Mayen Wol and the links, both financial and private between them and a company called Sea-tape, and other various companies registered under different names but whose accounts are managed solely by John Agou Wuoi.

In the third article we hope to bring you a comprehensive report of how starting from January, the quadruple misappropriated 820, 000, 000 SSP in the office of the president. Of course some money, a small chunk of it, was used for genuine office concerns but the majority was banked into the personal accounts of the culprits. We will attached the deposited cheques and go on to demystify, the vast scheme of money laundering taking place between the office of the president, the Ministry of finance, the Central Bank and CFC Stanbic Bank in Juba. To help you make sense of it all, we will also be publishing, all the relevant documentation, all of them are at our disposal.

In the last and final article we will lay down a legal framework, in which the government can uncover all the stolen funds and bring it back to the people. We will do so by taking an in-depth analysis of the international banking laws and regulations and provide even some precedence of how such cases were resolved in other countries.

The first edition of the long series of articles will be published three days after the publication of this article.

This I believe is a positive way of propagating the corruption debate, as this is a critical way of facing and confronting one of our curses. I also, look forward to having Dr. Anguie and more people to get engaged in this historic and academic debate.

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Dr. Thon Awan is a PhD holder and Senior lecturer at University of Yel and Mayen, School of Corruption and embezzlement. Dr. Thon can be reached at tigeroyee22@gmail.com

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